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  1. I don't see why not, as long as the card is punched we don't care who is doing it or who gets the miniature in the end. Although we are not responsible if your "friend" decides not to hand it over. No worries, I have assurances that it ll get handed over *glances back at the warbird* :D
  2. Question, can we have someone pick it up for us? I cant attend Reaper Con this year. However, i am buying a bronze pass and have someone designated to pick it up for me. (thats what was recommended on the reaper FB page) So, can I let my very good friend do the punch card for me?
  3. Soo happy you got it! I was very worried about things breaking off so I may have gone overboard with the packing it up lol. I also took a bunch of pics that I can put in a show off thread tonight or tomorrow. :D Go for it! :) No its was very well done in packaging and arrived in pristine condition.
  4. woot! Just got back from a weekend convention and there was a package from Ubr3 it's amazing and the best packaging job I've seen. I will post pix tomorrow when I can get the base photographed in natural light.
  5. I plan on grabbing a few paint pokers to toss into BOGW and exchanges. That reminds me, I wont be going to ReaperCon :( but a friend on this forum is - can he pick up my ribbon for the Exchanges from last year? Re: my mini -I was going to do a mail out today but weather and lines mean that it ll be shipped late tonight -still it ll be 'technically' out on time.
  6. Im far closer but have more painting to do, which means packing will be most likely tomorrow.
  7. Do you have brush-on sealer? If you add water to it, it will become more matte and then let them know that they should probably add another coat or two of dullcoat. Ive seen that at some wal-marts. Also have you called JoAnn's to see if they have it in stock?
  8. I will take full credit for starting this as I'm an advocate for basing all the bases as it really is all about that base! All I ll say is -watch this vid:
  9. Nice snake.. tiny quibble there is no such thing as a poisonous snake. there are venomous snake though. Im hoping to be done with mine by the middle of next week.
  10. I found a perfect mini, and base. And..when I went by the hobby store on Saturday I found out about a miniature convention going on. So I had to stop by (traffic was bad anyway so it made perfect sense!) and I picked up some additional items to assist. (Dangerous that place was to my wallet *sage nod*) Now, I did noticed that there is a slight bent in one part of my mini's weapon (its metal not bones) any suggestions on the best way to reshape that one part?
  11. Huzzah! Ive sent in my PM. I look forward to the new challenges!
  12. Does Storm Giant fall under 80 or 100 mm? http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bones%20giant%20sword/sku-down/77163
  13. Thanks! I didnt realize that. So for the lighting, we are suppose to paint the mini so it has the appearance of being lighted that way regardless of the real light source?
  14. Im still fairly a newbie regarding painting figures (Ive painted only 6 minis but acquired many) though the Exchanges have caused me to learn and stretch my wings a bit. I had a couple of suggestions. Flight (which could cover both feathers and scales so everything from griffions to owlbears to dragons...) Sly Sophie (for which we can use the Sophies we acquired from the 12 days of reaper. For me, its the really small minis that are more challenging than doing larger figures because of brush control -any chance for a category to show the most complex miniature mini? (or maybe a combo the Long and the Short of it theme?) Anyway I am really interested in the challenge.
  15. Hey wolfie, will you be posting the pictures? Im curious to see how you take photos of the minis as Im still having trouble with that aspect - I took some WIP pix but they arent as good as Id like. Also is there going to be a Winter exchange?
  16. Ummm. newbie questions. what exactly are we suppose to do with the lighting?
  17. Question, any links to good tips on photographing the scenes? Also can we enter both the single and diorama?
  18. I'm pretty sure I'm well into 3 digits -- in base 60. But I've been collecting minis for a just a bit longer. (/Bob Uecker voice) Very nice. hmmm that means if you were just at 3 digits in base 60 that would equate to 3600 in base 10 base 60 10= base 10 60 base 60 100= base 10 3600 Bases are fun in numbers and is why Halloween is exactly equal to Christmas
  19. It's a running joke on the forum dealing with "Goblin Math" as our resident Mascot says, "goblins can only count up to 20, so the highest amount of minis you can ever have is 20." So you can have 20 minis in 20 themes in 20 bins in 20 houses AND NINJA'd BY BRYAN! Ah I see! I have now learned something new! So does this mean the D20 dice was invented by Goblins? PS I just alerted my F (not local) GS of the 12 days of reaper and minis and sent them info and these pictures :)
  20. Fixed that for you. Because goblin math.Also: you're welcome Also also: I told ya I got a Halloween goodie bag to send when I'm done painting the figure for ya Umm no I have WAYYYY more than 20 minis. okay maybe I have 20 themes I focus on. It doesnt help when both Titan's Comics in Duluth AND Hobbytown USA have a large and varied selection of Reaper minis.
  21. The 6 other models are not yet shown. Im hoping for a snowman :) and a lynx
  22. I have a prediction. The surprise boxes will go even faster then some of the visible minis. As a side note, I was able to aquire the LE rock even though I was not able to snag a goody bag. I went to my (not quite local) FGS and they had the rock there and had the paints but were not aware why they d arrived. I explained and snagged the rock right away ( they did not charge for it) heh heh heh. Last year at this time. I had 0 Reaper minis. A friend of mine showed me some of the kickstarter items and I wanted a few add ons. Then I helped out in the 12 days of reaper and traded the sophies to my friend for other minis, then there was that great ebay sale of the original kickstarter items.. and well... I think im into 3 digits of minis.
  23. And this is from Kadence Rest of the photos: http://s1357.photobucket.com/user/Hawk_Wolf/slideshow/reaper/ETB
  24. Okay here is my much delayed photos of my minis. From Wolfie907 Additional pictures can be found here: http://s1357.photobucket.com/user/Hawk_Wolf/slideshow/reaper/Gravedigger
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