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  1. Box has been sent off and I finally remember to take a shot of what I grabbed.
  2. Rob Dean box have been sent off to Horned Turtle.
  3. Haven’t had a chance to yet. Moved them to my desk where the good light is, so hopefully I will remember tomorrow.
  4. Left the box at home so I won't be able to get it out until Friday.
  5. SGHawkins09

    Raptor Pack speedpaints (Bones 4)

    Nice job on these. I like the color combo you used.
  6. SGHawkins09

    Happy Birthday Jasonator

    Happy Birthday!!!
  7. SGHawkins09

    Black Sailors: Legends of the Jade Sea

    My pledge and add-ons arrived today.
  8. I received the box on Saturday and it is packed full of goodies. Went through it and made my selections. Got more than I thought I would but I did not have a chance to take a photo. Will do so tomorrow as I am at work then D&D all day and I should have it sent off to the next person on Wednesday.
  9. SGHawkins09

    GW Stormcast Stardrake

    Fantastic! I love how you did the scales and how you brought the teal from the armor onto the drake.
  10. Box has been received.
  11. SGHawkins09

    Happy Birthday Mocha

    Happy Birthday!!!
  12. SGHawkins09

    Night Setting

    For my OSL Mousling I stepped my colors down from what I usually use. So my shadows were pure black, my normal shadow tone became my mid tone, and my mid tone became my highlight. I also mixed a bit of blue grey, I think, to my mid tone for an extreme highlight to simulate moon light. I also kept my mid tone and highlight areas small to keep everything mostly dark. For basing I mixed everything with a little bit of black or the blue grey to desaturate it and keep it dark.
  13. SGHawkins09

    Happy Birthday haldir!

    Happy Birthday!
  14. Just ordered the first release miniature from Righteous Steel Miniatures, the Witch Hunter. RSM is Ian Markon's ( @Kuro Cleanbrush ) new line of miniatures.
  15. SGHawkins09

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    Screen name is my XBox gamer tag and is what I use for things like this. It is made up of various things that came to mind when having to create one. The SG is my favorite TV show: Stargate. The Hawkins is my favorite book character at the time: Tarrant Hawkins, the main character of Michael Stackpole’s Dark Glory War and it’s sequel trilogy. The 09 is the year I created it, 2009, as well as the year I graduated from college. Since the XBox was a graduation present it seemed fitting although I probably would drop the 09 if I could redo it. Avatar changes but is usually my favorite, recently finished miniature.