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  1. Send me your info, I can still work you in.
  2. Assignments have gone out. Please remember to acknowledge that you received it by June 20th.
  3. Hi everyone! If you have not seen it yet, signups for the Summer Exchange have started. Deadline is the 30th. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/95623-2021-summer-exchange/
  4. Welcome to the 2021 Summer Miniature Exchange! This is the thread where I'll post announcements, and you can post questions, let people know that packages have be mailed or received, or just talk, get suggestions, and show off the awesome mini that your partner sent you. If you've never done an exchange before, how it works is like this: Everyone who is interested PMs me with the questionnaire below filled out (please don't just send an old one, as the questions may have changed). I then match you with a person whom you will paint a mini for, and a second person whom y
  5. I am planning on starting sign-ups for this year’s summer exchange sometime next week.
  6. Model Display Products sells basing kits by Basecrafts. They have a variety of materials like flock and resin bits centered around a theme like forest or battlefield.
  7. I received my package of goodies from Pochi today. Some yummy treats and fae type minis for my next D&D campaign. She did a fantastic job on the painted minis.
  8. These are fantastic. I love the Borderlands style you did on them.
  9. Very nice. The alien goo and candlelight on the top of the wings is a nice pop of color in addition to the blue.
  10. Thanks! She is a great mini, one of my favorites that they have released recently. I will probably get a second one to try one of my other ideas.
  11. Recently finished this lovely mini from Dark Sword. Toyed with a few ideas but the winter theme ended up being the one that stuck. I wish I had had more time to spend on it but I am happy with how she turned out.
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