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  1. I have not gotten back to this for a bit. A project for the daughter's birthday took precedence. But I did get some work done: The rocks of the integrated base, and at least a base color on the underbelly, horns and spines: Still very rough, but so far I'm liking it more than I thought I would. Wait until those are properly highlighted
  2. I pledged for this Kickstarter, because I have a definite need for more of the gaming style bases, and I want to support Reaper, and I might not be able to pledge for the upcoming Bone 6 Kickstarter.
  3. I got into painting minis around the time of the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter. I pledged in 3 of them, so yeah, that’s the vast majority of the ones I own. Then I got into painting metal minis, still Reaper. And most of the paints I own are Reaper’s too. I’d say about 80% of my collection is Reaper. Reaper minis are affordable, and they’re made by a US company with great customer service. What more could you ask for?
  4. Some initial highlight & shadow on the body. Layers of Royal Purple mixed with Breast Cancer Awareness Pink. Still pretty rough at this point.
  5. I haven't done a WIP in quite a while, and I want to keep committed to clearing my Shelf of Shame for the year. So here's an unfinished mini from my shelf: Reaper 77108: Shadow Dragon: I had assembled & primed this mini before, but hadn't painted it, so it sat on my shelf for a while. So two nights ago, I washed it, sprayed Stynylrez black primer over it, then sprayed a base coat of Burgundy Wine. ...and that's where it stands. Hopefully, I have an opportunity for more work tonight. I don't have any ideas at present for what the color scheme will be, save that I want it to be purple.
  6. Love that Reaper Brush-On — it’s about the only sealer that’s never caused me problems with frosting. But since it’s matte instead of gloss, it would have worked against my plan of having the wash settle into the details.
  7. I was reviewing what I did while painting these goblins, and realized why the highlight layers were shedding. I put down a layer of gloss varnish before I tried shading with the Vallejo Game Wash, to make the wash collect in the details — that was the layer the paint was shedding from. Next time I’ll try sealing with gloss medium instead of varnish; it might have better adhesion. Or better yet, no shade wash at all. I don’t think it’s needed. Either way, this experiment is done and sealed. I’d rather go onto other painting projects, than redo this one.
  8. Eyes came out surprisingly well. I glazed 09006 Fire Orange in the sockets, then (with a fine brush and steady hand) barely dotted them with 09671 Golden Glow
  9. A trio of undead from Reaper's Bones II Kickstarter: I took my time on painting these guys (gals?), and boy did they turn out fun! I went for a more cartoonish style than I usually do, hitting them with bright colors and edge highlighting everywhere. It seems to fit their chunky style very well. The free-hand on the shield came from an internet search of shield designs. That design was near the top of the search results, so I simplified it for the mini. I was going to add corrosion to their weapons, but gave up on the idea as soon as I saw how well they looked without it. These skellies might be some of the oldest minis on my Shelf of Shame. When I pulled them down to repaint them, I couldn't find any detail to paint. I stripped the paint off them and the reason why became apparent -- there were at least 3 different layers of color on each of them from previous attempts. These three bring the number of minis I painted this year to 16 -- and I've nearly cleared an entire row from my shelf of shame.
  10. A trio of speed-painted goblins from Reaper's Bones I Kickstarter: I painted these fellows in most of an evening. Not exactly the speediest of speed-painting, but I was testing out approaches for painting an entire army quickly. Most painters will prime a model black, then spray a zenithal highlight with white, and finally color in the model using the light and shadow as a guide. My idea was to do just that, but with an different order: Prime the mini Base coat the mini with all of its shadow colors Spray a zenithal white over the base coat colors Selectively apply washes of the highlight colors over the zenithal white and base colors Surprisingly it turned out well, as you can see from the photos. They looked ruined after I sprayed the zenithal highlight, but once I added the wash, it looked amazing for the amount of time I spent on them. The blends between highlight and shadow colors came out almost perfectly! What I discovered from doing this: Some of the colors I sued for highlights are more transparent than others, and needed more wash coats to cover well. The end result can be really fragile, as evidenced by the rubbing of the highlight colors off of the shields and elbows. The minis really need a sealer coat before they are put on the table. (2 coats, really -- the first gloss, and the second matte.) Vallejo makes some pretty good paints, but their washes leave a lot to be desired. I tried using their Game Wash Dipping Formula, and it left the minis looking uniformly dingy and dirty (even though I gloss varnished them beforehand). And if I thinned it with water, it would frost over as it dried. I won't be buying that product again, and the remainder will probably only get used to darken homemade rock terrain. That's 3 more minis down from the Shelf of Shame, and a total of 13 so far this year.
