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  1. Back at home, tired and safe. Now if someone would tell the cat to quit with the acrobatics that end with him sitting on the bag of new minis! There is resin in there!!! 🤬🥰
  2. And arrived! Made good time and for the most part it was smooth sailing.
  3. Finally headed out. Little later than planned, but stuck around for some very welcome and overdue news. My roommate has a job!
  4. I would love to join you. I enjoy the smell of cigar smoke, but have never been willing to try smoking myself due to the possibility of finding a new asthma trigger. Being around it is fine though.
  5. A missile toad. Some form of an anthropomorphic toad with a missile launcher.
  6. Keianna

    Home Safe

    We got home safe about 7:30 pm local time. I showed off my loots to my family, then crashed.
  7. Yes. Entries are not done, I'm not packed and I have a full work week plus overtime before leaving. Had not realized how stressed I was until my brain decided to hyperfocus on doom scrolling YouTube last night (something I do to hardcore chill). So, I am taking a step back, entries will get done if they get done. I am going to get as much packing as I can done today so I can panic paint without also worrying about having underwear. Also, am currently revisiting the pieces I completed earlier this year rather than trying to finish something new.
  8. If you are at the hotel, and you are still going when we get there, I would love to hop in. It will be late probably after midnight. My roommate might join too. Thanks for running this!
  9. I am excited to be back as well! To see everybody and do all the things!! Missing last year was rough, but it was the first week of my new job, so not really much choice. Now, the job is going well and I am finding a new normal amid the chaos that is life. The convention that usually kicks off convention season and summer, both was later and at the same time as a con that I had already planned to go to. So, this ReaperCon will be the first 'real' con for me in about 3 years. I am so excited to get all the creative ideas flowing and find some of the excitement that was lost during lockdown.
  10. So, I didn't see a room share thread this year. Mods, feel free to pop this out if you think it needs its own. My friend and I are looking for a roommate for the con. Her husband was going to go with us, but had to back out due to work. We have a 2 queen room at the embassy suites for Wednesday through Saturday nights. PM me if you are interested.
  11. I'm in. Forum name and pic are fine. Will be there Thursday through Sunday.
  12. I may have found it. Search 'Good Guys n Bad Guys' by Cadaco. I did not immediately find a noncommercial link.
  13. Remember that hotels are struggling right now too and in many ways are offering fewer discounts and fewer perks. It is fortunate that Reaper was able to negotiate as much of a discount as they did. I managed to book my room and am super stoked to return to con in person! Now, if only September wasn't quite so far away.
  14. Thank you. I wish happiness for everyone this day!
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