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  1. That's not a Flail...it's a counter balance...ROFLMAO
  2. Ok..well using the paper that comes with the Masterson Handi Pallette is designed for the heavier bodied artist Acrylics like Grumbacher or Golden brands but will let the paints formulated for minis to bleed thru a bit. Switch to using baking paper(Reynolds or generic) but certainly not the wax paper type. And odd as it may sound putting a couple of pennies under the sponge pad will help prevent mildew.
  3. I refuse to play the premium cost of the overhyped tamiya stuff. Tried it once and must have experienced the bad luck of a defective batch. Duplicolor sandible white all the way. For what you pay for the tamiya you can get twice or three times the primer in Duplicolor.
  4. I only use distilled water if I find myself in an area that has hard water. It can really chalk up glazes. If you dont have hard water then I really dont see a pressing needd to get distilled. The brita filtered should be just fine.
  5. You might check out a rules system called No Quarter...it has a very flexible rules set from what I am told and it's available online in pdf form I think. It also has a fantasy equivalent. I got that backwards...No Quarter is the fantasy...but googling it will prolly lead to the modern/scfi rules which are called No Limits.
  6. http://www.dickblick...ush-box/#photos This one works well for me and it can hold a buttload of brushes. You can double or even triple stack in each slot.
  7. Every mummy I see on the Discovery Channel has a darker gray-brown color than what I think you are trying to hit...just a thought. That's something you might look at is googling mummy. I saw one take from a painter that tended toward more gray-brown and it looked good. I think you're mix would work great on the wrappings though.
  8. Your Legion forces coming along nicely. I just started collecting Legion for my primary Hordes force.
  9. I believe this is an Enigma figure that I did up in Nurglish colors.
  10. This GW Chaos Champion is actually from the Slaneesh faction but I was commissioned to paint it in more Nurglish colors.
  11. VERY NICE indeed. The transitions on the wings are especially nice. I always like what you do with the hair......I hate doing hair..:)
  12. I think my longest stint was about 32 hours straight..had a commission to finish that was urgent and consisted of about 8 models. I don't remember experiencing anything but normal lack of sleep tiredness. The key is to keep your work as close to eye level without having to raise your elbows off your working surface.
  13. Those are some mighty fine paintjobs..
  14. I use the Duplicolor sandable white exclusively. Wouldnt spend money on that highpriced Tamiya....I can get 2 larger cans for the price of one small can...
  15. They are indeed NMM. It was acheived back in a time where I despised NMM...LOL And the photofu isn't the best I have to admit...in person the greys have much more contrast...:)
  16. just what I have posted here and in CMoN.
  17. I did these several years ago. Too bad they are OOP from Illyad as I'd like to give them another crack at it to see what I could improve on.
  18. Nice tutorial Ghool and great job on the Hammersmith.
  19. I find that if my urge to paint has waned then a good movie in the same genre as what I need to do helps to get me back into the mood. And as far as doing the fiddly bits I listen to talk radio...usually late at night when George Norrey is on discussing some ludicrous alien invasion with some nutcase who is convinced he has implants controlling his thoughts...LOL And if it's a forced redo then just strive to do better..that way you get some satisfaction from the mishap.
  20. If ya got the sadism down thats 90% of a successful recipe...LOL
  21. I know for my FLGS the simple truth is that RMS just didn't sell so the store discontinued stocking them and declined to order the expansions as they were released. They did and still do special orders if asked. I do know that in the first release when the bottles had the labels taped on instead of self adhesive labels a lot of people had bad experiences and maybe as they say "first impressions are the most lasting." The most prolific of painters in my locale use either P3 or a mixture of GW, P3 and Vallejo Model Colors so that's what the store stocks.
  22. "You probably haven't checked out the abomination that is 8th Ed WHF... 20-model units are more or less MINIMUM at this point with the focus on epic combats" I fail to understand why THAT makes the new edition of WHFB an "abomination". It is after all a game that features the clash of ARMIES...not little skirmishes. I played each and every edition up to and including 5th. If someone has no desire to collect and paint 20+ mini's for a unit then one doesn't have to play that game with so many others out there that are based on small unit skirmish. Ask any orc and goblin player if they chose the army based on small unit sizes..LOL
  23. That's the key. Since neither Reaper nor GW are the only games in town so to speak both benefit from a healthy gamer population. As far as the mini's go I think both companies have produced some pretty blah stuff and some really fab stuff. I can say that because I don't play either game system while I paint models from both manufacturers. I only have the desire to play one or two mini games and right now it's warmachine and looking at Dystopian Wars(sp).
  24. I think the whites lookin fine but i would maybe add some blue to the shadows. If you think you've taken the shade to far you can always glaze with pure white to soften them.
  25. Simply marvelous Meg....marvelous.
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