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  1. I don't have a snooze button! My internal clock gets me up shortly before 5:00 am, very regularly, and if I laze around and try to fall back asleep, my bladder will make sure I'm up and going by 5:30 am...
  2. 23: Easy! If I've been outside in the cold for a while, hot cocoa with a little schnapps mixed in! 24: Swimming in the Lewis River in the summertime, at my grandmother's house. She lived only a 10 minute walk from the river, and the area was still very rural. I spent most of my summers there, swimming nearly every day. When I think of warm, I think of the stoney banks of that river in the summertime.
  3. When I first read this question, I thought I'd be able to think of lots of examples, but as I thought of each one, I realized I didn't have a real twinge of regret. I think that it's because, as I look around my hobby space, I see lots of projects in-progress and yet-to-start, and wonder where I would've had time to work on the one I didn't get.
  4. ...I'm married. I don't get to choose what to fix for dinner. I eat what is put on my plate with no complaints, because I like being married!
  5. That would be "trolley". It means "streetcar" here in the States, but means "shopping cart" or other pushcarts in Britain. A second one is "doubt". This is one I picked up from my company's employees in India -- they use the word "doubt" interchangeably with "question", as in: "I have a few doubts about this process." Or: "That concludes my presentation. If anyone has doubts, enter them in chat and we will try to answer them." That was confusing for a while, until I finally understood what they were trying to say. I don't know if that usage was widespread, or in just one region of India, either.
  6. My first thought was: "What a cool idea, putting the mini overlooking the edge of the base, instead of in the center." Necessity sometimes forces us to be more creative than we normally would be.
  7. From my Shelf of Shame, a set of essential dungeon dressings: equipment designed to extract vital information from captured enemies. I had done most of these pieces up after getting the Bones Kickstarter 3, mostly as practice for natural wood textures. IIRC, the basic formula used here was a base of 09074 Buckskin Pale, with a wash of 09310 Sepia Wash over it, followed by an edge highlighting of Buckskin Pale once again. Metal parts were done with 09206 Tarnished Steel with a wash of 09312 Steel Wash. I don't remember the formula for the (brass) Iron Maiden. The reason it languished after that was the final piece, the glowing brazier, which waited until last night to be painted: I was intimidated by doing a fire effect, and at the time I didn't have any idea of a technique to do one. So i just threw down a bunch of yellows and oranges, with the high areas being the darker parts. Overall, a pretty decent first attempt at a fire effect... but I get the impression that the prisoner might get drizzled with cheese fondue instead. (That makes 9 minis taken down from the Shelf of Shame this year!)
  8. Really love the purple with orange highlights -- that came out very good!
  9. That bard is up to no good!
  10. My only resolution this year was to reduce the size of my Shelf of Shame -- so far, I've reduced it by 8 minis. Soon to be 9 minis, after last night's session. That leaves 30 minis on the shelf to finish... Plus a second Khanjira that I need to strip and restart. There's far more minis than that to paint, but they don't count. I may have cleaned up mold lines on them, but they haven't seen a lick of paint yet, so they're just in the "ready" queue. Edit: One of the reasons I started being active on the Reaper forum again this year was to keep myself to this resolution. I figured that getting positive feedback would keep me motivated to continue working on it!
  11. Let me recommend Kujo Painting's Youtube video titled: "The REAL Ultimate Guide To Non Metallic Metal (NMM)". A short, sweet overview of the whole process that helped me out considerably.
  12. It's not the first time I've painted NMM, but it certainly was the easiest. The NMM Gold Triad and Pure White is really all you need for a very yellowy gold NMM finish that fits well with my brighter cartoonish style. As you can see, I did well enough that I'm going to start using that triad instead of metallics for most of my gold painting now. Next time I purchase from Reaper, I'm going to pick up the Grey Blues triad to try NMM steel also.
  13. The alternate color scheme I was considering for the Pillar of Good was sky blue flowers & details with NMM gold trim; and if I had to do it again, I'd do the Pillar of Evil with dark purple robes and NMM brass trim. So there's some schemes to consider...
