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  1. Are you going to open all of them, or stop after finding the coveted Belle bust and eBay the unopened ones?
  2. Ah, too many. I still model trains and trolleys in O scale (1/48) and have several wooden car kits and buildings. I also have many resin anime and sci-fi garage kits from the late 90’s/early 00’s in 1/8th and 1/6th scale, with but a fraction of them completed. The rest mock me from their boxes on the shelf.
  3. Thanks! You gave me the idea to check our own library’s offerings and discovered that they have announced a Maker space opening this spring, with classes and open workshops. And it includes a 3D printer!
  4. I have only cursorily looked at 3D printers. I didn’t realize how mainstream they were becoming, until a few appeared in (of all things) the craft section of a Joann’s fabric store. Part of my problem with getting a 3D printer is that I have enough minis and models to assemble and paint that I can’t justify a device for making more just right now. I have only the one non-terrain conversion/sculpt that I have done, so I guess that’s one’s the “best”: The Ladykiller. Maybe it’s time do more...
  5. A recent chat exchange I had: Them: you can play with the figures? Me: yes. I’ve spent the evening moving them around on my desk and making “pew-pew” sounds... I’ve heard there might be rules?
  6. I think, @malefactus, that much of the positive reception comes from the way that your work also has one foot firmly planted in the arena of folk art, which has a much broader popular appeal. And that’s a special and unique aspect of your art.
  7. I should explain... Yellow-dipped heads and blue-dipped feet should give your minis a wonderful green waistline! And highlighting and dry-brushing takes too long, we have an army to get to the table! (Oh, I just gave myself cringe...)
  8. Don’t most GW events require at least 3 painted colors to be tournament-legal? Dip their heads and feet, Easter-egg style, into different contrast paints.
  9. My latest approach is to just tell people “I paint toy soldiers” (technically true, since I paint some sci-fi and period miniatures, as well as fantasy). The response ranges from indifferent to: “You mean, like Warhammer?” Their interest generally increases when I mention that I’m decent enough at it that I can occasionally earn a little pocket money. The latest incident was one of my former grad school buddies looking over my shoulder at my phone’s lock screen at a red dragon I painted: “Yeah, I did that.” He replied: “Ooh, that’s pretty cool.” Strangely, it’s a lot better reaction overall than when I did model railroading. Most people looked down on it as “playing with toy trains”, and probably associated it with Lionel train sets around the Christmas tree. And I never let ”normies” see the few anime garage kits I have built, as tame and “family-friendly” as they are. One friend who saw them early on asked why I wasted my time ”building dolls”.
  10. I was looking at the impressive LED lightsaber conversion tutorials for the Star Wars: Legion figures. A lot of the technical issues were solved by using neodymium magnets to hold the battery in place under the base, and to provide electrical contacts. Turning it on/off was as easy as attaching/removing the battery. Wiring was mostly solved using electrically conductive paint up the back of the figure. I think even I could do it without screwing it up too badly.
  11. Ah, not since my model railroading days, back in the early ‘90s. Then it was pea bulbs for building interior lighting, and grain-of-wheat bulbs for railroad signals. The most complicated one I worked on was refurbishing the railroad club’s radio tower, with motorized rotating lights at the top. Sadly no pictures were taken. No LED lighting yet, which is surprising given the number of battery powered Christmas LED lights I’ve picked up for that purpose in post-holiday sales.
  12. Oh, yes! Let’s see, I have: 3 Dremel tools - Two fixed speed, one variable speed. Drill press and router table attachments for them. 3 airbrush compressors - Two old artists compressors that overheat quickly, and one lightweight general use compressor with an air tank. 1 ancient scroll saw - for cutting custom bases for larger figures, and for terrain pieces. 1 Black & Decker Mouse detail sander - for sanding down said cut bases. 1 each 40-watt and 60-watt soldering irons. 1 Tamiya Handy Drill (battery-powered) for low-speed plastic drilling/grinding. (My favorite!) 2 converted electric toothbrushes (battery powered) - for sanding, and saving my wrists. There are probably more that I’m forgetting... EDIT: There were! Blowdryer, for speed-drying paint jobs. Home-built exhaust fan, for use while airbrushing. And the biggest and most recent, a powered sit/stand work table.
