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  1. Uh-oh, really? The hobby shop guys recommended 'ardcoat. So what sealer do you all use?
  2. Sorry Malynor, my letter didnt fit in the box after I secured it. - Rats on the sealer. Glad you liked the figures! Regarding the sealer, I had that drying in front of the air vent for the 2 days. I used Citadel 'ardcoat sealer. Anyone got recommendations on how to get it be a better seal?
  3. Sorry Malynor, my letter didnt fit in the box after I secured it. - Rats on the sealer. Glad you liked the figures!
  4. *paces* Its been a week, but no word yet. box was sturdy. box was packed. It should be getting there any day. We are on the same Continent so it should be arriving anytime.
  5. Okay, so my mini exchange's sealant has finally dried. It ll be headed out tonight. Adding a few extras due to the delay caused by my cat.
  6. *hangs head* mini didnt make the mail today. I ll get it shipped out tommorrow. On an unrelated note, the cat went after Godzilla figure last night -one of the small ones.
  7. Sorry to hear about your figure killing cat getting a hold of your work The deadline is mailing on the 15th. So if you mail on that day, you are right on time. I'm sure your partner will understand if it's a couple of days late since the cat incident occurred. She's definitely a gamer cat, Ive a photo of her sleeping with her arms wrapped around the tv remote and with my copy of Starship troopers by her head. She also will steal my dice -I had to get a very large sized set so I could quit worrying that she d swallow it. I ll do my best to get it out by the 15th. - 16th at the latest.
  8. Okay.. I may not make the deadline. I just had a setback...my cat (1 yr old) decided to make off with one of the figure's arms. ( --its now no longer in state where it can be used) I do have other figures but I gotta choose another and start painting it so I might be mailling it out on the 15th instead of it getting to my recpient by then.
  9. Im stuck in getting my diorama setup and finishing my painting. -but I will make the deadline!
  10. Mine arrived! Kharsin, made me a very cool character complete with a background story.
  11. Thanks Guys, these give me some good ideas. I ended up not entering this year at G-Fest but got to see what was there. Molding small is the challenge so I might just aim for the 10-12 inch size -
  12. Okay, so I am going to G-Fest next month and wanted to work on a diorama for it. What Id like to do is Monster island - my problem I cant find Godzilla minis to paint. There are large old model replicas that are $$$ level in price and some generic 6 figure already painted set. So that I figure leaves me with the choice of either mod'ing a figure or sculpting it. Anyone have some near like suggestions for mod'ing a Godzilla or King Ghidorah?
  13. a bit off topic, whats the correct part of the forum to start a discussion/ask questions on how to create some godzilla like minis?
  14. Hey guys, Since it got mentioned during the deliveries of the Winter exchange, that certain items can hold things up in customs. Could everyone list out what could cause issues for the various countries? I ll start it off, Im in the US and into US, I think most things are ok unless they look liked Meds or hazardous chemicals or unknown liquids.
  15. Make sure to PM Fanguad. Just go to the first post in the thread, copy the information about the miniature exchange stuff, paste it into a PM with him and answer those questions. Do you have a WIP thread somewhere? I'd be happy to talk to you about dioramas, vignettes, and bases over there because I've already derailed this thread enough. PM sent to fanguard!- no WIP yet. -need to make one. got a bunch of unpainted minis and trying to figure out how to make a godzilla mini.
  16. *bouncing in* me too! put me into the list. :) Also there were some amazing diorama's an bases shown in the last exchange -can anyone point me to some how to's for making them?
  17. I thought of that Ettin as being from a mountainous jungle region spending alot of time in the earth, and mud. Moss growing on him and being a part of it. -I am glad you like it.
  18. Mine arrived today - will post pictures tomorrow.
  19. Nothing in the mail yet for me - hoping maybe fedex or UPS will surprise me when I get home.
  20. *waves* Received your package. No more need for worries. Yea!!! and sorry I didnt realize we werent suppose to list our forum names when sending it.
  21. *paces worried* the post office tracking says that the mini I sent was delivered Friday Morning but so far havnt seen anything on this thread. :S
  22. This was my first exchange, and was definitely fun. Im still a newbie in the minature painting so it was fun to try out different things. Question, are some of the exchanges based on a theme or do they follow the same format as this one?
  23. Usually we keep it a surprise unless said recipient has stated that they'd like to know ahead of time such as in Aard's case above. The rest of us just say "it's in the mail" and when it gets there the recipient is pleasantly surprised and posts pics (or asks that you post them if you took pics) to show off their cool like figure(s) that you did for them. Sounds good, I shipped out the mini today.
  24. Are we allowed to tell our recipent that their item is mailed in this thread?
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