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  1. Pumpkin Orange has terrible coverage (personal experience), but most light oranges and yellows do. But when you recognize which colors are transparent and which aren’t, you can start using that to your advantage. The trick is to put down a base coat of similar color and good coverage, then layer up Pumpkin Orange as highlights over it.
  2. J-Pop and anime soundtracks, which does get some odd looks sometimes, as I’m the high side of 50 (I’ve listened to it since the early 90’s). But the last time I mentioned it, I got questions about the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, from someone of the same age who’d seen the Netflix live-action show and liked the music!
  3. I wanted a pair of heavy-knit socks to pad my feet for long walks; instead I got a pair of thermal socks, the kind lined with fleece that sheds and balls up and you have to throw away in four months.
  4. Walking. I try to walk at least an hour a day, longer on weekends, recently even jogging short distances. I know most of the surrounding neighborhoods in a 4 mile radius as a result. I'd like to think it's not seasonally affected, but when the rain is freezing cold, those walks get very abbreviated...
  5. Hey, wait, is this one of those "Choose the form of your destruction" questions? ... Puppies. Definitely, they should be subjected to petting playful puppies.
  6. Recently, it's been in and around this little bridge in a nature park the next neighborhood over: This site is photographed most often, mostly because this is the endpoint for many of my daily walks I've started taking for exercise. It's a hidden scenic spot in a mostly suburban area, and it's been fun documenting the changes that the weather and seasons have had on this creek bed.
  7. This serves as a reminder I have to get back to painting my Legion Rebel and Imperial armies, before my wife starts questioning all those purchases last year...
  8. The literal "shelf of shame" -- half-finished minis staring at me from their shadowbox on the wall. It was my 2022 resolution to reduce their numbers. So far, two figures finished and a third nearly done -- out of about thirty.
  9. Here in the Pacific NW, the snow barely visited us last week. High today was 49° F (9° C), current temp is 39° F (4° C), and I'm looking at a wall of red on the weather radar that is the rain coming at us for the next week.
  10. F : I stay silent, and wait to see if they can top themselves.
  11. Same story here, too! I got a Rauthuros, Demon 77111 from their Kickstarter, missing an arm in the baggie. I included a photo in my first email, and they sent a full replacement figure, no questions asked! I’m still looking for a kitbash project to put those extra bat wings on…. 😀
  12. Oh, the lightening effect is so good, I may have to “borrow” it for my own Palpatine paint-up. (With credit where it is due!)
  13. I hadn't thought of it in terms of a Christmas Village skirmish -- I just wanted to make a few interestingly themed warbands -- but now that you mention it, a Department 56 village would make for some interesting prepainted wargame terrain....
  14. Thanks for pointing those out! I'm trying to build a Christmas-themed skirmish warband, and those look like good candidates! I was going to add some Yetis and put Krampus as the warband leader, but evil Santas will work too. I'm also trying to paint up a Jack-O-Lantern themed Halloween warband, but Reaper has made that task much easier.
  15. https://www.reapermini.com/search/monstrous snowmen I got mine as part of a “12 Days of Reaper” holiday promotion a few years back. I finally got around to painting it this year!
  16. A trio of animated snowmen, definitely up for trouble for the holiday season! Definitely a fun and quick seasonal paint-up. The snowmen are painted up in Reaper Frosty Blue and highlights of Pure White, with Vallejo Azure providing the deep shadows and lining. The bases are dead simple, using the same colors and some Americana crackle medium for a subtle cracked ice effect. I really like how the monocle came out on the top hat snowman! I think of the three, the candy cane carrying snowman is my favorite. His derpy upturned face is visible from anywhere across the table, and the tattered Santa robe came out quite well. My daughter suggested that the end of the candy cane should be spattered with blood effects, but then my wife would never let me put it in a holiday display! I went back and forth on the color of the hair for the bowler hat snowman. I was going to repaint it black, but tried changing the color in a paint app, and didn’t like it. I did one last thing to tie the trio together — I gave them matching scarves! My daughter took one look and said: “They’re in a gang!” — she got it! Happy holidays, everyone!
  17. Sacrat, ready to defend his lair: I haven’t had this much fun painting a mini in a while! The only trouble I had was highlighting the purple robes. Blending white with purple didn’t quite give the look I wanted. I heard only afterward that I should try highlighting purple with pink — I’ll have to try that on my next mini.
  18. Here’s a trio of Pumpkin Horrors I painted up on Halloween evening. I sealed and based them today. I had a real problem photographing the orange figures! The camera played havoc with the colors on my regular dark backgrounds, making the orange glow with neon brightness. It behaved only when I found some neutral gray fabric. The bases will be left black until I find some seasonally appropriate ground cover.
  19. Brilliant paint-up! I now regret skipping the Bone V Kickstarter, if just for this figure…
  20. My favorite bit was adding a little of that pink accent to his nose too!
  21. Lots and lots of stippling on that shield, just to get a bit of texture and decent color “blend”…
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