  13. I like to sightsee the cosplay and play “guess the character” at a convention, but I don’t have the right age/build to cosplay most any character. Never battle maps, really, except our first Pathfinder Beginner Box map. I used to use dungeon tiles, but picking out the right ones for the session was taking too long, so now it’s drawn on a battle mat as we go along, if we use one at all. The battle mat does get populated with various key pieces of furniture and accessories though. These flesh out the scene, and it’s fun to see the players use them strategically, where they might not with theatre of the mind. (“Is there something in these crates we can use to fight the earth elemental?”)
  14. It’s a small detail, but I really like how his eyes are almost entirely defined by that glint of light reflecting out of the shadow. The pince-nez glasses are painted very well, too.
  15. I know it’s close to heresy to say this here, but I already have a full dice bag and that’s enough for me.
  16. Eh, I have a programming job in an office in downtown Portland, OR. The only outdoor advantage is walking along the riverfront parks at lunchtime. Mostly it has been RPG minis, but lately, I’m getting some peer “pressure” to shift to war gaming miniatures. This is because our office board gaming group, which I’ve been a part of for a few years, is now shifting focus toward skirmish war games.
  17. Wut? No! Coming back to this forum after an absence has been awful. I start reading a recently updated thread from the last unread post, only to realize I hadn’t read it since last summer — and then I have to read all the way through it! I can’t stop!
  18. A few of the flies need to go into ice cubes, for when you serve drinks to guests. Just saying.
  19. Hmmm... That sounds like a “tomorrow” question. It was a “tomorrow” question, after all! For me, it’s not all that expensive: The Star Wars: Legion Core Box set, doubled up to have enough for two armies.
  20. Most of the large minis I have are because I did a “paint one, get one” trade. That includes the now out-of-print Kaladrax, the biggest “mini” I own. The single mini I have paid most for is Wyrmgear, Clockwork Dragon at $26. What can I say? I had store credit, and c’mon, it’s a steampunk dragon! Would box sets count? I have a friend trying to convince me to play Age of Sigmar, and those battle force boxes run a pretty penny, should I decide to take the plunge.
  21. Odds are that it’s going to be a Studio Ghibli film — they fill a shelf. My frequent go-to film there is The Cat Returns.
  22. In our home of 20 years, we’ve had exactly one unplanned animal visitor inside our home — a older neighborhood cat that strolled into our house literally as we were moving in. It acted like an empress in her palace (as all cats do), took a tour of the house as we were moving things from the truck, and left with its curiosity satisfied. I wonder now if we had been auditioned as guardians, but didn’t meet its requirements. Insects are frequent inside visitors, of course — spiders get captured and safely released outside, colonizers like ants and wasps get bait, and the rest few like silverfish and centipedes are “buried at sea”. Ever notice how spiders will unerringly run back towards your open front door, when you shake them out of a jar on your front walk? Then there was the year, about three years back, that our backyard dwarf apple tree had no ripe fruit, on neither the branch or ground. We couldn’t figure out why until one evening, as we drove up to our house, the car’s headlights caught the outline of a mother raccoon, with a line of three babies behind her, crossing the street and slipping into our backyard. The tree stayed until last year, when we cut it down.
  23. The only “lucky” dice I have are the ones I’ve had since my high-school D&D days. They aren’t lucky in themselves, it’s just that I consider it lucky that I still have most of them. I do believe in luck, though. How else can I explain the success of my enemies? Cold pizza is the best. Re-heating it in the microwave is an abomination, even when dampening it first. Just the act of warming it a second time does something I don’t like to the cheese. Second best leftover breakfast is macaroni salad, or potato salad. Just not with coffee.
  24. I had a previous (and sometimes still current) hobby of assembling and painting anime garage kits, which kind of lead to into miniatures, once I realized that I could finish a 3cm figure with *much* less effort than a 20cm one. Painting the smaller miniatures also freed up my painting skills, since I depended far too much on using an airbrush to paint the larger figures. A box of about 50 Polly Scale paints, circa 1990-1993. I went through them about 2 years ago, and threw out about 6 that had hardened in the bottle. The rest are fine, if I can find a use for them. That does not include the approximately 200 Floquil lacquer paints of various colors, which might be of an even earlier vintage, as I picked them up for about $.10 a bottle in a hobby shop closing sale around 1998-99. They were old then, still good now, and my great-grandchildren might someday be able to use them, provided that toluene isn’t completely outlawed for private use by then.
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