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  1. Its firmer than a chamise. It was the guy teaching the newbies class on Thursday I think. when dry it feels almost like stryrofoam.
  2. At ReaperCon, one of the classes gave us these yellow circles that when wet act as a thin sponge holding water and make it easy to wipe or re-wet our brushes. I remember that the teacher said that its something you can get at home depot but for the life of me I cant remember what it is called. Help?
  3. Yes I have the platy/familiars pack there but I need a dire sized one to show off its ferociousness, a dire komodo would be handy as well. and yes we need a drop bear in attack position
  4. I still am hoping for Dire versions of Australia cute critters. I need Dire Platypus, Drop Bears, Roos and echninas .... for reasons. Also I need help people. I have decided I wanted to do a Reaper Miniatures costume for DragonCon. Ive got 3 days to figure out a proper costume. Im thinking a Grim Reaper with minis hanging off the scythe but not sure what else I should do, what would a grim reaper of minis look like -thoughts?
  5. Im heading up to GenCon in 2 days, any chance of a QR code that I can print to a badge so people can scan it to check out the kickstarter right away?
  6. If its like the other times Ive used pledge manager, it works like this. You go into pledge manager to lock in your order and shipping is calculated at that time. (for ex. $100 core set +$6 shipping-you pay the pledge manager) But lets say in a few months you decide you need doubles of a particular add on and pledge manager is still open. (you go in and edit your order, and change it to be $100 core set +$18 paints and $24 (2 sets of trolls) with shipping now being $8.) pledge manager automatically deducts the funds you have already paid and you just have to pay the difference in cost. ($150 -$106 meaning you would be required to pay $44).
  7. Thanks Reaperbryan, That was a question I had, (i need extra greybeard with the dragon on the shoulder!) Question, any chance of Dire sized versions of Australian wildlife for this kickstarter? I need a set of large 'drop bears' aka koalas and dire platypus's for .... reasons. Any chance of more saber tooth critters? Also, I will be going to GenCon, and DragonCon (which starts the Thurs before the ks ends) is there a flyer image with a QR code, and/or the kickstarter link that I can print out so people can scan it and join in the Reaper madness? (just something that I can laminate and have as another badge would be great-if that is possible?) Thanks again for all the hard work you guys do to make this fun! SIde note: On the FB pages and in chats Ive been in, there are alot of us who are looking forward to more of the ks comic! (heck if it was available afterwards that'd be cool too.)
  8. That's a fun idea, but don't expect any more special paint sets anytime soon. Our paint department is up to their eyeballs in work for the foreseeable future. Gotcha. No worries. I forgot that convention season will be starting up. But whats the best brown combo to make a chocolate?
  9. Any chance of another holiday paint set? I was thinking of one that has Valentine's, St Patrick's colors? there are the colors for chocolates, and all types of reds and pins, Then the gold, black and green's, and white froths, and the honey browns of beers for St. Patrick's
  10. Unless she is sucking out the cold to keep herself properly chilled so the paints have a decent chance.
  11. Ive an order arriving today, here's hoping that there is a pen in my box. (Sadly my Reaper Pen from the con decided to leak :( after I returned.)
  12. 25th anniversary LE Figure of the Month! I cant wait! (and we got so many bones yet to come!)
  13. UPS has been doing alot of handoffs to the USPS to do final delivery. -check on the tracking and see if its Smartpost.
  14. Quick question guys, Im out of the habit of painting the metal minis-Ive been busy painting Bones figures. Do I need to put on a sealer Before I put on a primer? Also, to the Reaper folks, what do you do the day after the 12 days of Reaper? -Mass catchup on sleep, an after party, a mass painting? I said this in an email but I also wanted to say it here that we all really really appreciate how cool you make the 12 days of Reaper and how you guys are so quick to send out the items. It means alot to all of us!
  15. I need to put in an order today so I can get the dragon. I posted this question on the FB page but I dont think I was clear enough on my question, If using Frosty Blue for snow effect, what is a good complementary color to use to make an ice effect for the pond?
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