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  1. I kind of got a room. Had to do Thur - Sun at the con rate and then book Wed separately at the normal rate which was only about $30/40 more than the con rate.
  2. Sure. First thing would be making the SS thread that has the rules and where people can post when they send and receive their gifts. I usually copy the previous year and adjust the dates. Deadlines would be up to you, usually a couple of weeks for signups, a mid point for participants to acknowledge their assignment, and then usually the end of January for the final deadline. Mainly what you do is collecting the sign ups, partnering people up, keeping track of everyone’s progress, and trying to get updates from participants who stopped communicating. Also if someone fails to send something out, you would need to get something else out to their recipient either by getting a volunteer or doing it yourself. It’s usually goes pretty smoothly and isn’t that time consuming, I just have a lot of other things going on. Yes, you definitely are able to participate! I would usually choose who I paint for and who is painting for me randomly.
  3. Hello everyone, I have some bad news. Due to life stuff, mainly a new job, I am not going to be able to run Secret Sophie this year as I do not think I will be able to give it the attention it deserves. If someone else would like to give it a go, send me a PM and we can chat about it.
  4. They look great! I like the purple skin tone and blue hair.
  5. I like the concept of it, it’s interesting. I would recommend putting on some dirt, sand, texture paste, or something like that to blend the figure bases into the diorama base if you have the materials and time.
  6. I am in! You can use my forum name and picture and I will be there Wed - Mon.
  7. You can order the mini separately in the swag portion of the site.
  8. Those are fantastic bases. I really like the lighting on the first set.
  9. Fantastic job, I love the combination of the colors you used.
  10. We have one week left before the deadline. If you haven’t shipped yet, please send me a PM with an update on your progress. Thanks everyone!
  11. I received my package today from SamuraiJack. He sent me a nice variety of minis, a big nutcracker full of chocolate, and nicely painted minis. I can’t wait to use the ooze in a game.
  12. Assignments have been sent out. If you did not receive one, please let me know ASAP.
  13. I will be starting working on assignments shortly so keep an eye out for a reply later today to your questionnaire message with your recipient's email. Please make sure to reply to it and/or post here acknowledging that you have read/received it.
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