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  1. I finally got around to painting up the L2PK1 that I've had for years...old enough that it came with the older Pro Paint in the pots! Anyway, here they are, forgive the quality from my cell phone camera. All in all I'm pleased with them, my first mini's painted in over 20 years.
  2. I'm about 20 miles north east of Lansing, or approx 90 miles from k-zoo. Not really close, but close enough to mention
  3. I'm almost always near broke. Being an Enchanter means all the greens/blues I get I disenchant for materials instead selling, so there's a lot of money I miss out on. I'm starting to make up for it with my Tailoring though, as I'm getting to the sill level where people are buying some stuff from the AH. Sold one robe yesterday for 1.5g. I'm 34th level and usually have less than 3g on me at any time. No regrets though, I knew it would be challenging :)
  4. Hey there, My main is currently a level 31 Undead Warlock Tailor/Enchanter on Tichondrious, as well as a 10 Tauren Shaman Herbalist/Alchemist, 9 Orc Warrior Miner/Skinner, & 12 Troll Rogue Skinner. Also have a 9th level Dwarf Paladin Miner/Blacksmith on Garona, as well as a 5th level Human Priest, and a 3rd level Night Elf Hunter. PLUS, a level 12 Tuaren Duid Herbalist/Alchemist on Sargeris. Hey, gotta do somethin when your main server is down for loooong stretches of time. And I can't get this game out of my head. Even got two of my buddies to switch over from EQ2 Cheers!
  5. Yep, find a friend who bought the Collector's Edition and borrow the Friend's Free Trial CD's and Key. A word of warning however, if you have any trouble handling addiction of any kind you may want to stear clear of this one. I have been playing on a friend's Collector's Ed Free Trial....and yeah....I told myself it would end after the free trial cause I didn't want the monthly expense and I didn't have the time to play it enough to make the monthly cost worth it. Let's just say everything I told myself about not getting sucked into this game went out the window the first night I installed it and made my first character......... I'm now a WoW junkie.......... The game is great fun. There are a gazilion quests to do, lots of monsters to slay, two different factions (alliance and horde), about 8-10 different classes, 8 different races, Trade Skills (Primary & Secondary), the emotes are hilarious (the Orcs have the best dance moves EVER), and the list goes on. I've been pretty much sticking to the Horde, and playing an Undead Warlock. The undead are a lot of fun, and there's a lot of subtle humor throughout the game. That's about all I can come up with for now, I'm itching to finish a couple of quests and very soon I'll be able to summon a Succubus to do my bidding....I think I'll try to name her Sophie!
  6. I too had a tough time getting through the download/intsall process. Before even downloading I created my beta account though, so I thought i was all set. Finally got WoW installed, even logged in, then it patched. Once fully patched the stupid game was not recognizing my userid. Checked the official site and they had an announcement that they had received enough testers and had shut down new account creation. Now I'm peeved, as I had created my account a few days before this announcement but was having trouble with the download and install. Don't think there's anything I can do at this point though unless they open up more beta spots.
  7. Oh boy where to start... *Contstantly picking at my face/beard/mustache/goatee/eyebrows. Yes I tug at my eyebrows and then inspect to see if I've pulled any out... why? I don't know... *Procrastination. I was going to put off replying to this thread until I got home, then I was probably going to procrastinate some more. ;) *Perfectionist. Drives my family crazy, especially when we're doing home improvement stuff. I put in a patio this summer and I'm lucky anyone stuck around to help me at times....which brings me to my next one: *Terrible about asking for help, or even accepting help when its offered. For some reason (perfectionism perhaps? hmmm?) I feel that I can and should "do it myself". *I can be dead wrong on a topic, but for some reason I will argue all day that I'm right. *Rules lawyer, I'm sorry, but I am... Guess the list could go on and on. I think I'll finish it up later, then touch it up until its perfect.
  8. I typically go for RPG's and FPS titles, so I'm no hardcore RTS fan, and not even a Warhammer table top player. However, I've been hooked on Dawn of War since getting it last weekend. Can't help but sit down, beat back wave after wave of assault, while building up my forces to go stomp the enemy. I'm on mission 7 of the campaign, and although its pretty similar to other RTS games I've played I really like how this game plays out. I'm a little disappointed that the campaign is only 11 missions, however, I'm hopeful they'll be releasing some expansions in the near future. Haven't read about many mods so can't comment on that. I give this game 3 thumbs up!
  9. This just popped up on Slashdot. For anyone that uses googles gmail: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/10/29/gmail_vuln/ Darn those hackers! I know, I know, gmail is still in beta... But I know a few people that have started using it as their primary email already. SB
  10. That is some great looking NMM gold. What did you use for the base?
  11. Hey cool. I was curious about this one anyway, but didn't want to shell out $40-50 on it to try it out. I'll get the download goin tonight and hopefully will see some of you sometime this weekend on there.
  12. I, for one, welcome our new Mutant Zombie Dog Overlords.
  13. Forgot to mention previously, that in addition to the "Check 21" that was passed, companies that deposit your checks (Wal-Mart for example) have the ability to send just the electronic information from those little numbers at the bottom of your check (MICR information). They have had the ability to do this for a few years now. Basically they run your check through a reader, which picks up your bank account info from your check, and they input the amount of your check. At one time, the customer would have to authorize this. However, that's not the case any longer. Last I knew, the customer just had to be notified their check was going to clear electronically. But the customer is supposed to have the ability to say "no" and force the merchant to clear the check the old fashioned way. This info gets transmitted electronically through the FED and out to our bank accounts. This means that, once again, check float may become an issue for some people. Check 21 simply allows banks to accept an image of your check for clearing, rather than the original check itself. There are a few more details but I won't bore you any longer.... SB
  14. Basically this means that companies get your money one to two days quicker. Not everyone will be effected by this, because it is pretty much up to the bank if they want to do it. For example, small credit unions out in the sticks probably would use the old fashioned method rather than spending a pile of money on high tech imaging and/or printing equipment. However, banks/CU's could contract with someone to do this for them. Is this a good thing for the average person? Maybe, maybe not... It all depends if banks and corporations (basically people that are cashing your checks) pass the savings on to the consumer. Will that happen? Who am I kidding, of course not. As an employee for a large company that deposits a multitude of checks daily, its a good thing for the company but we are expecting a spike in bounced checks also. I write so few checks myself its of no concern... but I know a lot of people like to play the mail & check float game...
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