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  1. WELL DONE.....I like the skin tone.....shows a hardier species of orc...rather than the paler weakly skinned lesser orcs.... it IS a Bull Orc after all. The NMM is really good to...
  2. Thanks Jabberwocky....:) I did the hat dark to begin with but decided on a lighter gray color to add some more contrast. There is highlighting on the boots it just didnt show up in the photo...we have yet to construct a diffusion box but since I will be posting just about everything I paint in the future my buddy and I will be setting to doing that real soon.
  3. This mini is from Masquerade Miniatures in Germany. He makes a great Van Helsing in my opinion.
  4. Very nicely done....I've always liked the Blue/Purple combination.
  5. Looks like an old Rafm sculpt
  6. Cuz I like red.... ...and it serves to break up the more dark theme without detracting from the overall effect....:)
  7. Hi Warden54.... I am the painter of this figure....thanks for the compliments everyone The dark color of the armor is intentional...it is meant to be Iron so dark was called for.
  8. Believe it or not..after painting minis for some 20+ years and with all types of mediums I stumbled across a post somewhere that sugjested using Future brand floor wax as a retarder/flowaid..it works...
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