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  1. Angorak

    Bones Dinos, who needs em!?!

    I wasn't just speaking to Dino minis in plastic i was speaking to Bones in general. I actually haven't bought any Reaper in over a year and have painted nary a one in as much a time. They just don't fit into the TTG's I play right now.
  2. Angorak

    Bones Dinos, who needs em!?!

    Bones... bendy plastic minis.....bleh. I'll keep my addiction to metal miniatures and when everyone stops producing them I quess I've have to go to rehab cuz I'm not interested. Sorry Reaper...you make some good mini's but if they are made in that plastic then you've lost me.
  3. As much as I like the peeps on Reaper forums I really think that going on more broadly visited sites such as Frothers or CMoN and recounting your experience with the "Evil Empire" would perhaps be to more effect. I plainly won't tolerate poor customer service after I have spent my coin especially from an obvious Cromag CSR. But then again I haven't played any evil empire games since Battlefleet Gothic.
  4. Angorak

    Suggestion: Barsoom-inspired Miniatures

    Nice figures on Tinman..but the thoat isn't anything like I pictured them...tail too short and neck too long,
  5. Angorak

    Suggestion: Barsoom-inspired Miniatures

    There is already a line of mini's out there that are based on ERB's Martian books....green, red martians and also thoats and great white apes. Not sure if there are zitidars or calots though. Not sure if they are licensed though with ERB's estate. Found it...It's Bronze Age Miniatures. The listings are not called what you would think but you can see pics of what would be recognized as being from Barsoom...:)
  6. Angorak

    Liquid Green Stuff

    For me the most useful aspect of LGS is the ability to fill in rough parts of a casting using it and a wet brush. Turns cloaks and robes that would require a fair bit of filing or sanding into smooth surface easily. Vallejo makes a comparable product in thier water-soluble plastic putty.
  7. Angorak

    The Old Republic

    Played in two weekend betas and loved it. For me probably Jedi Sage and Smuggler on one server and Sith Marauder and Bounty Hunter on another. But I'm so afflicted with altiholism that no doubt I'll have at least one of each basic class toon from each faction eventually. i also played SWG and loved it up to the travesty of the CU and NGE.
  8. Angorak

    Dark Sword Thief of Hearts

    Mighty Fine MG..:)
  9. Angorak

    Forgeworld Space Marine/ 2011 GW Games Day

    I love the FW stuff. And a great job painting this SK...go Ultramarines..:)
  10. Angorak

    Recent faction completions

    I've never been a fan of bases that take almost as long as the darn mini to complete for models that are destined for the table top so I keep them simple.
  11. Angorak

    Some Cygnar Minis

    Thanks SK :) I just wish I could get the photo fu right cuz these really don't do my brushwork justice. I'm saving up for a real camera and light box set up so eventually I'l get it right...lol
  12. Angorak

    Recent faction completions

    Again I choose to stay with the normal colors with minor variations. I definately need a better camera and photo setup. These images fail to capture all the shading and highlights.
  13. Angorak

    Goop E-6000 Adhesive

    Correct Haldir. Gorilla Glue contians an additive that is rubberish in nature allowing the bond to absorb a certain amount of stress. I have switched to using it exclusively in recent months.
  14. Angorak

    Some Cygnar Minis

    I decided to go with the normal scheme with minor variations.
  15. Angorak

    Crackle, crackle.

    I would add to this that using an old toothbrush and some dishsoap under some warm water is even better especially on plastic or resin minis. And if you have handled the mini for a time even oil off your fingers can effect things. Doh...slow typing...lol