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  1. I got to try some of these paints at a paint-and-take on Free RPG Day last month. I really liked the Dark Angels Red and Iyanden Yellow, but didn’t like the darker colors like Dark Angels Green and Ultramarines Blue. Has anyone tried some of the lighter contrast paints over a silver metallic base coat? I’d like to see what the results are.
  2. Hey, all! A belated thanks for all the birthday wishes. I got sick on my birthday, from celebrating by eating way too much fried fish (whole fried tilapia are something else!), and didn’t check until today. I haven’t been active on the forums, but I’m still painting (irregularly). When my schedule opens up and I get hobby work done, I’ll be sure to share it here!
  3. The slanted shelf arrangement is just the stadium arrangement, tilted forward with the back corner cut off! What you would be doing is building something like a set of stairs, and adding two rectangles on either side to make it stand upright. ...Now I want to build one, too!
  4. Some time back, I made stadium-style bottle racks for my paints out of foam core board, with just an X-Acto knife and a straight-edge. They came out pretty nice: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69656-gcb-tries-foam-core-joinery/&tab=comments#comment-1396487 I don’t see why that same material couldn’t be used for making a vertical rack, also. The total cost for one rack was about $5.00 (Edit: $7.50), as I got the foam core board on sale at $1.50 each, and already had the tools and other materials. I’m still using them today — though they are full up now. Maybe I should consider adding a desk rack, too?
  5. That figure is Mint Adenade, from the video game Tales of Phantasia! It’s no surprise that Ratmaster2000 would think it was From Sakura Wars, as the character design for both games was done by Kousuke Fujishima. As for color, the game character is blond with pale skin, and the uniform is basically white with gold trim and magenta cross insignias on the hat and dress. It would be interesting to do the lining and/or the shadowed parts of the dress as a pale muted lavender, as that would be the complementary color to the yellow hair and trim.
  6. Ha, I checked in a day late. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!
  7. Get caught up on it now... Big plot reveal coming up this/next week!
  8. Another thing I just thought of: Look in your area for an AFOL (“Adult Fan Of LEGO”) club. There might be someone who’d spare a few pieces from their collection!
  9. There’s also BrickLink, which is kind of an eBay for lego parts and sets. Kind of a clunky interface, but you’ll find what you want, in bulk.
  10. Bad news and good news for you: First the bad news: I checked my Frost Giant King and it had the same lack of detail on the right bracer: Now the good news: When assembled, it’s not really visible, as it’s mostly covered by the kings’s fur cape: It looks like the detail was intentionally removed to prevent fitting problems between the arm and the cape. So, unless you doing a mod without the cape, there’s no problem! Just trompe l'oeil in any missing details that might be visible and continue on!
  11. Hey, same thing happened with my Frost Giant King order! I was lucky enough to find the crest tucked under one of the flaps on the bottom of the shipping carton. That thing is tiny! Reaper, if you’re listening, a piece that small, from a model that big, needs to go into its own baggie inside the blister, else it will disappear as soon as the blister parts from the card. And the blister needs to be heat-welded on much more firmly if it’s going to survive shipping. As for assembly, I got my giant’s cloak on with a hairdryer on the high setting. Much more trimming and heating is in order before I’m satisfied with the fit.
  12. I was apparently nice this year... I’m so disappointed! I wanted a lump of coal!
  13. Years and years ago I made the same thing, an AC glue applicator, by pushing a large needle into the end of a paint brush handle, and filing the end of the needle until the eye just barely opened into a fork. Not something I would recommend now, but I used to clean it by burning off the dried glue in a candle flame.
  14. Was that Return to the 36th Chamber, starring "Gordon" Chia-Hui Liu? I only saw it once, but that movie was a classic! You might recognize Mr. Liu from Kill Bill, Vol. 1 & 2.
  15. Funny, I acquired this movie in a laserdisc collection lot, but haven’t got around to watching it yet. That’s odd, considering how much of an animation fan I am. Perhaps it’s because I felt I got burned way back when going to watch Bakshi’s The Lord of the Rings in the theatre, in its opening week. I’ll have to pull the disc out and give it a try.
  16. How could anyone forget "The Angry Red Planet" (1959), with its giant rat-spider, and its enormous amoeba, complete with spinning eyeball? The plot itself was beyond comprehension.
  17. Really? I thought Reaper had discontinued the use of them. But on research, I stand corrected. It's the use of tiny pewter skulls as agitator beads that has been discontinued. The agitators are a different material now. So, remember to clean out those old, used-up bottles -- you might just find a bit for scenery detail!
  18. Agreed on using a T-pin. T-Pins also have a larger diameter than a regular sewing pin, so they will enlarge the dropper hole and make the paint flow a little more freely. Older bottles of Reaper paint have agitator beads inside them. On at least a few occasions, I found they get up into the applicator tip and block the dropper hole, even after clearing it with a needle. Bang the paint bottle's base against your table or desk to knock the agitator free.
  19. You still have to get the skin oil / potato chip oil / pizza grease off of them somehow, unless you never touched them. I'd recommend diluted liquid dish detergent, without any additives. I've also been experimenting with other de-greasers, including scrubbing it down with rubbing alcohol. Not much difference from dish detergent, so far.
  20. Maybe. I once had the same problem with a mini, where I washed it with a liquid dish soap and didn't rinse it thoroughly enough. Later, after painting, I went to wash it once more before sealing (it had been touched and had finger oils on it). Much of the paint in the crevices, where the soap residue was, simply dissolved away, leaving only the high spots painted. My guess is that the soap prevented the paint from drying completely. So, now I make sure the mini is completely rinsed and free of soap residue. EDIT: I also dilute the liquid soap before I use it, so it rinses more easily. (...And, don't many hand soaps contain oils to prevent your skin from drying and cracking?)
  21. Push the highlights on the dress a little more. I imagine that it should be a satin material and shine a bit. I’m going to recommend yellowish-oranges as a detail color. Orange is a third Halloween color, and the bag on her hip clearly resembles a pumpkin. It would be natural to paint the tassels on that bag orange, and the tassel in front to match. Test it out in Photoshop and see if you like it. Was there something that goes across her back above the bag?
  22. Painting up figures in groups of 5-6 keeps the assembly-line pace up, but the tedium down!
  23. Not really. Try a stiff-bristled toothbrush to scrub them off. Sharp-pointed tweezers also help in getting stragglers.
  24. I have a particular dislike for pun-based costumes, like a slip with a bust of Freud printed on it, or a pair of jeans with Smarties candies safety-pinned all over them. From a usability standpoint, the worst was actually a 7-foot monster costume, similar to the large monsters from the Muppet show, or from Where The Wild Things Are. When I saw it while out trick-or-treating with the kids, I was pretty impressed with it, until I saw the person wearing it slowly waddle forward on the sidewalk, feeling for the curb. There was no way they could turn the head, and the only way they could hold their treat bag was to hold their arm straight out, as the claws wouldn't close. As a prop for hiding in the bushes and spooking young kids, it would be great, but as a low-mobility, poor-visibility costume, it was terrible for trick-or-treating on a dark street.
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