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  1. I also prefer my orcs to be pig-faced. Does that make me old-school, I wonder?
  2. More minis from my Shelf of Shame Long-Term, Partially-Completed Backlog: A trio of kobolds from one of the Reaper Bones kickstarters! These are some of the tiniest minis I've painted. Even so, it took about 2 long evenings to complete them. I did lots of practice of NMM steel and gold. I'm now of the opinion that NMM works better than metallics for small minis. The clothing was originally red, but I found it was too close to the orange of the skin color and just blended together from about 2 feet away, so they got repainted to a color/tone that was more distinct. I prefer that my kobolds be weird dog/lizard hybrid creatures, so they all got black noses. It looks good on these! That brings the total minis I've painted this year to 19! (With another one in the wings.)
  3. I got off of work to start my birthday weekend, browsed onto the forums and got a pleasant surprise! Thanks all, for the birthday wishes!
  4. Our neighborhood has common corner mailboxes, with about 20 lockable letterboxes for nearby addresses, and two shared large lockable package boxes. Anything that doesn’t fit in those gets delivered to our doorstep.
  5. I use the “correct” primer for different materials. I’m always trying different primers to see how they adhere and react to various materials. Generally automotive primers for metal minis, solvent-based lacquer primers for resin figures and Stynylrez or Vallejo primers for plastic or vinyl minis and models. I sometimes experiment with multi-surface craft paint as a PVC primer, because it adheres so well. For minis, I prime with black and spray a white zenithal highlight before painting; for larger models, I try to prime in a color close to the final color. You can soften resin parts for reshaping by heating them in boiling hot water. That would have saved a lot — a lot! — of time spent cutting and sanding! More general advice — don’t model stuff that won’t normally be seen. It’s a waste to detail that cockpit or building interior if you can’t see into it; likewise don’t detail the backside of a figure if it is only displayed with the front showing.
  6. First place: Apple fritter. The larger it is, the better. Something that will last through my entire oversized mug of coffee. Second place: Maple bar, with a slice of bacon on top. Tastes like breakfast. Third place: Old-fashioned buttermilk bar: My favorite with coffee. Only takes third place because it is fairly hard to find in this area.
  7. Well, there was that dwarf apple tree from last year that produced no apples for us, because it kept a family of 5 raccoons fed for the the entire season. I ultimately decided to cut it down. Edit: How could I forget the woodpecker last spring that decided that rattling on our metal rain gutter was the best thing for attracting females? Right above the window of our daughter’s bedroom too. It’s about that season again, too… I wonder if he’ll be back to torment us at all hours this year.
  8. I love driving for pleasure, like a leisurely drive on a rural road or over to the coast, but I don’t get to do that very often. Since I generally work from home and take public transit on days I go into the office, I rarely get to drive at all! Based on a real-life event I witnessed: An egg hunt, but the eggs contain valuable prizes (cash, jewelry, keys to new cars) and the contestants are all adults. Have them sign legal waivers, then film the resulting brawls from every possible angle. Somebody’s going to get trampled!
  9. Rail handcar racing derby. Our team of 4 software engineers lasted one round against the local bodybuilding gyms. After that round, I wasn’t able to lift my arms above my head, and one of our team threw up his cappuchino in the bushes. Sand carving competitions. Big 10 ft+ tall sculptures made from sand. Our company sponsored our team for more than a decade. We also won or placed several times against a field of 20+ other teams. Pumpkin carving competition. I entered w/out realizing the carving would be done on a big 3 ft (1 meter) sized pumpkin. I did pretty well, considering I didn’t have any proper tools needed for carving on that scale (some competitors lent me their spare tools). Batman (1966) A wonderfully campy performance by Adam West and Burt Ward. I’ve gotten several promotional colors from Christmas and Halloween orders, but no actual samples yet.
  10. I added most of the NMM gold this weekend; once I got started, I lost all my hesitation and dove in. There’s probably 3-4 hours of painting left before I’m satisfied with this mini. As with any NMM, it looks good from some directions and odd from others. I chose angles from the front left and right to paint towards. Base is base. Covered with Vallejo ground texture, then drybrushed various browns, and washes added. More details to be added once I have the dragon finished. The reason for the raised base is because as-is, the dragon’s tail will drag on the table’s surface.
  11. I don’t often eat tacos, but when I do, I prefer soft-shelled tacos. Fairly standard toppings: Grilled beef or chicken, refried beans, shredded cheese, lettuce & onion, sour cream and salsa verde. Have those ready when I come visit!
