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  1. At work, anything that common sense should have taken care of Now that I think about it, I suppose this means I am approachable and patient. No matter how many times I get asked where something is, do we have X, is this mine, etc., I answer with some degree of courtesy. It might also have something to do with the fact that when asked a question that I have no reason to know the answer to, I do anyway about half the time. At least the boss who asked me to 'fix the computer' every time he hit the insert key by accident has moved on to be someone else's problem.
  2. http://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/58742 So cool that this stuff just exists beneath our feet. Some great ideas for tile floor basing patterns.
  3. Moving mask talk over here. If you use pipe cleaners that are made for cleaning pipes, not the craft store ones, my roommate claims they hold up under an autoclave. Haven't tested that part yet, but they have held up perfectly for the multiple washings I put my masks through. I have to wear them every day to work and I only have about a week supply, so they get washed often.
  4. Several things from culinary school come to mind. Raw oysters for one. The other is a combination of melted duck fat and white chocolate. Not as gross as you might think, but not good and a tragic waste of duck fat. They look the same when cold so that was a great lesson on why you should label every thing, every time. Oh and squab (pidgeon). Tastes like liver, which I also do not care for.
  5. Things have continued to be quiet locally. We had a large, peaceful, successful protest Sunday night, with police helping direct traffic around streets with protesters and handing out bottled water in front of the police station. This week is actually better for me than last, so far. Actually talking to people about what is going on helped more than I expected. Talked to a co-worker for a while, which was very good, even though we have very different opinions about some things.
  6. Fine here. The trouble makers tend to head over to one of the bigger cities.
  7. Not seeing my friends. Not getting to hug the one who moved away a couple of weeks ago. My roommates not working for 2 months right after getting fired/being on maternity leave for 2 months prior to that. Trying to order food for the kitchen I work in
  8. Warm Cobbler with vanilla icecream, especially peach or strawberry rhubarb
  9. I love Dragon's Milk. Everything I have had by them is amazing.
  10. My cats would prefer that I never left bed. I give nice pets and it's someone else's job to feed them.
  11. Funny enough, it was the Halloween that I wore this cheesy zombie mask when answering the door for trick-or-treaters. Got several to scream and run away. They needed coaxing to get their candy by their very amused parents.
  12. People tend to be surprised at how much I like cute girly stuff. I tend to give off a cool vibe rather than a cute one. I don't wear pink, or dresses, or makeup (unless it's for cosplay) so people think of me more like a tough tomboy, but I have been known to squee over shiny stickers.
  13. Update: 1st package from Singapore arrived 8 weeks after shipping and 4 weeks after tracking said 'processed through the facility' in Chicago. Hopefully everything else shows up eventually and is just taking its sweet time.
  14. One of my co-workers had a heart attack and died this weekend. It was not entirely surprising, he had some known health issues, but unexpected and sudden. He was about my age. He was a good guy and will be missed.
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