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  1. My normal supplier said he didn't have any wood wide enough for it, but he gave me the number of another company. Going to check with them tomorrow, so I should know by tomorrow afternoon.
  2. Sneaking up on 5K! the 5K stretch goal will put felt and foam in every case. You can use it to store your minis as well as a dice tray. ROGUE AND PRIEST cases available!
  3. I was in 6th grade when I started playing, making it around 1978 or 79. Introduced to it by a friend and before I knew it I had the Red Box, AD&D PH, DMG, MM, Dragon magazines going back to issue #5 or 6 (full set from 55 to about 150), Polyhedron newszine, Boot Hill, Traveler, played a little Gamma World, went to local college conventions when I was about 15. Good times...good times... I regret that I pretty much got out of playing games for 10 years or so. Now I have the chance to play games with my kids and have introduced them to The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, Keep on the Borderlands, Village of Hommlet and am now leading them through the Temple of Elemental Evil. Many thanks to Gygax and crew for inspiring a generation of people to seek out dragons to slay.
  4. Re: Priest in bloodwood. I've had a couple people ask, so I'm going to check to make sure I can get boards that are wide enough. I should know more by the end of the week. Dibbler: I'm going to use backerkit as a post-project manager. This will let me handle post production in a similar way that Reaper did theirs...you can add on to your pledge level after the project ends. So, if you just pledge at the $1 level right now, after the project ends you'll still have 30 more days to finalize your order. This will give you a little extra time to come up with the money for anything you want.
  5. Bloodwood is now live. Come join the party.
  6. Oneboot: Thanks for the kind words. I actually owe a lot of the polish to the campaign to Stefen Pokorny over at Dwarven Forge. My original video and pictures were...ummm...lets say "less polished". Stefen saw my pre-launch page and gave me some great advice. The Bones II campaign also heavily influenced my project (not just in the video where it is pretty obvious I stole from them). I really liked how Reaper did the Bones II campaign complete with waves for shipping. In fact, it is safe to say that if there wasn't a Bones campaign, I wouldn't be expecting a ton of minis that would need some cases to be made. To answer your question, the latches do no have springs. But once some figures are in the case, since there are no holes cut in the foam to make room for the minis, there will be constant outward pressure on the latches. Since the latches use a hole-and-pin design, that outward pressure more or less 'locks' the latches closed. To open the case, you will need to slightly depress the two halves of the case together in order to release the latch. It is actually a pretty secure system. I won't swear it won't open if you drop the case, but should have no problems staying closed when transporting from point A to point B. Thanks again for the comments. I hope to see you on board before the project ends. John
  7. OK...we've broken another stretch goal. Padauk is now available. Also have some new stretch goals listed, so go take a look. I'm looking for some more facebook friends, more backers and higher $$$. All things can lead to new unlocks. Also, check in tomorrow if you want a larger case. I'm unveiling the PRIEST line of cases that will hold up to 3x the number of figures on average that a ROGUE line will. Available in oak, poplar, maple, cherry, and quite possibly purpleheart. maybe other woods if there is enough interest and if I can find boards wide enough. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HrothgarsHoard Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/347848038/hrothgars-hoard-treasure-case-for-miniatures Thanks to all.