  11. A quick work up of some of the accessories from Reapers Bones II Kickstarter: The crates and barrel are done with my usual formula of Reaper Buckskin Pale, followed by a Sepia Wash. The hoops on the barrel are done with Tarnished Steel. The bags are also Buckskin Pale with some random yellow-brown color used for shadows. All the items except the pots were done in a previous year -- only the pots sat primed and unfinished on the shelf of shame. I decided to try an experiment, where I mixed Vallejo's Game Color Terracotta with red, green and blue paints, with more terracotta showing in the shadows (the pot with the purple berries is pure Terracotta). They turned out looking pretty good! That makes a total of 10 minis pulled from the shelf of shame so far this year. Sadly, the small barrel is missing. While I was pulling the crates and barrels down for the photo, I managed to drop it, and I heard it hit several things on the way to the floor. There's no way I'm finding it until I do a thorough cleaning around my desk!
  12. 1. My podcast app 2. Audiobooks borrowed from the library. I know those aren't radio stations, but I haven't bothered to figure out how to use the radio on these newer cars with console screens.
  13. Can't say much on this one... Most of the hotel rooms I've stayed in were paid for by the company, so reasonably good, but nothing outstanding. Nothing has stood out, for the best... The worst was from my childhood. My parents were traveling to visit my paternal grandparents in in eastern Montana. Somewhere along the way back, we ran into a minor emergency and had to stay at a motel overnight, somewhere in Idaho / western Montana. When we went to the room, it was literally some cots in a basement room, with only a tiny window up next to the ceiling. I don't think there was carpeting. I also remember we didn't stay the night there.
  14. An easier choice than I expected! I would choose winning the lottery. At my present age, I feel I've worked at a job long enough. I want to retire, go do my own thing and enjoy life.
  15. Pretty minimal extras: My public library card fob, with bar code. Very unused these last 2 years, what with pandemic closures and restrictions. A fob with my company’s first logo. It’s the same company that I‘ve worked at for nearly 25 years, but has had 5 different names & logos, and 4 different owners, since I was first hired there. It’s kept the same phone number, though, from what’s listed on the fob!
  16. I’m assuming that this is entering wish territory… 1. I’d eliminate gross stupidity. I’d do this by requiring everyone to always seek out information on their decisions, consider potential risks, and think through the consequences of their actions on themselves, others around them and society at large. 2. … That’s all. #1 should be enough to resolve most of the world’s problems.
  17. Restrain yourself until this December, please!
  18. You mean as in: I could sing it at a karaoke bar with the lyric prompts turned off ? "Hello! Ma Baby", "It's Only a Paper Moon", "Fly Me to the Moon", "L-O-V-E" and any number of other jazz / Tin Pan Alley favorites, for starters. There's a big disconnect between the songs I like to sing and the songs I like to listen to. ... And nearly the entire pre-2000's Disney music catalog, thanks to a collection of CDs that my wife played constantly on road trips. EDIT: And a lot of novelty songs, Saturday morning cartoon OPs, School House Rock and breakfast cereal and toy commercial lyrics. Stuff you learn as a kid sticks around forever...
  19. 39 times out of 100 is within 1 standard deviation of 100 coin flips, which is about all you can expect when it comes to predicting the weather 6 weeks out. I've heard it said that, even if you used an extremely accurate computer weather prediction model and input the current global weather conditions precisely, you'd not be able to predict the weather more than a few weeks out. This is because the model's equations would be completely reset, just by the random Brownian motion of molecules in the atmosphere.
  20. No to painting commissions. Been there, done that, want painted minis for my own shelf. I might do commissions again, sometime in the future, but for now I'm waiting on something I call: "the right price". Punxsutawney Phil is as accurate as any other weatherman!
  21. Second place item: the clear vinyl bag with holes on one side to fit the 3-ring binder and a zip-lock style zipper on the other. I still have one of them that was/is filled with D&D dice from that time. EDIT: Found it! It's a bit amazing that this thing has survived for about 35 years in relatively good condition. First place item: The combined plastic ruler/protractor that had the geometric shape stencil cutouts. I used that thing to draw & doodle art designs when I was supposed to be paying attention to lessons.
  22. I last watched “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, one of my favorites and one that I ripped from the DVD to my desktop computer so I could play it anytime. I believe I was snacking on corn chips at the time…
  23. I don't have a pet, so not applicable. But at night, I've been overhearing my Furby on the shelf mumbling something about "hungering for human souls"...
  24. The spooky woods for me! Though as a tourist, I doubt I'd have much free time for selfies and souvenir shopping in either locale.
  25. Pork ribs! I usually get them from the deli of the local Asian market...
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