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  1. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/griffin/sku-down/77157 How about this one? I see at least 2 of the little arrow on the left side and it seems alot taller.
  2. Im a newbie in painting minis -is this exchange for experineced painters only?
  3. It doesn't actually have to be a 'giant' it just has to be a large figure with a 2" or larger base so the 54mm and 72mm models would be fine Hmmmm how do you do a search for anything thats larger than 54 mm? or is there a visual indicator that lets you know the size of an item? (wish there was a large Bones version of the Eagle..)
  4. I see. How do you see what the size is? the 54mm link doesnt really have any Giants per say. thats why I was wondering if anything that contained the word 'giant" was code for something being at least a certain size.
  5. Question - is there a rule of thumb for determining the size of a particular base? Example some of the dragons base might be smaller than 54 mm but if u measure from wing tip to wing tip it exceeds the 54 mm. Also can someone tell me what size base is there for the Foo Dog?
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