  8. I've never liked the holes cut into the foam in the first place. Just give the figure room to bounce around. That is one of the reasons why I started my kickstarter making cases for miniatures https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/347848038/hrothgars-hoard-treasure-case-for-miniatures
  9. A couple updates: The Facebook "likes" goal has been reached allowing felt backing instead of foam backing. The next FB goal is for 100 "likes" at which time I will unlock mahogany as a case option. I am taking a survey to get some feedback from people interested in the cases. Only a few questions. Take a second and let me know your thoughts: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14IjmsTOZ11SGU88ifn-r5OudFWcNbqHKMi6bUjQbsPc/viewform Thanks to everyone for feedback and support
  10. @Harrek: Keep checking the page over then next 10 days or so. I'm currently working on some prototypes on a 8x12 size case that *should* hold about 30 minis. I know I'll be able to do it in oak, poplar, cherry and maple (maybe even curly maple). Some exotics may also be available (purpleheart seems to come in wide boards.) Cost is looking to be at about 2x the price for the Rogue cases. The new line of cases should hold about 3x the number of minis that the Rogues will hold. @scorpio: I've thought about ebony, but I'd have to have considerable interest Ebony before I could unlock it. Ebony runs about $70 a board foot here and I'd have to buy a full board regardless of whether 1 case is being made or 5 of them. A single board could easily run $250+, so I'd either have to charge that much for 1 box, or make sure that several people are willing to pedge so I could afford the wood. @Nomad: well...they are going to need a place to put all those Reaper minis, right? :-) Reaper is exactly the reason why I started this. All of a sudden, I have a ton of minis coming in and need a place to put them! But I understand...I spent more $$ between Reaper and Dwarven Forge, than I had in the past year on gaming. I've just unlocked a new piece of artwork (line-art of "Doomed Princess" so it can be colorized) and only need a few more Facebook likes to unlock a felt option in the case rather than foam for those who want a nice dice tray. I've also updated the Stretch goal table and added the next couple woods (Padauk and Mahogany) as well as an epoxy upgrade. Stretch goals can be unlocked through pledge amounts, facebook likes or # of sponsors. KS page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/347848038/hrothgars-hoard-treasure-case-for-miniatures Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HrothgarsHoard
  11. Looks really good, but that video is LONG. I think you are going to lose viewers because it is so long...don't know if that'll translate into less pledges or not.
  12. starting to hit those mid-campaign doldrums and want to get things moving again. The next wood unlock is Brazillian Cherry at $2,500. Go to the project here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/347848038/hrothgars-hoard-treasure-case-for-miniatures What wood should I unlock after that? Bubinga? Bloodwood? Birdseye maple? let me know what you want! I'm also including a facebook stretch goal. I just opened the facebook page under Hrothgar's Hoard. Get me to 50 likes and the unlock is an option for felt lining rather than foam padding. Use your case as a dice tray! https://www.facebook.com/HrothgarsHoard I'm always looking for ideas too! A larger case is in the works as a stretch goal, so get on board today and you can always upgrade when the stretch goal is released!
  13. First item unlocked! Purpleheart wood now available! Come join the campaign! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/347848038/hrothgars-hoard-treasure-case-for-miniatures
  14. update: the initial funding goal has been reached. The project is a GO! I'd love to see this go viral. Tell your gaming buddies. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/347848038/hrothgars-hoard-treasure-case-for-miniatures
  15. Sorry I didn't respond earlier...for some reason I couldn't log on to the forum last night. For those who are nearby Athens, OH...yes we can work something out where you pick it up. Drop me a line at [email protected] I'd prefer to wait until the project ends before fulfilling anything, though...it is more efficient to make a bunch of cases at once than to make them one at a time. For international people, I completely understand with the shipping issue. I'm looking into ways to make shipping international more cost efficient and I've heard there is a way to work this out through Amazon fulfillment, but it won't be available for this KS project. Hopefully this project will do well enough that I'll be able to consider the Amazon solution on the next one. Re: crooked shield: well, not really...My daughter is the artist of the family and she drew the images free hand. I noticed this and she is going to 'straighten' things out for the production run. Hopefully in a couple weeks my laser will come in and I'll get to play with that a bit. I'll post some updated pics when that happens. She is also currently working on a unicorn drawing and has just completed a line art drawing of the "Doomed Princess" picture. This should allow filling the engraving with colored epoxy. Which reminds me...I have changed the "custom art" option to make it more affordable. If you have custom artwork that you want to have inscribed on the case, you can do so for a setup fee of $25. After that, all boxes are priced at the normal "plus" or "deluxe" levels. I'd love to get more comments both here and on the project board. Even if you are tapped on funds right now, I'd encourage you to donate $1 to the cause and contribute in the comments section. I am definitely open to ideas so long as they are financially feasible. HOLY CRAP! Just got a knock on the door from DHL shipping. Big honkin' crate can only mean that my laser has arrived. Guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend...
  16. After pledging for the Bones II campaign and wondering where I was going to put all the minis I just ordered, I started making some cases for transportation/storage and started a KS campaign. Take a look and see what your think: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/347848038/hrothgars-hoard-treasure-case-for-miniatures https://www.facebook.com/HrothgarsHoard A couple pics:
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