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  1. Ok, this is all awesome.


    But something is driving me crazy. There's a largish succubus-like figure on a scenic base with a stone gothic arch near the frost giants, and none of the photos I've seen have had a good, in-focus, image of that piece. And I want to know!

    Not sure if this is any better.  Sorry the uploader keeps flipping it.



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    Wear what you are comfortable in, especially when meeting new people. If wearing a dress will make you feel confident and relaxed, then wear it. If jeans and a T are your bag, then go for it. If you want to dress as princess Zondonia from the 14th Cluster, I can dig it.


    So I can wear my Princess Leia slave costume?!!


    Ah, yeah!!

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  3. And all lies.  This is Texas and we never believe what they say is going to happen until it happens.  


    Seeing that though is making me hope the AC repair guys get here early Friday and have the new AC in so my wife and child will be a bit more comfortable than I.  Nearly a month of no AC but lucky for us only 3-4 days of temps in the 80s.


    This is Texas - If you don't like the weather, stick around for 20 min.

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  4. For opening ceremonies we can have a paint brush dipped in paint that must be carried from the heart of reaper to the convention site without the paint drying out.  Then the brush bearer will run in and place the first brush stroke on the ceremonial Sophie miniatures to signal the start of the con.  At the end the brush will be returned to the heart of reaper when it will wait until next year.  It must never touch the ground or dry out.


    Maybe I am over thinking this....

    If it does dry out, does that mean 6 more weeks until Reapercon?

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