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  1. SGHawkins09

    2793 Arianna, fairy princess

    Lovely job. I like the combo of pink and yellow and the wings look great.
  2. SGHawkins09

    Stonehaven Dwarves Vol. 2

    Mine arrived on Friday or Saturday but I couldn’t get to the mail until today. I am happy with my choices but I love my mystery mini. Pics in spoiler . . .
  3. SGHawkins09

    Dungeon Dwellers Diorama

    This is a great idea and I can’t wait to see what you do with it.
  4. SGHawkins09

    Kobold Press- Deep Magic for D&D 5E

    I love my Tome Of Beasts and Creature Codex so this was an easy decision to back.
  5. SGHawkins09

    Happy Birthday Kuro Cleanbrush

    Happy Birthday!!!
  6. SGHawkins09

    ReaperCon 2019 Entries (just a couple)

    Great job! I love the assassin and what you did with her face, it’s a unique take on her.
  7. SGHawkins09

    03891: Chaos Toad Sorcerer

    Thank you! Thanks! The eyes were a challenge as I have mostly done human eye ps up to this point and toad eyes have a lot of detail that would be difficult to do at this scale. I am glad you like the jewel as the color was a gamble. I didn’t want to bring in another color and I wanted to use the red on something else, not just the cloth. Even while painting it I wasn’t sure it would work until I painted on the reflection dot. Finished, I love it and it may be the best jewel that I have done.
  8. SGHawkins09

    03891: Chaos Toad Sorcerer

    Thank you!
  9. SGHawkins09

    “Run!” Dark Sword Diorama

    Thanks! Thank you! The composition was something I really wanted to nail with this one. It was tricky but I am happy with the final result.
  10. SGHawkins09

    03891: Chaos Toad Sorcerer

    Thank you! Thanks! The orb was a fun paint and I had a few lava bomb pictures fore reference. Thanks! I really like dark-lining, it sort of soothing to me. Doing his scars though tested my patience. If you look closely the lining of the scars is rough but that was intended to give the scars a bit of texture. Thanks! Yeah, I love all the details that Izzy Included in the design and that Andy sculpted. It really gave it some character. I usually am not drawn to monster figures but this one got me hooked.
  11. SGHawkins09


    I may give it a go this year, I don’t really do 2d art but I want to. I think this would be a good motivator and a good way to start. If anyone is interested, Stephanie Law posted another alternate list built around endangered species.
  12. SGHawkins09

    Vilthiss Snakeman Champion by Glitterwolf

    Very cool figure and paint job. I like the vibrancy of the green.
  13. SGHawkins09

    03891: Chaos Toad Sorcerer

    This chaos toad was another one of my ReaperCon entries, this time in the Painter's category. As I had multiple entries in the category, only one was judged and this was not the one chosen. Even though it was not the one judged, it is one of my favorites that I have painted recently. It is a fantastic sculpt by @TaleSpinner with fun details like the shrunken head and turtle shell canteen.