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  1. Interesting responses on the bullen thing...if you haven't seen Brian Reagan's comedy act about boxen, you should check it out.


    As for paints, I have a variety. Typically, I use MSPs for the "real" painting, but use 20 year old GW pots and Apple Barrel for base coating and/or priming (or Brown Liner for things I fancy, like the demon Minotaur I'm finishing up). I also have about 10 of the old GW washes which are just named colors like Green, Yellow, etc. I don't like any of them except brown by itself, but they make great mixes as you see here.


    So the silver bull is based coated in Burnt Umber from Apple Barrel, followed by Honed Steel, and washed with a mix of Green and Purple GW wash, which interestingly mixes into a kind of grayish, bluish steel wash. The pic here doesn't do it justice.


    The brass bull is based in Burnt Umber, followed by Copper from FolkArt and washed with the same. I really like the metallics from FolkArt. I've got a variety and I'm always very happy with the results.

  2. It's been a long time since I've posted anything, which is really too bad because it helps me to stay focused on projects longer. I'll try to keep up on this one.


    He is mostly just based coated, but I've done some highlighting on the skin and hair though I don't think it shows well in the pics. CnC welcome!



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  3. I love this piece. I've got several questions for you, if you dont mind. First, how long would you estimate the overall paint time took? And did you wait long between applying washes? Finally, how do you hold it? I don't see any kind of cork/spindle/contraption, so are you just holding the mini itself? I've found that when I work with glazes and washes only, I end up messing up the paint even with something else to hold the mini just from accidentally bumping it...

  4. Honestly, I'd say you can't distinguish orcs from goblins by color at all. The stereotypical color is green, but as others have said, I think there's a lot of variety, especially so for goblins.

    To me, the difference between orcs and goblins has much more to do with physical differences besides color. For example, I think of orcs as having more of a stubby snout, whereas goblins have large (even comically large) noses. Similarly, orc ears are pointed, but relatively human-sized, but goblins ears are "over-sized" relatively speaking. Orcs are generally muscular meatsacks, while goblins are thin-limbed and possibly pot-bellied. I think going from an orc to large goblin could be done fairly readily with some greenstuff. I like a lot of Mad Jack's suggestions as well.

    Either way, I think it'll take more than paint to convince an orc it's a gobbo :D

  5. Ok, first off, I spent some time experimenting with marble. I originally had planned to do some thick lovely green grass as a symbol of life, but I couldn't resist the idea of marble. Below are my first three attempts and the beginning of my fourth.



    Next, I went ahead with a mix of Black and FolkArt English Ivy Green for shadows. It looked like dark dark green on the pallet, but dried almost black. I think it looks great, but time will tell as to whether I'll stay happy with it. I need to put more work into it, but I think my wife was starting to suspect something, so I had to give up early. Tomorrow, I plan to finish up the shading and jump into the highlighting head first!




  6. First off, you know how people warn you not to put your drinking cup next to your painting water cup? Yeah, listen to them... One of these is awesome homemade Root Beer, the other is not so awesome...



    Yes, on to the "mini"! Now, as you can see, it's more a statue than a mini at about 100mm tall. I got this as a present for my wife last year when I went to visit the states, and I decided to paint it for her as a surprise for her birthday this year. I've still got 6 weeks to finish, but the new semester begins in 3 weeks and I'm gonna be crazy busy, so I'm hoping to get it done by the end of this month. I need help as both skin and red cloth are a major challenge for me still as I've really only been painting for a little over a year now.

    The skin is best shown here before I sealed it. I used Tanned Skin for the base/midtone, Suntan Skin for the shadows, and Elf Skin and Fair Skin for highlighting. C & C would be most welcome here as I've spent a lot more time on this and the hair then on the robe. These pictures helped me notice his upper arm looks kinda mottled, so I'll have to go back and try to smooth that out a bit. Do I need to go higher on his hair?



    The robe really has me worried. I based with Garnet Red, and then darkened the shadowed areas with Maroon Red, though I'd say I need to maybe mix in some Nightmare Black or Walnut Brown to darken it further. But now its time to start highlighting and I'm not sure what to use. My pallet is limited to basically the Bones 1 and 2 KS colors, plus the Bones LTPK. So I'm thinking of highlighting with either Old West Rose, OR mixing something along the lines of Blood Red and Splintered Bone. How "white" do I need to go on red cloth? I'm scared and my Root Beer is dwindling low...



    Gaah...skin and red clothing...on a 100mm "mini"...what was I thinking?!?

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  7. Agreed, beautiful work! I love it!



    Beautiful work that showcases your whimsy.


    Thanks, KruleBear! "Whimsy" sounds SO much nicer that "Nuts", although the latter is probably more accurate.



    Just my opinion, but I think he said "whimsy" cuz if he said "Beautiful work that showcases your nuts." that might be misconstrued...:P

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  8. Here's a little progress. In the end, I went with Soft Blue and Aircraft Gray for the midtone and highlight, respectively.





    I know I need to go higher with the lights, but, frankly, I'm scared. So in the meantime, I did this...thingy...which was awesome amounts of fun with all the eyes--which I've learned to enjoy after doing lots of chibi style stuff such as Arcadia Quest, Bonesylvanians, and Krosmaster. This was just a Blue Flame basecoat all over, followed by washes with GW Purple, Blue, and Green washes





    We now return you to your not-so-regularly scheduled WIP.

