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  1. I am in for this one. I have backed every project of theirs since the Original LOAD Kickstarter and am very pleased with what I have received. The quality of the minis is much higher than most of the other Kickstarter games I have backed. And on top of that their communication is great every step of the way.
  2. I really like the Minotaur, Not the typical savage. I may need to get in on this one.
  3. I have loved the Minis I have received from Archon in the past. To answer your question Maledrakh about material they wrote this in the kickstarter comments. Archon Studio and 3D GeekSaw Creator about 8 hours ago @Maledrakh We should be more clear about it in first place - sorry. We are not using pure resin, same "other material" we used for LOAD, but it has similar properties to HIPS.
  4. Additional Female Orcs and Half Orcs Also both male and female Dragonborn of all the different classes
  5. I have backed two previous Kickstarters with StoneHaven and love the quality of the miniatures I just hope they start unlocking more miniatures because so far I am not ready to pull the trigger on this kickstarter just yet.
  6. I received my CONQUEROR pledge months ago with everything included. Its disappointing to hear that so many others have not.
  7. I received my bases a few days ago and notice that some of the larger ones didn't quite sit flat. Does anyone know if the boiling water trick used to fix bones minis works on bases?
  8. I only picked up a few of the Epic sculpts I thought would be fun to paint like the Vashara Epic sculpt.
  9. I backed the original Kickstarter and absolutely love the miniatures but have not even looked at the game rules.
  10. I received my Warrior Demon and was a bit disappointed by the size of the resin "tag" on the butt that needs to be removed. I have done very little with resin but I would have thought they could make it smaller like the others or at least place it some place else. The model is great just worry about my own skill to clean it up.
  11. Has anyone purchased Might & Magic Showdown (Early Access) video game on Steam? The write up says "Might & Magic® SHOWDOWN is a tactical PvP arena combat experience where you command a team of customisable miniature heroes and creatures to overcome your opponent by mixing strategic planning and real-time action in quick, bite-sized sessions." The video makes it look like you can customize miniatures by painting them different colors. I was thinking it could be useful just to see what kind of color schemes work well together. http://store.steampowered.com/app/517070/
  12. I am trying to find official logos of each of the factions in CAV: Strike Operations but I am not having any luck. Does anyone know were I could find them?
  13. Has anyone received the "All IN ADD ON PACKS"? I received my wave2 box but it didn't have the add on packs and the last MERCS update implied that shipping was done for the US. Should I be worried?
  14. I am rather new to the miniature painting hobby and this is my first work in progress post but I am having a few issues with this miniature and was looking for some input. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make the eye's pop a little more. The figure has such tiny eyes I was wondering if maybe doing some kind of shading around the eyes would help. (What color that would be is anyone's guess.) In addition I do not like how the wash turned out it seems to have pooled badly in a few places. Should I go back over it with the original color and try the wash again? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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