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  1. ...But, realistically, can Netflix afford the film rights to Michael Crichton's State of Fear?
  2. An anthology series based on Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, by M.R. James. Though maybe that's better if done as a BBC series, instead of Netflix.
  3. Are they chalk or oil pastels? Generally when modellers use pastels for weathering effects, they use chalk. I'd think that oil pastels would not grind well. The other thing I know about pastels is that weathering pastel chalks largely disappear when sprayed with a sealing coat -- something about the reflective index of the particles being reduced or some such. I'd expect the same when they are suspended in a paint binder or clear paint.
  4. No, no. You caught the theme just fine, and the green isn’t over saturated, at least not to my eyes. I’m just a bit sensitive to the subject, as I’ve had a friend before that had red-green colorblindness.
  5. I really like the work done on this figure! I do have a concern, based on a previous experience, though: The green highlights on the skin are intentional, right? If not, it would be an awful way to discover you have red/green color blindness.
  6. This is also my technique, but using a hair dryer on a high setting -- for both dry fit and gluing. I heat the pieces, then quickly put the CA glue on the tab and hold it tight into the slot until it cools and binds. I then wipe away any excess, This method sets faster than gluing at room temperature, and almost always makes a seamless bind. The only issue is that CA glue makes more fumes when put on a heated piece.
  7. The cave bear plushie is remarkably easy make. Start with a standard teddy bear, and add extra-long fangs and claws. Preferably razor-sharp. A plush Neanderthal skull would make a cute accessory.
  8. You’re welcome. I just discovered Kujo about two weeks ago as a YouTube recommendation, and subscribed while watching just the first video. I really liked his video on painting denim.
  9. Kujo Painting just yesterday posted a YouTube video titled “How To Put NMM Highlights In The Right Spot” which covers exactly that subject: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zux0HAS8pAw
  10. Since it’s Bones plastic, and a small mini, just put a sewing pin in a pin vise, pointed end out, then poke it into the mini on the underside in a spot that won’t show. Instant miniature holder! You won’t have to touch it until it’s sealed.
  11. Who Censored Roger Rabbit? by Gary K. Wolf. First in a trilogy. It is the source of the movie, though it has very little in common with the movie but the name of the title character.
  12. Challenge accepted. And I’m playing this competition to win. Just to set the background, I am over 50 years of age, happily married with three kids, one of them in college. I have never revealed the following information to anyone outside my immediate family. Here, then, is my confessional: Back in my college post-grad days, while dating my soon-to-be wife, I discovered Japanese manga, and latched onto one title in particular. Completely hooked onto it. So, in our family room’s curio case, I have a Belldandy shrine. The shrine is a collection of about a half dozen figures, some vinyl prepaints, some garage kits I’ve assembled and painted myself. I have about a dozen or more unassembled Belldandy resin kits that will be added one-by-one as I finish them. Not just that. I have the complete “Oh My Goddess!” English-language manga collection from Dark Horse, and most of the Japanese edition, too. I have pretty much all of the translated video releases on laserdisc and DVD. Name the merchandise, and I probably have it: posters, calendars, Kousuke Fujishima art books, trading cards, screen savers, and more. On occasion, when faced with an ethical dilemma, I have half-jokingly asked myself “WWBD?” (Usual answer: Defuse the situation by serving tea.) If I ever got drunk enough to agree to a tattoo (and that would be very, very drunk), I know in my heart what that tattoo would be. My wife teases me sometimes about my goddess “girlfriend”, as she calls it. My daughter calls me a weeaboo. I don’t much care. I’m never cleaning out the curio cabinet. Embarrassing enough? Good. Now, let us never, ever speak of this again.
  13. My first TV crush was Connie Sellecca, from The Greatest American Hero. Not much later it was Heather Thomas from The Fall Guy. My friend Oscar gave me her “Love & Laughs” poster, probably because he wasn’t allowed to hang it up at home. For cartoon crushes, my first was and will always be Trelaina of Telezart, from Star Blazers. (Sorry, Nova!) From the Wikipedia article, it seems likely I watched the original U.S. airing of that show on KTVU 2 via cable. My co-worker once said that every male of a certain age who he’s asked, knows immediately what the phrase “Off-think!” references.
  14. ... Or Shaun of the Dead, while also being a horror-comedy, is about a group of life-long screw-ups continuing to be screw-ups during a zombie apocalypse. The fun of that movie is watching their inevitable downward spiral. The only thing that irritated me about that movie were a few scenes where the undead literally appeared to be holding back, just to let the plot continue.
  15. I wish! The family schedule is kind of preventing that this year, as there is no day of the week that everyone is free to go somewhere.
  16. I’ve really done it this time... I hate-watched the wrong direct-to-video budget horror movie, and my vicious mocking and scorn of the movie attracted the attention of the recently deceased director, who has come back from the dead to punish me. Now, I’m being pursued by him in the form of the movie’s poorly rendered, physics-defying CGI monster. A band of aging B-list (and lower) actors have inexplicably joined up with me, unintentionally hindering my escape and getting picked off one-by-one by the ghost. This plot wraps up with the movie accidentally getting uploaded to YouTube and going viral, where it is soundly derided by thousands in the comment section...
  17. Not really a song, but a collection of spooky stories and sound effects: Chilling, Thrilling Sounds Of The Haunted House, from Disneyland Records. I had that record as a child, and played the sound effects side for the trick-or-treaters every Halloween for a number of years. The last scream on the screams track always got to me... Oregon Public Broadcasting has a tradition of playing George Romero's Night of the Living Dead pretty much every Halloween. Somehow I always end up watching it. In the dark. Alone. The kids won't watch it with me, even though the oldest is in college. What a bunch of boo-cats! Update: Oh, it's not on the schedule this year. Boo!
  18. Why are there no commercially available zombie T-Rex miniatures?
  19. Wow, I also have two of those orange juice caps stored away for just this sort of project! It looks like they can hold a lot more than just the one large figure I was thinking of. Good work fitting all of that diorama on there.
  20. If only I could remember the recipe, after that flu! I do remember that the wash over the leather was walnut brown, though.
  21. Oops! Someone finally spotted my inspiration for the color scheme!
  22. Dunno... looks like some "meddling kids", if you ask me. Odds are that the BBEG turns out to be the owner of the abandoned amusement park! Good job!
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