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  1. I cannot allow this. The paint rack I built only holds 276 paint bottles and I've already filled it!!!
  2. Got my second rock of the year; last year I didn't get any. Oh well, in my other order I got a FREE copy of Edition Wars for ordering the first DVD of the month. Thanks Reaper!
  3. Any word on the con paint color? Will it be the same one as last year?
  4. This is sad. I can't find any of my gaming friends who want to make the drive up to Denton with me.
  5. I was so excited when I opened my box and saw TWO boxes of my favorite Dots candy. Then I saw my rock.
  6. Last year was my first time so I'll have a better idea of what I'm doing this time around
  7. Well the good thing about getting sick is that I get to stay home and paint!!!!
  8. MarkA

    Home Safe

    Made it home.......with the crud
  9. Looks like I brought the crud home too, heading to the doctor tomorrow @ 10:30
  10. Not sure if this is any better. Sorry the uploader keeps flipping it.
  11. A Bones III expansion should include a divorce attorney because if I keep spending money on mini Kickstarters I'm gonna need one!!!
  12. Okay hoppin' in the car. See y'all in a little while.
  13. So I can wear my Princess Leia slave costume?!! Ah, yeah!!
  14. This is Texas - If you don't like the weather, stick around for 20 min.
  15. Now I'm getting nauseous. Hope it's just nerves, since it's my first con, and not anything that will make me hurl during the drive tomorrow.
  16. Suitcase packed. Filled up the gas tank. Washed the car and tires rotated and balanced. Since I just got a great deal on 21 year old Glenfiddich single malt, guess that will be coming with. Now to finish paining.
  17. Well I have two past due psy evaluation on my desk that need to be completed and 4 minis that need a little work. I guess we all know which project will get done today.
  18. Still need to wash the car and get the tires rotated before tomorrow. Going to be an interesting drive after that weather front.
  19. In a 3 year span I survived Rita, Humberto, Edwardo, Gustav, and Ike.
  20. Had to pressure wash the driveway. Epic painting failure today.
  21. Oh yea, no question about that. Absolutely.
  22. If it does dry out, does that mean 6 more weeks until Reapercon?
  23. Humm, I'd better get painting and go shopping for a bottle of single malt
  24. Never finished more than 1, and maybe not even 1 start to finish. I'm way to ADD. I did actually finish 12 on the same day but I only had to do touch up and sealer.
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