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  9. Finally got around to taking a decent pic of the base...sorry, I dont get much more exciting than this for my bases. I've only been painting a year and am trying to stay focused on improving my painting because I've seen what the basing madness can do to people--green stuff, toothpicks, re-purposing little odd fiddly bits, turning sporks into scenery... it aint pretty. I'm sure I'll eventually fall victim, but I'm staying strong for now...



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  10. I'm working on the Wereshark from Bones 2 and would like some feedback. Here's a couple of photos to show the process so far.


    I covered the whole mini with GW Elf Grey. This paint looks great despite being near 20 years old! And then I used Nightsky Blue to block in the upper portion of his body, arms, and legs.



    I was looking forward to painting that gaping maw, so I got busy on it. I washed the whole inside twice with Crimson Red or Spattered Crimson, I honestly don't remember which, being careful to avoid the teeth. I then added shadows with Walnut Brown and highlighted with Gory Red. Once that dried, I slowly added more and more Dirty Bone to the Gory Red and highlighted up to where it is.



    I then did all the teeth and nails with Dirty Bone and slowly added more and more Splintered Bone up to where it is. I also did the fiddly bits on his wrists with various browns and oranges. I then did a few washes with some GW Flesh and GW Chestnut on the wrists.



    After which I did the same Dirty Bone to Splintered Bone method as I had with the teeth, though I didnt go quite as much Splintered as I did for the teeth. That was all last week. Today, I had some more time, so I worked on the sand. I had based with Walnut Brown last week, to which I heavily drybrushed today with Griffon Tan (a great sand color!), followed by a light Dirty Bone drybrush. Once that dried a bit, I washed the base with GW Flesh and GW Brown in a semi-random way, though I kept the Brown focused more under his body while the Flesh was towards the exposed edges. I then washed with Griffon Tan, allowed that to dry and lightly drybrushed more Griffon Tan and Dirty Bone mixed.



    So thats where I am. For the skin, I'm thinking of doing Nightmare Black for Shadows, Denim Blue or Soft Blue for mid and, possibly Aircraft Grey for highlights... you can see where I did some testing on his shoulder.

    Thanks in advance for your comments and feedback!



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  11. Sorry, let me be clearer. I ordered several sets through the KS, intending to sell a few to make a few bucks and help out people who missed the KS. I missed KS1 and paid what I considered a fair mark-up at the time to get it, and I wanted to help others do the same.  I certainly am not gouging anyone as I'm only making about $15-20 plus the bases as profit. So far, people are cool with that tradeoff, as they recognize that I pledged 18 months ago and appreciate the opportunity to get in on a good deal. So, yes, I wanted to keep the bases.

    In the end, we discussed it and agreed that we had both made false assumptions about the deal. He assumed it included bases despite the fact that they were clearly not in either picture, which showed both the box and the minis with no pic of the bases. I assumed that he understood that bases were not part of the deal. We discussed what would be fair, and I could see he really wanted the bases, so he gave me $5 more, I gave him the bases, end of story. But I was curious what other people thought.

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  12. I understand the reason for the separateness. But my thoughts are like this. First, the label on the box says "Kickstarter Core Set." Second, I assume when Reaper sells the extras Core Sets, they will be sold as "Kickstarter Core Sets" in those same boxes and will not include bases. Finally, I specified that the sale was for the box only with no mention of bases, which in hindsight, was a mistake.

  13. I've got a question that might require some mass input. Does the Kickstarter Core Set include the bases or not? Furthermore, does Reaper consider the bases to be part of the Core Set?


    I sold someone an extra Core Set and they are insisting that I give them the bases as well.  I specifically said "Sealed box, as seen in the pic"--which is clear in my mind, but I'd like to be fair to this guy as I imagine he is just a dude like me that loves Reaper minis...

  14. So I was really excited for a lot of the Bones 2 figures, but this is one that I thought would be super fun, yet super easy to paint and cross off my list, so I started with it.

    I began with a pure black base coat. Then I heavily dry brushed some Folk Art Metallic Pure Gold. I then washed with some Green GW Wash and Purple GW Wash. Once those dried, I did another lighter dry brush of the Pure Gold. Last, I mixed a little Dirty Bone into the Gold and got the edges of stuff.



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  15. Wow! What a project, and what a wife!


    For those of us who might possibly attempt such a feat someday, would you mind sharing your best guesstimate as to the total cost of the project and roughly how many man-hours were required? I realize that both of these would likely be ballpark figures and not exact by any means. But it'll help me dream a little more accurately...:D

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  16. Like others have said, I'm sorry you're having a rough time--just remember that it will get better. It's natural for us to feel that difficult things are bad, but don't forget that everything we have ever learned in life used to be difficult for us, from lacing your shoes to reading a book. "It" will get better because you will get better at doing whatever "it" is--and you'll be a better person for doing it as well. 


    As for painting providing some stability, I will chime in on that as well. As the father of four kids and a professor who works twice as many hours as he should, I've got a lot of stress. There are a lot of things that help reduce my stress (playing with my kids being highest on the list), but there is something about picking up a brush at 10pm when the house is quiet that makes it all melt away. I just have to be careful that my quick session doesn't turn into a 3-hour brush-a-thon...

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