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  1. Model Display Products sells basing kits by Basecrafts. They have a variety of materials like flock and resin bits centered around a theme like forest or battlefield.
  2. I received my package of goodies from Pochi today. Some yummy treats and fae type minis for my next D&D campaign. She did a fantastic job on the painted minis.
  3. These are fantastic. I love the Borderlands style you did on them.
  4. Very nice. The alien goo and candlelight on the top of the wings is a nice pop of color in addition to the blue.
  5. Thanks! She is a great mini, one of my favorites that they have released recently. I will probably get a second one to try one of my other ideas.
  6. Recently finished this lovely mini from Dark Sword. Toyed with a few ideas but the winter theme ended up being the one that stuck. I wish I had had more time to spend on it but I am happy with how she turned out.
  7. Based on my experience, it sounds like the system doesn't know what you had in store previously so it assuming 0 inventory and is trying to replenish your "safety stock" plus sales coverage. When we start new stores on our system we have them manually order for a few weeks while it builds up a scan sales history and then they have to do an inventory before going live. I would not be surprised if you end up with an extremely small load in the next few days as the system tries to compensate for the large load. Unbalanced loads like that are a headache for everyone I found but with everything going automated, very few people question it if it is even noticed.
  8. Yikes. I manage an automated ordering system and a large load increase like that should have sent out a red flag at some point. Sounds like someone didn't do something right in starting you on the system.
  9. We have had a couple new signups for the second round and a couple first rounders ask if they can participate in the second. Participation in both rounds is allowed.
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