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  1. Good to know about the pluck foam. I'll admit, my minis are all either Bones or old lead figures. I'll take a look at costs for pluck foam and perhaps offer that as an option. The current tray will hold bases up to 30mm round. The larger tray is milled a little over 1.5 inches which is about 40mm. Could I go larger? Maybe...But I'm not sure how cost effective it would be. All of a sudden you are paying over $100 to house just a few miniatures. I think I'd need to design a different solution for that. I'm already bouncing some ideas around in the hollows of my mind. Perhaps next project...or or offerings at conventions. Good info...thanks for clarifying.
  2. War Hammer, huh? Well, I don't know how big the Warhammer figures are, but the Warrior chest will hold about 50-55 28mm figures and the Battle chest will hold about 120 28mm figures. Once I get my Reaper figures in (Wave 3...hope it is soon), I'll lay them out on the trays and get an exact count. I was going to make a couple trays today and take pictures of them, but it is freaking COLD out in the workshop. Will get to that soon.
  3. Blatant plug: For your miniature storing needs. High quality solid wood chests https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1658949603/895544148?token=5021250e
  4. Checked the local craft and hardware stores today...no brass knobs or handles that would work with the trays. I'm going to check with my hinge supplier and see if there are any options through them.
  5. @Bionicspacejelly: yes, it is solid foam. pluck-out/cut out foam will not be an option. The foam used will easily form around the miniatures giving them a secure place to rest without chance of moving around.
  6. @paymaster: wm/h points? Sorry, but I'm unfamiliar with this. @Qwyksilver: 1/2" foam padding on the top and bottom of each tray so that each level is protected from both sides (I'll get pictures of this later today or tomorrow). Small brass handle is a good idea. I was going to use a dowel rod for this, but don't really like the look of that. I'll check the hardwarestore and see what I can come up with as a prototype.
  7. With Reaper shipping its Bones KS now, I have come out with another line of storage solutions for all these minis we are about to get. These are made from solid hardwoods, domestic and exotic, and have some options so you can upgrade your chest to your personal preferences. I have a preview link up now and I'd love some feedback. No video yet, and I need to take some final pictures, but take a look and tell me what you think.
  8. Well, the project is over, but you can still get onboard! I'm using Backerkit to manage things and it allows new people to come on and take a look around the shop. Just go to: https://hrothgars-hoard-dice-towers.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders and it will open a shopping cart for you. If you see something you like, just add it on. thanks to all who supported me. John
  9. 24 hours to go. Thanks for the support everyone!
  10. Over $12K and looking to hit $15K! Only 4 days left in the project. If you haven't gotten on board, now is the time ALSO! In case you haven't checked out the project yet because you "don't need a dice tower", let me ask you if you have a ton of miniatures laying around? Of course you do; this is the Reaper forum...we all have miniatures laying around. I also offer in the backerkit section of the project the opportunity to get high end quality wood cases for your miniatures. The Rogue and Priest lines of cases are designed to be durable, beautiful, and transportable. Go take a look and stock up before your next shipment of minis come this fall.
  11. We are sneaking up on the $10K barrier where everyone supporting exotic towers gets a free pouch. Come help me put this project into overdrive!
  12. Some updates on the project: We've broken through a few goals. Laser-art is now available for a wizard, unicorn, zombie, and in another $20, Cthulhu. After that, there will be some 3d unlocks available. Pouches for the wizard tower will be available. At $10,000, anyone who pledges at the Exotic level for the wizard towers will get a free pouch to store and transport it in. At $15,000, anyone pledging at the Domestic level will get a free pouch. You can purchase additional pouches after the project ends for only $5. The color will likely be maroon and will have the Hrothgar's Hoard logo imprinted on it. Free bases! I'm laser-cutting bases out of poplar that you can put your minis on, and there are several ways to get these. If you "like" my facebook page you get 5 free bases. If you refer a friend to my facebook page and they like it, you get an additional 5 bases (make sure you tell them to let me know who sent them). If you back the project, you get 5 free bases. If a friend of yours backs my project, you get and additional 5 bases (make sure they let me know who referred them). I'm also going to do another "post a comment, get free bases" offer to get some numbers going on the project. Keep an eye on the updates for that. Bases are 1" (approx. 25mm) in diameter. You will also be able to purchase extras after the project at a cost of $2.50 for 20. Other sizes may also be available. Bases are made from poplar wood (unfinished) and will be approximately 2-3mm thick. Pens! After my last project ended, I offered some hand-made pens from different woods and a few from some "Dragonhorn" and they were very popular. I'm still turning this offer over in my mind, but I'll definitely add some pen offerings to backerkit and may include an offering for a free pen as a stretch goal. I used the popular "American Classic" style in the first project and can continue with that or possibly upgrade to a Celtic style that has caught my eye. Keep an eye on the updates section for that as well. Spread the word!
  13. So, we are sneaking up on our first unlock: a pic of a Wizard that can be laser-engraved on the case. Only about $300 to go for that.
