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  1. Oh yeah...the Thark takes me back to my ERB days. I dig the Mars series out once in awhile and reread them even as campy as they are. Only thing...where are the tusks?...:) And the long radium rifles.
  2. Actually it's not the moving around that gets me it's the blinking that foils my attempts...LOL
  3. Goodness Gracious...thats an awesome job Meg. The OSL is great.
  4. Interesting take on the flesh..I like it..great job Meg..as usual..:)
  5. Great work...now if I could only get some commissions out of the way so I can work on my own dang Warmachine factions I'd be tickled pink.
  6. Hehe..there is a way to adjust your setting to exclude all or most effects of other players to reduce lag.. I never got into the mission builder but I might seeing as I'm getting the urge to play again maybe after my trial AoC runs out. I see there is a major graphics upgrade coming soon.
  7. I get the urge to go back every now and then. I have several 50's one Robotics Mastermind on the villian side and an Energy/Energy Blaster for the goody twoshoes side...LOL
  8. Excellent work on this. your blemds are wonderful. Best of luck in the competition..:)
  9. One thing that attracts me to Warmachine/Hordes is that you dont have to have much to be able to play unlike that other company from across the pond that releases a new edition every several years that nearly invalidates a good portion of the army you just spent gobs of money on..LOL. With Warmachine one Battle Box and maybe one other unit can quickly fill a starter 15 pt list and your good to go.
  10. Pretty darn good for 3.5 hours each I'd say...
  11. It might be a little dark.I didn't do much with it in Gimp to adjust the light levels and such.
  12. This was a local FLGS contest winner. They run a different theme every month and this one was " A Touch of Gold".
  13. Here he is is all his bloodthirstyness. I used a demi-metallic technique that I will be doing on all my Warmachine factions.
  14. Great job Meg. You're right..in commissions the customer is always right. I'm working on a Khador force for myself and that faction has the bulkiest jacks of any . Got the Butcher of Khardov finished and will post him soon.
  15. I would also maybe look at the Army Painter line of spray paints. I'm pretty sure they would have a color closer to Blood Angels than krylon.
  16. Not keen on the colors myself either..not Dark Elfish enough to me. I was always partial to the dark blue, rich purples scheme. Execution though is great for the time spent.
  17. Keep in mind also that the "dip" can also be brushed on. That gives you a bit more control on the amount applied and really cuts down on the waste.
  18. For me it was the Belgariad and Mallorean series by David Eddings. If I'm in the mood for light reading from the Pulp SciFi era it's The Barsoom series by Edgar Rice Burroughs followed by the Venus series.
  19. I once had to have a set of paint that I bought at Gen Con shipped because the airport authority wouldn't allow it on a commerical flight but that was long ago.
  20. Looks to me like you need to make a diffuser to even out the lighting some. Even with only one light it should help. Looks good though..good brush control and all that..:)
  21. What to shoot for in miniature painting is exaggerated shades and highlights. it never really hurts to take shadows down a few levels and highlights up a few and then go one more. Minis that look great up close may not always look the same at arms length or farther on the tabletop.
  22. Yep..bakers parchment is much more suitable for the hobby paints. The thicker paper provided for the Wet Pallettes is really intended for the thicker bodied artist acrylics.
  23. The GW washes are great on anything..:) If you want a quick shading then they are wonderful, especially on tabletop gaming minis.
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