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  1. Farm Boss

    A song of Ice and Fire - July

    I'm really excited about this one. I've done a bunch of digging into the rules and the game looks interesting with a lot of potential for depth.
  2. Hey Guys, Been a while since I've been here, but I just wanted to share some minis I've been painting. These were all for friends, haven't finished basing a couple of them. I screwed up the eyes on Woody, but have since fixed them. I'm most proud of Seltyiel because it's the most detailed mini I've ever attempted. Apologies for the potato quality pictures from my phone! 02769: Woody, Halfling Ranger 02909: Nienna, Elf Ranger 03717: Thain Grimthorn, Dwarf Cleric 60032: Seltyiel Iconic Eldritch Knight I'm finding blending to still be the most difficult thing for me. Even when I do a bunch of thinned washes I never know whether to wait for things to be completely dry or to try and do it when the old coat is still a bit wet. Making smooth gradients is still really tough as I'm trying to move away from "base coat, wash, dry brush" and instead try Dark to Light. Thanks reaper friends!
  3. Farm Boss

    Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion

    Reaper isn't given your backer information until the Kickstarter is over, so everyone is Wave 10 until then. You'll get adjusted once Reaper gets your monies. You are a gentleman and a scholar and I thank you.
  4. Farm Boss

    Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion

    Alright gang, I've done all I can do. Just raised my pledge from $100-$200, and that's my maximum. Just a quick question. I backed with Wave 2 shipping on Kickstarter, but on the pledge manager it says Wave 10 shipping. Did I do something wrong, or will that all get corrected once Kickstarter sends all the data to Reaper? Thanks!
  5. Farm Boss

    Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion

    Wait....is Sir Forescale included in expansion 3?!
  6. Farm Boss

    Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion

    Loving the sculpts for Heroes II, but I may have to pass on the Mythos expansion.
  7. Farm Boss

    77090: Mason Thornwarden - First Mini in Over a Year

    Thanks for all the advice guys. Really appreciate it.
  8. Hey Gang! So I started painting over a year ago, but only managed two completions before life got in the way. After a while I decided to give it another try. I'm very pleased with this result. I could probably use more highlights, but it looks great for tabletop use. The face gave me major issues because I still don't know how to do them properly, but hey I tried right? The water was done with a hot glue gun. Wasn't originally supposed to be water, but I liked the way it looked. Any advice on what I should use to keep the paint from rubbing off when handling it? A sealer of some sort? Thanks! As always CC is appreciated. I'm still super new at this.
  9. Hey gang, So while I was perusing Kickstarter I stumbled upon this fun little film project called Dice. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1690501938/dice-a-short-film?ref=dash Looking through the photos it seems as though their using Bones minis in the project, and they've already far surpassed their goal. I love RPG movies and shorts so I thought it was worth a share,especially that this involves a murder mystery and a dead orc. Some of the reward tiers are a little extreme, I mean 250 dollars for a painted Miniature O.o, but overall I think it shows promise.
  10. Farm Boss

    77068: Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard

    I'm using Vallejo model right now, and just using water when I need to thin them. Should I be using something else?
  11. Farm Boss

    77068: Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard

    Hey gang, Just completed my second ever mini. I tried to glaze the side of the hood to get a "reflection" from the glowing staff and only was semi successful. I've found that hands and skin are pretty tough, as well as getting my paint to look "smooth" and not so crusty. But I'm happy with it overall. CC is encouraged!
  12. Farm Boss

    First Ever Painted Miniature

    Hey everyone, So as you know I'm pretty new to the forums, and new to painting in general. So I'm here to share my first ever one. I decided to do a skeleton...because that's what people told me beginners should start with. I'm not totally an artsy guy, but I tried my best. CC is encouraged. The base needs some work too. Thanks.
  13. Farm Boss

    A noob seeks progress

    I'm in the same boat as you trying to paint my first minis. These look like a solid start to me.
  14. Farm Boss

    DSMiles' Consolidated Show Off Thread

    What do you use for a lot of your basing?
  15. I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to late pledge.