  12. I barely know enough to say “Uno!” when holding my last card.
  13. When I paint in the evenings, I watch/listen to other miniature painters live-streaming on Twitch. I generally try to find someone in about my age range, which means “rapidly approaching old fogey” status. I like to listen to DrFaustPaintingClinic, MonsterDenMinis, and of course Anne on PaintingBig, among many others. The real grail-type searches? Easier to find them now, in this modern internet age. Looking for the railroad photo book “The Pacific Electric In Color, Vol. 2” (I have volume 1 and it’s lonely — wait, scratch that, it’s for sale on Amazon), paperback books by obscure sci-fi author Reginald Bretnor, and various DVD collections of early cartoon shorts that are not available for reasonable prices. One online item that caught my eye recently was a scanned Gold Key Comic by the title of “Choo-Choo Charlie”, a one-off based on the advertising character for Charleston Chew candy bars. As I read it, I realized I had owned it as a young child and read it many, many times. It probably was one of the sources of my life-long love of trains. It would be neat to hold that one in my hands again…
  14. I love assembly and basing — I’d rather build than paint, though I like painting too. I can paint details for hours. But the one thing that I hate about (acrylic) painting is layering. It’s too slow a process, and I don’t have patience for it. I’d rather use an airbrush, or wet blend when I can, though I’m not very good at wet-blending yet.
  15. I prefer sable round paintbrushes, rounds from size 0 to 3, with my preference being a #1-#2 with a good point. I don't have many sable paintbrushes, but have several brands as I'm in the "testing phase" of selecting a brand I like: Winsor & Newton Series 7, Escoda Reserva, Loew-Cornell (discontinued?), and Reaper. For less detailed work, I use a pile of Princeton Art Co 4350R #1 synthetic brushes I got, because they were on sale. Edit: Funny story... My most recent brush purchase is the Reaper sable. I was eager to try it out at first, but then was cursing it soon after. I was thinking it didn't have any snap to the bristles, and the point kept splitting! ...But then I realized I had picked up my Winsor & Newton brush by mistake. My favorite airbrushes are a Badger Crescendo 175T for general priming and other work, and a Badger Sotar 20/20 for detail work. I tried a Paasche airbrush ages ago and it drove me crazy trying to work with it, and I've heard the quality has gone downhill since.
  16. Funny you should mention that... I'm currently working up a companion for the Shadow Dragon I'm (very slowly) painting up... and it will be on the dragon's base!
  17. Current status of the Shelf of Shame (partially painted minis only): It's steadily growing smaller!
  18. Working up a base for the dragon. I cut the terrain from an old vinyl balloon weight -- I have a bunch of those! That will be covered with ground texture and grass, soon enough.
  19. Space Lizards! A whole spaceship crew of them! Or maybe a variation -- Space Dinosaurs! Sentient, space-traveling dinosaurs that escaped the Earth before the meteorite of the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event.
  20. Let's see -- 3 Reaper Kickstarters worth of minis, 2 Star Wars: Legion armies, at least 100 1/8th and 1/6th figure kits, many plastic model kits... probably 500 acrylic paint bottles, not counting the many enamel paints in storage... Plenty of other modeling supplies... At least a decade, I'd think. The weak link in the chain is glue. I don't keep a lot of superglue on hand, because it goes bad relatively quickly. Perhaps I can make my own glue from tree sap resin....
  21. I finally got some time to work on this shadow dragon again… I worked on the face, then added teeth and claws. I also finished the fins on the spine running down its back. There’s only one painting step to go, which is the gold highlights. I’m hesitant as always about painting NMM, and doubly so this time, because it’s really going to change the final look of the mini.
  22. Very good work, and my favorite choice of colors -- purple and green! I had the same problems with the troll king's legs not being able to support him. I solved it by softening the legs with a blow dryer, then pushing large brass sewing pins up through his legs from under the base. Getting the pin to go through the curve of his ankle was a trick -- I had to straighten the ankle out while soft, push the pin in straight, then bend the pin and ankle back. It was worth it though -- he now stands without any support. My troll is still awaiting paint. I might draw inspiration from your paint-up.
  23. The tops of the wings are (mostly) done. I painted the right wing with a #2 brush, and was fairly pleased with the blending. But then I switched to a #3 brush for the left, and wetted it with (diluted) drying retarder, and wet-blending went much easier. The results put the earlier work to shame. I gotta touch up the right again! Colors used: MSP Red Shadow MSP Mahogany Brown MSP HD Rusty Red (discontinued) MSP Lava Orange MSP Saffron Sunset (mixed w/Lava Orange)
  24. It’s a bit of poster tack; it’s to keep the paint from rubbing off when I bump it against the desk. (Which I do often.)
  25. I got some color on the wings! I still need to do a lot of lightening and blending on top of the wings, and some NMM on the golden brown parts, but it’s coming along like I’ve envisioned it!
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