  14. Part of my goal for the year was to reduce my literal Shelf of Shame: The minis that I started and put down and never came back to. Some of those minis are recent, some extend all the way back to when i started painting minis in about 2014 or so. So as the first installment, here are a few things I've painted since the beginning of the year: First up is the Pillar of Good and Pillar of Evil: I forget why I had these on the shelf. I think I was intending to paint them along with the rest of the dungeon decor from the second Reaper Kickstarter. While the barrels and crates were finished long ago, these languished until now. They are painted with a green-stone mixture: Vallejo's Model Air Dark SeaGreen and US Light Grey , and drybrushed with a mix of US Light Grey and Model Color Dark Sand. I did the Pillar of Evil quickly, but then needed something to practice Reaper's NMM Gold Triad on, so the Pillar of Good got the treatment. Flowers are Reaper Punk Rock Pink, with Breast Cancer Awareness Pink highlights. Second up is a collection of large vermin Dire Rats: Not every mini can be a hero. Some have to be rats. These have been on the self of shame since the start. They were painted and stripped several times, and even served as test minis for various primers. I didn't care much about them, but they were on the shelf and are a quick-and-dirty (!) painting task. The paint job is table-top quality, but I did like the final coloration, so I'll record it here for the Giant Rats I have to paint later: Fur: Layer up with dry-brushing: MSP Walnut Brown MSP Russet Brown MSP Intense Brown MSP Intense Brown mixed with any ivory color on your palette Tail: Base: HD Entrail Pink Highlight: MSP Old West Rose Detail: MSP New Copper Finally, here is the current state of the Shelf of Shame: (I told you, it was a literal shelf! It's a shadowbox made from a plastic 12" x 12" picture frame and foam core board. See: GCB Tries Foam Core Joinery.) They're mostly Reaper minis I have to finish/repaint. The notable exception are the Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion figures on the top shelf. This group should be entirely doable, by the end of the year. Then I get to pull out new minis to paint!
  15. All things considered, I would not replace them. I mostly paint minis to relax, and once I’ve painted one, I’m not too interested in painting the same one again. Instead, I would take the hobby in a different direction. I’d use it as an opportunity to buy into a new game system, or finally buy that 3D printer that I’ve been holding back on because I’ve too many minis. As for the old minis I’ve painted, I have my photographs…
  16. Especially the Bones USA line. The details are spectacularly crisp!
  17. A plethora of magnets stuck to all 3 visible sides: A multitude of sheet magnets advertising services that probably no longer exist & holding up yellowed grade school drawings and photos, 6 cheese slice magnets arranged in a cheese wheel, a set of 6 battery operated gear magnets, a dozen LEGO Star Wars minifig magnets, a half-dozen more sculpted clay magnets made by my wife, more tiny cross stitch magnets again made by my wife, a few wood toll-painted magnets made by my mother, at least two poetry word magnet sets (one of them Bratz dolls themed), a magnetic white board (unused because the magnetic dry erase marker dried out), a magnetic paper towel dispenser on the side away from foot traffic (it got knocked down a lot), Disney Princess dress-up paper doll magnets, a soft vinyl magnet labelled "Florida" (though I've only been there once and I didn't buy that magnet then), a magnetic mirror, and not least, a large 4"x6" magnet advertising "High School Musical 3". Surprisingly, no alphabet letter magnets. While classic, they were pulled down because they kept falling off the door and because our high-school aged children couldn't stop spelling rude things about each other. I think our refrigerator was originally white. I'll have to pull off one of the magnets to check.
  18. I almost answered "No", because for most of my life, every school I've attended or job I worked has been in the state of Oregon. But then I remembered that for the first six years of my life, my parents lived just across the Columbia river in Washington state. So, I guess that kindergarten and first grade count?
  19. I do believe there is such a thing as luck… How else can I explain the success of my enemies?
  20. Coffee, in a double-sized mug. Said mug is quickly drained, and refilled with oatmeal and milk for my trip up to my work desk. Edit: Many may argue that this order should be reversed. They are incorrect.
  21. The best is and will always be home-made and fresh from the oven.
  22. I prefer that my wife does the banking, and she does, too.
  23. I'd try an undercoat of a brown that has an orange cast to it, like maybe Harvest Brown or Orange Brown, or Auburn Shadow or Carrot Top Red. If you don't have any of those, choose a medium/light brown, mix some of the Pumpkin Orange into it as a shade, and use that as your base. Feel free to experiment!
  24. Those are all groups that have done pretty exclusively “concept albums”. Is that genre?
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