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  1. I mow the grass with a push-reel lawnmower, at least when it’s short enough. If I’ve left it too long, then out comes the gas-powered mower. I also like to make to-do lists by hand. I like to cross things off when I’m done. The only concession I’ll make is to make the lists in a word processor from time to time — no organizer app for me! My wife is the real champ here, though. She still balances the checkbook and tracks household credit card expenses on paper! On the backs of used printer paper, numbered and neatly stacked. She’s even refused the ledger sheets I’v
  2. They want help with writing! My wife and a few of my coworkers are non-native speakers of English, and though they speak rather well, they struggle with the written word. So when they have something they need proofread or grammar-corrected, or if they need help composing something in writing, they come to me. They’ll also come to me when there’s something that needs to be read and explained accurately, like technical instructions. I think it has something to do with being perceived as highly educated and being a former college instructor. I also help my high school-aged sons co
  3. Not one, but three: Writing my doctoral dissertation. Three years of possibly the largest, hardest project I ever did in my life. Many nights of staring at my computer screen and not wanting to write another word of it. If not for the support of my wife towards the end (“You’re so close! It would be a waste to give up!”), I would not have finished. I’m glad I pushed through, and the opportunities it has given me, but it’s unlikely I’d ever willingly go through again. Competing in a rail handcar competition. A coworker suggested it, and we organized a team of four. On the day
  4. Hmm.. The handlebar doesn’t quite match in design... maybe a toy motorcycle of about the same size? Or an Imperial speeder diecast toy? Nice job on the repaint!
  5. Let’s carry over my unfinished goals from last month... Finish painting a Khanjira Finish painting a Star Wars: Legion AT-ST Paint at least two Star Wars: Legion units (commander and troop) Paint a resin garage kit Paint my first Reaper metal mini (any kind) Two items less than last month, but still really ambitious for me. Expect a lot of SW:Legion stuff getting painted up, because I’m invested in it.
  6. I think the best part of it is that I forgot to remove the beer can before setting up a game of Legion, and my daughter and I played three rounds before she even noticed it. That caused a brief game delay while she caught her breath and posted a few pics of it to social media. The Empire (as played by my daughter) won that game, so I think that pose was a victory toast.
  7. So, end of month approaching, so time to review. How have I done? It did not help that I’ve had distractions from work, where my project leader had his contract cancelled, and I am now the de facto project lead, as I am one of the two people left from our four-person, and the only remaining one who has worked directly on the project code. That said, here’s the proof of the SW: Legion goals. I got the AT-ST cleaned up and primed for painting, and magnetized the mortar launcher (hence the removed back panel), so definitely started painting. Heck, it’s even cl
  8. For some quick progress on my Star Wars: Legion core box set, which has been languishing due to work and other projects, I quickly painted (in two evening sessions) the Angry Space Wizard himself, including some understated OSL on his robe near his Laser Sword: Oddly enough, I didn’t paint this emo dude with black, though it may look like it. Instead, I used Reaper’s Dark Elf Skin triad to paint him, with Reaper’s Black Wash over the top of that. The rest was a mix of Reaper’s Clear colors over white, and Vallejo’s aluminum for some details. I’ve never bee
  9. Uhh... That’s not something I considered before. As a middle school student, my hobby for a time was macramé. Most people don’t know about that, because for the longest time I forgot about it too. My co-worker’s 4-year old daughter trick-or-treat candy while dressed in a gorilla mask. I crouched down and held out the candy and made “ook ook” noises. It took her forever to build up enough courage to take the candy from my hand. Almond gelatin, made with milk. Not being able to go out most anywhere and get
  10. Leave them at the door, if you want to come inside!
  11. I like the early morning. There’s something about getting up early on a day off and going around doing things before everyone else is up. Too bad that so many of my workdays eat up the early mornings.
  12. Probably just dihydrogen monoxide poisoning. If an insect flies randomly around an enclosed space, it’ll eventually encounter the one deadly spot inside that space and then stay there. If you’ve ever had to sweep a pool’s surface, you’ll know what I mean... Speaking from experience, Reaper makes the Worst. Coffee. Ever. I do not reccommend.
  13. That picture just screams to me: “Carpal tunnel! Carpal tunnel!“
  14. Magical-level ability? I’d choose the theremin, that staple of 50’s sci-fi movies such as Forbidden Planet. It’s possibly the most difficult instrument I can imagine to play well — it requires precise, steady hand positioning and near-constant tuning. I recently watched a YouTube video featuring musician Carolina Eyck playing the theremin, and was singularly impressed that such a level of music was possible with such a setup.
  15. Lawn care and gardening. It’s always there to do and getting worse, and I dread getting started, but I always love how I feel afterwards, a bit tired but with the sense of accomplishing something substantial and physical, which is a rare enough feeling for a software engineer. How about true cybernetics and trans-humanity? I’d love the idea of expanding my intellect with cybernetic implants, making backups of my mind and downloading my consciousness into new bodies. Ha, I think it was the science classes and experiments that got me into into the ti
  16. Augh! Is it that time already?!? Thanks all for the birthday wishes! I won’t tell you my age, but I’ll give you a hint: It’s divisible by 5... ...and 11.
  17. With my supposed handyman skills, I always try to fix it. I only replace it after I’ve broken it worse.
  18. There’s a section at the end of the sock drawer where the singletons sit; if you wait long enough, their mate usually shows up, often under the bed or tangled in some other laundry. And if it doesn’t and my collection of rags runs low, the stragglers get cut up... The lucky socks get matched up with an identical pair which also has one missing.
  19. Prep and assembly. There’s something I love about removing mold lines, filling gaps and air bubbles, sanding smoothing rough surfaces, re-sculpting damaged/missing details, pinning and gluing parts, and generally getting the model to a primed and ready to paint state. Sadly, my shelf of shame reflects this preference. It’s like an artist that only likes prepping a blank canvas for painting.
  20. I got out of whatever malaise I had last year, and got past my procrastination and creative funk! I watch comfort movies — any fun or lighthearted movie from my shelf that I can rewatch and forget anything that bothers me. Or I’ll play a casual video game, like Minecraft or Slime Rancher.
  21. My parents taught me to drive. My most vivid memory of the event is driving down the freeway with my mother in the passenger seat, gripping her armrests in terror and repeatedly shouting: “Slow down! Slow down! Slow down!” What the hell, Mom? I’m driving the speed limit! Oh, we’re coming up on a slow-moving motorcycle...
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