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  1. Hrothgar's Hoard has launched its newest project, a DM solution that includes a screen, whiteboard, dice tower, and dice tray all made from solid hardwoods with prices starting under $100. Charles Urbach and Diesel LaForce are back as contributing artists. The project has already hit goal and is looking to hit some stretch goals now. Come take a look.


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    Hrothgar's Hoard DM Solution

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  2. 0e5c3a7cdf1c2a37119d6f89972c796d_origina


    Hrothgar's Hoard has just launched its sixth Kickstarter Project: The Paladin's Keep.


    The Paladin's Keep is a dice tray and tower system made from solid hardwoods. It uses Hrothgar's Hoard's tried and tested construction method which guarantees stability, travel-ability, and reliability. Using solid wood, the tray and tower are precision cnc cut to give you a heavy-duty piece of art. The tower's arms do not use magnets or jointery; they are part of that original piece of wood so nothing can break or shift out of place.


    The project is over 85% funded in its first two days. Come take a look at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1658949603/hrothgars-hoard-the-paladins-keep

  3. I goofed. I forgot about it, scrambled to pledge, closed when I was in the middle of trying to pledge. Whoops



    Hey all...sorry I've been absent. Took a break after the project ended and haven't been keeping up on the boards.


    I've already reached out to NomadZeke, but if anyone else missed the window and is interested in the decks, email me at [email protected] I can send you a paypal invoice and then add you to the list.


    And, yes, postage is extra on this project...even for US. It was suggested to me to do this by other project creators in order to separate the unit cost from the shipping. I'm not sure if it really makes a difference or not, but other creators seemed to think it does.

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  4. We used to use the old Paizo crit hit and fumble decks for 3.5...we've stopped because we found that all too often we were drawing things that made no sense for the encounter (blinding an Yrthak, for example) and having to draw again...bogged things down way too much. Now I have a list of status effects (dazzled, fatigued, etc) and I randomly choose one and then describe the application (it addition to double damage).


    Sometimes my players will give a description of what they'd like to have happen, and I apply an appropriate status effect.


    Fumbles work similarly.


    I felt similarly about the Paizo cards. Especially the magic effects made no sense to me as a player or DM. This was one of the reasons why I developed the Decks. I don't try to be cute and make up effects that look good on paper, but don't have much to do with specific encounters. I went back to the AD&D ruleset, old Dragon Magazine articles, and even my old notes from the early 80s. I sold some of the prototypes at GaryCon this year, got feedback from both vendors and attendees, and made changes to them before launching this KS. Come take a look and help me spread the word.

  5. Any way the decks are used is fine by me... Good points on using for boss monsters rather than all monsters. 


    Since any critical deck is, by definition, a house rule, then I would say to use them in a way in which the DM/Players agree. The cards are just there for an option.


    @OneBoot: I greatly appreciate that you've backed several of my projects in the past. I have a couple others in the works so keep an eye out for a future one that may suit you better.


    Thanks to all and please help spread the word.

  6. In my game we use the decks for both player and monster natural 20s. Would it hurt players more than help? No...it treats players and monsters equally. Does it add an element of danger to the players? Absolutely. It also adds options for role-playing when a PC gets hit with a disfiguring scar or losing a hand.


    As the decks stand right now, each card has about a 2% chance of being drawn, so the odds of an Instant Death or Disfiguring Scar is relatively low. I'd actually like to get that percentage down to 1% by having 100 cards in the deck, but the project needs to do very well for that to happen.


    As always, you need to take into consideration the way your particular game is run. If some of the cards are too nasty or would place an undue burden on your players, feel free to eliminate those cards from the deck. There is nothing that says you can't take the big nasties out and use the decks with the standard "max" "double" and "triple" damage cards.

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  7. Hey, thanks for the post on this, NomadZeke. I just got it up today and have spent the past couple hours hitting the boards trying to spread the word. You got to it here before I had a chance to log on.


    FYI: I made a short run of these cards to take to GaryCon this spring and sold out almost immediately. They were designed to have a first edition feel which was great for that convention. The cards also spell out the effects and conditions for 5e so the player (or DM) don't have to go searching through the books to figure out what the ongoing effects might be on any particular card.


    Here are a couple pictures for those who might be interested.





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  8. Hrothgar's Hoard has just launched its 4th Kickstarter Campaign: Skald's Song.


    Skald's Song introduces two new storage cases made from solid hardwoods for your games. They are both hexagonal in shape, are easily transportable, and can be used for multiple applications. Take a look here:




    I'd really like to break that 500 backer barrier so take a minute and share the link.



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  9. I've made new pledge reward tiers that are identical to the ones that are adding in shipping costs. These should be working fine. Please cancel your old pledge and re-enter it into the new pledge reward.


    So that there is no confusion as to who gets the free ROGUE cases, I've extended the free case offer to anyone who pledges at least $100 before midnight EST Sunday, March 8th.


    thanks for your support.

  10. I'm only planning on doing a lacquer finish on all the cases and chests. I did the epoxy finish in the first project and was honestly not happy with the result so am not advertising it on the project.


    If you want the epoxy finish on Rogue/Priest cases, contact me during the project and we'll see what we can agree on. I don't think I can offer it on the chests, though. I could only do it on the top piece and the thick coating would make the top finish higher than the sides. I don't think it would look good on this particular design. I wouldn't say 100% no to this...but post the question in comments after the project has launched. If there is a lot of interest I'll run a test piece and see how it goes.

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