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  1. Thank you. I wish happiness for everyone this day!
  2. My roommate's one year old's first 2 syllable word: shiny 
  3. I'm in again. Kansas, USA No international I could start one if you need another.
  4. Can't even tell you how angry I am with my employer right now. It is long past time to get out of there. I don't want to go into details which potentially have multiple interpretations, but the situation makes my finances for the rest of the year difficult. They are not giving me any options and this is already hard enough without financial trouble too. I feel like I have done everything I was supposed to, been careful and am still getting screwed.
  5. This! I usually don't react to flu shots, but this one made for a pretty miserable day after. Just felt off and sore all over. Temp was higher than normal, but not fever high. It helped make this a very long week.
  6. This is quite intriguing. No chance of me doing one every day, but some number, sure.
  7. Singer Helen Reddy has passed. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/30/entertainment/helen-reddy-obit-trnd/index.html She stared in and did Candle on the Water in the original Pete's Dragon. It was a huge part of my childhood and I have loved that song for as long as I can remember.
  8. I have at least one person at work ask every week why we do a particular thing a certain way. My response every time is because we tried your suggestion and it didn't work, here is why.
  9. I own a solid handful of pirate minis. At least one painted. I entered him in the competition at my first ReaperCon. I have the bones ghost ship, and a couple of dinghys. Want the bones 5 ship but not sure it will happen. I have a couple of pirate outfits. A Captain Marvelous non-morphed outfit from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, and enough pieces to out together a couple of european pirate and steampunk pirate costumes. Nope, pirate is not one I can do. I managed a very bad russian accent for a 7th sea game, but other than that, I just cannot pull off accents. Not on purpose
  10. Quite right. I have a terrible habit of mixing up the last names. I know I do it, try to check and still get it wrong. Thank you for pointing it out and correcting me.
  11. NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo. Fast forward and get it over with. I don't want to see what 2020 would throw at us if given another chance. Terry Brooks was, sadly, one of the authors I never got to meet. I love the Sword of Truth books, which were never made into a tv series. Nope, didn't happen.
  12. I dislike the vast majority of BBQ sauce. Too sweet. Good BBQ meat should have enough seasoning and be cooked well enough that none of this sauce nonsense is necessary. Sauce just tries to make up for subpar cooking. Now if you use it as a rub while cooking, that's different, but it should never be used alone. You need some salt and spices in there too. Maybe a little liquid smoke or vinegar or worstershire.
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