  14. Not only is the project fully funded (in about 3days), but it is now a Staff Pick. go take a look and get your gaming accessories now. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/347848038/hrothgars-hoard-dice-towers
  15. Thanks for the plug there, oneboot. Only about $150 to go before the project is funded (in under 3 days), but I'd love for this to go viral. Please spread the word, post on other sites you go to, tell your gaming group, your kids, your neighbor, your neighbor's kids, anyone you can think of.
  16. Here are the responses from the comments section... 1. Max area would be about 2.5" wide and 4.5" high. Not sure what that translates into in mm. This would be on the front facing. The back of the tower could be about 2.5" x 6.5" 2. mmmmeeeehhh....I don't know....I've seen a couple suggestions, but I honestly don't think they'd look good, they would require some small pieces either glued or screwed into the tower, and even if I could figure out a cost effective way of doing that, I'd be concerned that they would snap off too easily. I'm looking more into either an elastic band, pouch, or other external solution. 3. hold on...let me check....I just filled one and counted them out...it held 30 random dice. 4. No, 12mm dice won't have room to come out. Since the dice tray is cut from 8/4 wood, the randomizing chamber sinks almost the entire way into the tray. There is maybe 1/4" of the chamber that rises above the tray, and of that only about 1/8" of the top is 'open" 5. Bunches if you use the dice tray...unlimited if you are letting the dice roll onto the table. It wouldn't have any problem rolling 12-14 d6 dice at a time. 6. Ya...this one would be tough...Even if I had the artwork (which I could probably get my daughter to figure out), there is an issue with the laser head losing its focus point every time I turned the tower. Since my laser doesn't have a 'z' axis, i would manually have to adjust the bed for each side, which is tougher than it sounds. Honestly, it is something that I wouldn't want to tackle right now. Maybe in the future or if this project goes viral so I can afford a laser with a z axis...
  17. Oneboot and TGP: The dice towers are two separate units. I will make a video this afternoon and add to the project page.
  18. Damn the torpedoes, Full steam ahead! The project is now live. Go take a look at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/347848038/hrothgars-hoard-dice-towers
  19. The video on this project is now live. Take a look and send me some feedback: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/347848038/2087339630?token=bd83bcef I'd like to get this live in the next day or two..so if I'm missing something in the video, please let me know!
  20. Thanks for the input so far... @Miss Melons: In the video, I'll be sure to include the sound that it makes as the dice tumble through. I've also received a request for an upgrade that padding be added to the tumbler so that the sound is *less*, so I'll take a look at that as well. Re: faceplate changes. Certainly doable, but I'm a little skittish on this front. In the last project, my biggest headache was doing the artwork and I only had a few different choices. If I expand to a bunch of options, then the back-end management gets a little tricky. I've streamlined the tiers for pledges in this campaign, though, so I'll look into backerkit to see how tough options for artwork would be to add. My daughter is a good artist, though, so some laser art wouldn't be too bad. I'll have to get with her on this and see what she can do. How about some ideas for her to work on? I'm thinking Wizard, Unicorn, Zombie...could probably figure out a castle type look. I could also do a custom option: we'll draw your idea, but that would have to have a decent price upgrade on it...the daughter doesn't work for free :-) @sumbloke: good idea. I was planning on allowing cases as an after-project add on, but should introduce it better in this project for those who didn't see the last one. @samuraiJack: I actually saw this and like their design and options. They are actually kindof the reason why I started my own dice tower project. I got a few comments from backers who said they purchased the plywood, laser-cut models in the past and have found them to be a little flimsy. I don't know if that is because of the plywood or because laser-cut joints aren't secure enough or a combination of the two. So, I figured that I could use solid wood to achieve the same idea. So far, I've found it to be extremely sturdy. A final question to everyone: Do you think it is worth having the 3d models? As the close-up of the celtic cross shows, the detail is a little sketchy. This is because the model has been shrunk down to a 2" size, so detail that looks great at a 5" size or larger, doesn't come out in a 2" size. I could find less detailed models, I suppose. I haven't done a lot of 3d work, so this is the unknown factor for me.
  21. Hrothgar's Hoard is starting a new KS project soon and I'm looking for some feedback before it goes live. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/347848038/2087339630?token=bd83bcef The towers use the same concept of construction that was used in the Rogue and Priest line of cases for miniatures. You can see a little more about that at my old project page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/347848038/hrothgars-hoard-treasure-case-for-miniatures I hope to go live by the first of the month. I'll be doing a lot of cleaning up on this (better images) and will need to adjust some of the rewards to reflect availability of supplies. This campaign will be streamlined so that I can use a back-end management product such as backerkit. Give me your comments, ideas, and suggestions. John
  22. This project is in its final 12 hours. This is your last chance to join the fun. Cocobolo is about to be unlocked and if we hit 125 backers, I'll add a little extra something for every backer!
  23. This is the final week for the miniature cases from Hrothgar's Hoard. These are perfect for the hundreds of Reaper figures you'll be getting this fall if you supported the Bones II campaign. Get the Rogue size (5" x 8") or the Priest size (8" x 12") to store and transport your minis in beautiful hardwoods, both domestic and exotic. Don't miss your chance!!!!
  24. i have put a limited number of Priest level cases in bloodwood up. Get 'em before they are gone.
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