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  1. More painting time between job interviews...
  2. I'd agree that there is a distinction between the two designations, and that it is often confused. But--does either deserve to be barred from entering a painting competition? Why or why not? I don't think that anyone should be barred, personally. One of the points of debate in these things is often the discussion of a "Novice" category for people who are new or not as skilled yet. I'll tell you that the MMSI Chicago show does provide this in their Open System show--BUT as I recall they only award Certificates for the Novice awards. If you wish to take a medal or a special award, you've got to--hmmm, how did Meg put it?--"bust tail to improve"? --Anne I believe my post was merely to address the designation and not to imply that anyone be barred from competition. I for one love to see a competition that is flooded with entries and I like seeing someone that strives to push their level to improve. You make a valid point kristof65...I've seen it happen at least in my FLGS. Some are discouraged in seeing one person win the majority of the time and simply do not enter and that is sad.
  3. Here's my take on the whole "pro-painter" deal. One does not have to win competitions or awards to be a "pro-painter". Neither is one that happens to sell mini's that they have painted on occasion. What winning competitions does is place a painter into the catagory of "expert". Now that doesn't mean that competing in small FLGS contests against a group of painters that in no way can measure up to the level the Haley's, Jeremie's and Marike's makes you an expert. Now some are both "pro-painter" and "expert" due to the fact that they can both paint to a level that far exceeds other painters and do so to provide a source of consistant income for themselves. While more still are what should be considered "pro-painter" but not "expert" because they can make decent money selling their work. I guess that what it boils down to for me is that I would much rather be known as an "expert" painter( if I could paint to a level that rivals the above mentioned greats) than a "pro-painter". /rant off lol
  4. You seem to be progressing nicely. I have sizeable Cryx and Retribution forces for Warmachine to get stuck into now that I have some time after deciding to paint for myself for awhile. I'm getting a camera soon so I might start doing some WIP's.
  5. Ya ain't seen small till you had to paint some of the old D. Mize Ral Partha Elves. I don't mind Tre's stuff at all. What makes me all twitchy and in need of a vallium is getting ahold of Herr Klocke's stuff with all dem dang little buckles..LOL
  6. You were hit by what is called a "Redirect Trojan" an nasty invasive little thing that can be troublesome to fix. Try grabbing System Mechanic off the internet(it has a 30 free trial) it is a very useful program.
  7. Very nice Meg..:) I really like the departure from the norm that you took with the reds.
  8. Great job Merc.. I enjoy painting Tre's stuff and will as long as he doesn't get all bucklely like Herr Werner..hint hint Tre...lol
  9. Much deserved grats Meg..:) Well done.
  10. Wet Pallettes=Only way to go It only took me several goes with the paper that came with my Masterson's Wet Pallette to switch over to baker's parchment paper.
  11. That's funny because the color scheme that Madzerker drew inspiration from is that of a Blood Elf photo from WoW..:)
  12. Here's another one for Madzerker's prodigious mini appetite.
  13. Great job... The only thing I would have done different would be blue feathers.
  14. I did have to ponder what all those "bobs" were.....:) There was more than one " what the heck is that?" exclamations...lol
  15. A few more for that insatiable mini fiend madzerker... 3 more Red box and an old school GW Nurgle chaos warrior
  16. Here's a couple of Red Box by Tre that I did for Madzerker's generic TT game. There are many more I just don't have the time right now to post...lol
  17. Wonderful skin tones there and nice contrast with the gray bikini..:)
  18. Might help if I actually *attach* the picture... Simply Beeeyoootiful..gotta have it.
  19. If you are using the Masterson type Wet pallette paper Greyhorde has hit on the crux of the problem. The masterson paper is designed for thicker bodied artist acrylics and not miniature type paints. Switch to baker's parchment paper. I used the paper provided with the mastersons wet pallette and was on the verge of tossing the thing out until I stumbled on a post somewhere about the parchment paper.
  20. I've been concentrating on the use of the P3's and so far I am happy with the results. I personally haven't experienced the seperation issue. They are having troubles with the metallics currently so I wouldn't give them a try yet although the ones that I bought are fine and not clumpy. Overall I use the VMC and Reaper Pro(new) along with the recent addition of the P3 line.
  21. It's baffling about those scores Meg..:( CMoN peeps can be a wonky bunch..lol. It doesn't help that people can vote more than once either. maybe us reaper forum folks can spam your scores up..just saying....:) You certainly deserve much higher than what you get. My guess is that some of those ruthless Frother's folks come over and snipe some of the better painters also.
  22. Well...for one thing some darklining would help define the different areas of the mini. And to me the hair is really flat..I would maybe go darker brunette or something. The grays somehow don't fit with the rest...I might change that to leatherish colors.
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