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  1. There is not enough caffeine for this morning. Not enough sleep last night. No nap yesterday due to jackhammer. Didn't get to bed until 1:30 am, and had to be at work at 5 am. There is no caffeinated soda, cans are out and the soda gun has no CO2. I am not patient enough to wait for tea to brew, so I am stuck with coffee. I don't like coffee, but with enough sugar and flavored creamer it is drinkable. And I have to run game after I get off. At least there is plentiful MTN dew for that. Only then will there be sweet, sweet sleep.
  2. Keianna

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    My new (basement) apartment has a large population of cave crickets. They are silent, don't carry disease, don't bite, eat spiders and look like something that crawled out of an old B movie. I don't mind the crickets. I do mind the spiders. There aren't many, but the ones that are there are large enough to survive the crickets. They get squashed with extreme prejudice.
  3. Keianna

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I have 2 right now. My translucent rainbow layered and the 'flourite' layered (not gemstone, plastic, but the colors resemble the stone and I don't have to worry about chipping them). They are both from Tabletop Loot who are only a couple of hours away from me. And apparently are having a sale this weekend. Uh oh...
  4. Keianna

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Opal, blue goldstone, spectral hematite, quartz points with interesting inclusions, Jade, bizmuth crystals, geodes... Too tired to think of more right now.
  5. I learned early as this was my mother. Though it did result in her buying me my own scissors.
  6. So, you folks with an instant pot: I heard that you can make rice in one. Is it good for this purpose? I need a rice cooker and am trying to decide if I should just buy a nice rice cooker or spend just a bit more for an instant pot. We already have many crock pots.
  7. Keianna

    Reaper Advent Calendar!

    I was going to do this last year and never got around to it. If I make it now, I might forget what I put in it by December.
  8. Keianna

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Our director of operations asked me to hack the wifi in one of our buildings because he "didn't have" the password (he lost it). This was in front of our CEO.
  9. I wish I had this problem. Good tomatoes have been few and far between this year.
  10. Keianna

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Yes. Seriously, that sounds like a perfect day. Start with the science museum, then art, finish with history. Then top it off with a dinner at a fantastic restaurant and I am in heaven.
  11. Keianna

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Sunny, breezy and 53 F. In a word: perfect.
  12. Keianna


    I need to do more art in general and want to draw in specific, so I'm in too. I might use my reckless decks and story cubes for inspiration.
  13. I am out at Grandma's house for Grandpa's funeral. I didn't know I had so many aunt's, uncles, cousins, and step all of those. Nice, but too many people all at once. Am so very ready to go home. We are probably heading that way today.
  14. Keianna

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Eh? Busy. Good: moved out of the old, buggy apartment. Bad: still don't have a new apartment (should be resolved when I get home from Grandma's). Good: ReaperCon was awesome! Yeah, that's about it.
  15. Keianna

    Getting to Know You -- Sept 2019

    Not a clinical research study, but an academic research study, I have. It was a survey studying how people learn. My step mother was working with a colleague who was doing the study while step mom was writing her second book about mixed methodology in teaching.