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  1. These are fantastic. I love the Borderlands style you did on them.
  2. Very nice. The alien goo and candlelight on the top of the wings is a nice pop of color in addition to the blue.
  3. Thanks! She is a great mini, one of my favorites that they have released recently. I will probably get a second one to try one of my other ideas.
  4. Recently finished this lovely mini from Dark Sword. Toyed with a few ideas but the winter theme ended up being the one that stuck. I wish I had had more time to spend on it but I am happy with how she turned out.
  5. Based on my experience, it sounds like the system doesn't know what you had in store previously so it assuming 0 inventory and is trying to replenish your "safety stock" plus sales coverage. When we start new stores on our system we have them manually order for a few weeks while it builds up a scan sales history and then they have to do an inventory before going live. I would not be surprised if you end up with an extremely small load in the next few days as the system tries to compensate for the large load. Unbalanced loads like that are a headache for everyone I found but with everything going automated, very few people question it if it is even noticed.
  6. Yikes. I manage an automated ordering system and a large load increase like that should have sent out a red flag at some point. Sounds like someone didn't do something right in starting you on the system.
  7. We have had a couple new signups for the second round and a couple first rounders ask if they can participate in the second. Participation in both rounds is allowed.
  8. Sign ups for this year's Secret Sophie ends next Friday! 2020 Secret Sophie
  9. @buckyball No fall exchange, Secret Sophie started early instead. The are two rounds of sign ups and the second round ends next week.
  10. All of these look great. I really like the turtle, you did a great job making all of the elements stand out.
  11. Thanks all! Thanks, I really agonized over how to do them. In the end I went with a simple interpretation.
  12. Fantastic job! The cloth and armor are beautiful.
  13. Painted this one for a friend who is obsessed with the Child from the Mandalorian. It’s a 3D print that I got from a shop on Etsy.
  14. The first post has been updated with information regarding the second round.
  15. Assignment messages have been sent to this round's participants. Please make sure to reply acknowledging that you received it ASAP.
  16. Thanks all for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I am going to go with option 2 and do two sets of assignments. So everyone that submits by end of day tomorrow will get their assignments by the end of day Monday. I will then update the first post with information about this and change the sign up deadlines. @Kuroneko we usually have a few people who will ship internationally. @Reaper_Jon thanks for offering as I would have reached out to you for help if the consensus had been to go that way.
  17. Alright we have two days remaining for sign-ups and I have only received 7 questionnaires so far. Not sure if that is due to lack of interest this year or lack of awareness as people may not be looking for the post this early. With this in mind, I wanted to get feedback on some ways to boost participation. Here are the options I thought of: Extend current deadline another two weeks to the end of the month but if people wanted to be able to order their mini this month due to the promos, they would not be able to . Keep current deadline and do a second set of sign ups next month. Those that sent a questionnaire would get their assignment now and an extra month to paint. Extend current deadline a couple of days and try to boost awareness on other Social Media like Facebook and Discord. What do you guys think?
  18. Received my copy of the main book and the lairs book yesterday.
  19. The Mighty Mega Box was extremely tempting but I could not justify it so I went with the Summoners bundle and added the Patrol of the Woods bundle. Those two bundles get me my must haves including the fantastic troll.
  20. Starting a little early this year, Secret Sophie is up: 2020 Secret Sophie
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