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  1. *cough cough cough Tarrasque cough cough cough* Damn lots of flem in the morning... Ha! No one has nominated him since I started keeping track. I'm more than sure that everyone at Reaper and in the Kickstarter knows that is the most wanted miniature though. Mmmm... Tarrasque...
  2. I started keeping track of what miniatures everyone was requesting in the comments. Thought I would share the results here. --Kyra & Lavawrath (+11) http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/kyra/sku-down/03000#detail/03000_af --Mossbeard (+11) http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/mossbeard/sku-down/14209#detail/IG_200_1 --Umber Hulk(+10) --More Ogres: Including Tanaka, Ogre Shaman or PF Ogres (+5) http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/ogre/sku-down/02933#detail/IG_275_1 --Cerberus Hound of Hell (+4) http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/beast/sku-down/03423 --Bulette(+5) --Roderic Ambermean & Glitter (+3) http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/03264/sku-down/03264#detail/IG_320_3 --Pegasus (+2) --Air Elementals (+4) --Burrowing Horror (+2) http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Dark%20Heaven%20Legends/oldest/02919 --Stormwing the Dragon (+2) --Dungeon Decorm (+1) --Otyugh(+1) --Angels and Celestials (+4) (Removed because of latest update) --Archons (+1) --Siege Weaponry (+2) --Arabian Style Figures (+1) --Manticore (+1) --Wyvern (+1) --Cybertroll (+1)
  3. Hey everyone, someone informed me of this topic, so I thought it would be nice to come here and drop a few lines. First of all, thanks for being seriously patient. I understand what a pain in the butt it is to give up cold hard cash and to see no news or updates. I want to make an effort to correct this, but first come our excuses. First of all, we will not be taking any money and running. I will make sure that those that have put faith in us will be rewarded above and beyond what we have agreed too. We haven't been posting he regular updates for two main reasons. One, is that we will be re-branding away from Too Late Dev, to a name that is not already TMed, to avoid too much connection with our old name we want to stop using it. The second reason is that we haven't been able to make much progress with he actual game since we have been working on the fund raiser and behind the scenes business stuff. So onto some specifics... When we agreed to paint all the armies we had a team of 4 people, locally and I thought that when split up it would be easy to do. Well 2 people quit the project and myself and Jason Dees, the lead programmer, have been plowering through the armies. Slapping paint to the best of our ability and pulling in the occasional gaming buddy when possible. The specifics of business work comes mostly from work with taxes, identifying TMs, reworking the new site and future forum, writing some fiction for the game, deciding on a business plan, trying to manage our volunteer artists, and most importantly setting obtainable milestones that we will release to you. We originally set out to make weekly updates on our Blog, but when we lost part of the local team and had to spend less time making the game more playable, we quickly lost focus of that. On our side, a weekly update of "Did some tax stuff" or "Painted some dark elves" seems silly. Yet it probably would be best to open those doors and give everyone a chance to see what we're actually doing. I'll personally make an effort to write regular updates once the new website is live. Other updates will be feature based, so hey may be few and far between. I hope that gives some clarity to our situation. Also I am pretty good at answering emails sent through the website or private messages on this forum. So feel free to ask me anything that way.
  4. Kristof65 is correct, with one exception. When you use the Summon SA to summon a Solo into play, that solo model gets it's own initiative card on the next round. The adding of the card in the middle of play is the exception, not the rule. So tell your buddy to chill out with all the extra cards. Also the intent of that rule was that the bonus cards go away as your opponent uses their Spy SA. So if I have 2 Spys, I grant my enemy 2 initiative cards. If in the first round I use both of my model's Spy SA, then my opponent gets no bonus initiative cards in the 2nd round.
  5. Read them again. Using your own argument, since neither specifically say Melee, they can be used in ranged combat. The limitation is that it's typically only given to models in the Melee SAs section. As is, if the logic for the Hammer stands Gruesome weapon becomes effective a ranged weapon. Demoralize - the end of any Activation in which a model with this SA kills an enemy model, all other enemy models in B2B with this model must pass a Discipline Check or become Shaken. Vicious - Whenever a model with this SA damages another model, the damaged model must pass a Discipline Check or become Shaken. Only one Discipline Check is needed per Activation, regardless of the number of points of damage or the number of Vicious models attacking. SE is saying that they are Melee only SA, because they are listed as such. I don't have the book in front of my so I can't confirm, but next to every SA there are parentheses that say what the ability can apply to. I think Demoralize and Vicious are currently listed with (Melee), which means they also can't be used on a ranged attack.
  6. Wow. Harsh. But a very polite way to say Dwarves suck Aw man. I tried to write so that I would just sound awesome. Maybe next time.
  7. I know someone in Kansas City and he's just getting back into the game. I'll make sure that he knows about this event.
  8. I think the best logic to use here is that Rules win. The rules have also been clarified by, Gus, so that we know that the items can be used both ways. I'm sure that in the future there may be extra verbiage or more appropriate names for the new magic items we create, but for now I don't see any problems with the current situation. I'm sure that when I tell our local dwarf about the clarification he'll get excited and create some new builds. I doubt that any of his builds would come close to being unstoppable.
  9. My Darkreach Army: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/40537-the-darkreach-have-arrived/ I apologize for the crap camera work. Maybe I'll get better pictures soon.
  10. While the description of the SA doesn't explicitly say that you only get a single +1 bonus, I'm pretty sure that was our intention during design.
  11. Gaan-Hor Warriors are usually limited to 6 models or one troop in tournaments. You could replace the first 9 Gaan-Hor with Brood of Payanak solders. They aren't flyers on their stat card, but the warlord ability can give them the flight SA for 2 rounds. Also the Brood Master isn't released yet, so if they're new players you may want to lean him towards Khong-To and a ground based troop. You also may want to lead them away from an all flying army, since for the most part flyers are a bit harder to take advantage of than other models.
  12. Shadow Step warriors are a risky investment. While they can be devastating when they get initiative and fight offensively, they will get wiped off the board quickly if they are used defensively at all. To make sure you get initiative 2 Spy SAs are very handy. Ganging up on models is also very important when figuring out how to use the Shadow Steps, that way you can prevent a model from taking defensive strike completely if it's killed. I would rarely take fewer than 6 in a single troop. The Phase Cat is a perfect model to use Swap with. Once your archers have been engaged you can swap them somewhere else and put the Cat into B2B with an enemy. Since Blink models don't get any run or charge bonuses, buying a Musician is usually worth the points. Avrix Dirthe, Champion is a great model to cast Iron Skin on, so think about pairing him up with Liela or the Majestrix. That DV 13 + DR/2 can pretty much stop all damage from any defensive strikes that he makes. There is a lot more to play with and I'll continue to share strategies as I mix and match new troops.
  13. Can't wait to check these out when I get home.
  14. I don't know where Clint's is? Toss me a website link or an address. We're at YottaQuest almost every Thursday and East Side Gamers in Milford on some weekends.
  15. If someone wants to lift their mage into the air, then go ahead. There are plenty of in game counters for such a tactic and every single army in the game has the ability to use them. Wing lock - Can bring multiple models to the ground for the same number of spell points it costs to cast Wings on one model. Ranged Attacks - Every time you grant a caster flight, it grants LoS to every model on the board, spells in general are shorter than ranged attacks. Other Flyers - The point cost of natural flyers compared to spell casters casting Wings on each other would give the natural flyers an advantage. The discussion on the balance of Non-Unique mages has nothing to do with this thread, but spending 300 points on 6 models that can cast domination at a CP 6 (~60% failure on average) and then they run out of spells just isn't that scary.
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