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  1. Great job Stern. i haven't even bothered removing the models from thier sprues and i bought the game on release day....
  2. You could always try sticking out your tongue intstead....lol hehe..I used to have a similar problem but it resolved itself in time as I got more skilled at fine details.
  3. I have the AC powered one and have run it thru the paces on numerous occasions.
  4. Yup, great product. Only thing I ever replace is the rubber strap that holds the paint & I can get replacements through my local mom & pop hobby shop (where I bought the shaker as well) RM (wow, monkey's link goes all the way back to 03, ha ha) I use rubber bands...bought a bag at Walmart several years ago and haven't barely used any of it yet.
  5. Google a shaker made by Robart..I have one and love it. http://www.hobbylinc.com/htm/rob/rob411.htm
  6. I think his statement is a smidgen too general. For example in my locale neither of the stores carry any of the Reaper Paints(shame too cuz I really like the new Pro). One store carries P3, GW and VGC and the other carries GW, VGC and the full VMC.
  7. Great stuff Meg. Glad to see someone not afraid to use the traditional metallics again.
  8. Gesso will "draw up" on the figure so applying it a bit thick is, to a degree, ok. You dont have to make sure it covers completely as a primer is only to give the regular paints something to "grab" onto. Just dont leave bare metal showing.
  9. Yeah...link it.. The only nudity allowed is when Reaper shows it unpainted or in green...makes no sense IMO.
  10. I think I still have some of it somewhere...the beauty of the old fliptop round or hexagonal bottles..LOL
  11. Yeah I agree the base is way over the top and detracts fom the mini's. Overall though some really nice work.
  12. Great job Lyn. I can detect steady improvement...keep it up.
  13. Weedhopper is still a fledgling in the nmm department...lol. I'm still trying to coerce him into using a wet pallet..hehe.
  14. The snow is cast as part of the base and i believe the base is one made by MicroArt Studios. Painted with a combo of a light blue from Foundry and highlighted up with plain ol Americana titanium white.
  15. I can personally vouch for the new ProPaints..I love them. I almost, with the exception of a few GW and VMC colors, use them exclusively.
  16. Boy does that mini take me back...I probably still have a whole slew of those in a box painted with Testor's enamels..LOL
  17. Actually they are precast. Not sure of the company...I think it's in Poland though. Maybe MicroArt Studios
  18. Thanks all for the positive comments. I'm working on a couple mini's I hope y'all will like.
  19. Great job...I'm glad I can inspire someone to finish a mini..:)
  20. I'm really liking this take on a daemonette of Slaneesh.. Wonderful job..:)
  21. Madzerker assembled them and he didnt' mention any difficulty. And yes I will be painting all the Helsvakt for him.
  22. Thanks for the positive comments. Although these are my paint jobs I make Madzerker do the photofu work cuz these are his mini's..lol
  23. I believe Madzerker gets the bases from Warstore. I start with a vivid blue(light) from foundry paints and work it up to pure white with Ceramacoat Titanium white with layering and finally a couple of glazes.
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