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  1. I'm fairly disappointed in the Brood Rider. Maybe it's because I expected something all together different. I just didn't expect the Brood of Payanak to be alligators.
  2. I agree with everyone above. But! It sounds like you liked your characters and everyone got miffed when the GM killed the party. I don't know how long you guys have been playing, but maybe a one time "redo" isn't a bad idea and it would allow the GM to get an idea of what is deadly and what's challenging.
  3. I think Stubbdog was saying that the Mob Rule doesn't make Gonda a grunt. He's a mob. Mobs count towards the Mob Leader/# total, not the Soldier total. So a Captain with Leader 3-4/1 and Mob Leader/4, could take 5 Gondas. 4 for Mob and 1 for elite. The 3-4 still have to be filled by Grunts. I honestly don't see this as broken.... It's an interesting loophole... Clerics/Healers with Mob might need a point boost, but not something that would seriously break the game.
  4. I don't think any of the Isiri are traditional Drow or Dark Elf. The Isiri are elves of various types that have been crossed with demons. Think Elven Tieflings, whose demonic heritage is not only embraced, but twisted and manipulated by rituals. So you get claws on some, horns on others, and with the right ritual you get the Burrowing Spawn or Soul Tender. The Witch Queen and Aundine are Corrupted Elves. Born as full blood elves, then drawn to the darkspawn.
  5. I think almost everyone can agree short was an awesome ability in the game and should come back. It is sorely missed.
  6. Give me a few weeks notice and I will be there to watch the waves of goblins crash down upon the other armies. I have never really seen the goblins get crushed before. The few games I've seen them played it seemed competitive. I think Spike is close in saying that they could use a little more diversity and even a stronger Faction Ability, but that's true for a few sublists. I also agree with rg3c that that several of the models kind of lost focus for what they are supposed to be. Skeeters should be great archers, because the fluff says they are.
  7. I was just browsing the web today and saw this on CNN. It looks like the powder that fuels the regrowth of limbs is gaining more steam. http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/12/22/army.te...logy/index.html
  8. The lupines actually have sculpts.... I almost can't believe it... This must spell the end to many things... I want to also say that I love the previews gallery. I feel like combining the greens with the upcoming whites was the best way to show up the upcoming stuff. I also really appreciate the way it's regularly updated. Thanks for keeping me excited with things to come!
  9. While looking for an easy way out for the faction descriptions I found this. http://www.reapermini.com/Games/Warlord It's not how they play, but it's some decent fiction for you.
  10. Yes, armies do play pretty differently. I'm going to hit on the first two you mentioned and then if someone doesn't fill in the rest I'll come back and tell you about the rest. Reptus: They are a melee centered faction. Strong warriors, very defensive with high armor and decent deflect bonuses. The Nagendra snake men offer lots of attacks and poison to deal more damage. Their casters are pretty average across the board, same with their ranged models. Reptus as a faction is built to crush an opponent through melee. A troll or brood rider troop is something your opponent will never forget going up against. Nefsokar: Lots of variety with their casters and probably the best at defending against magic. They have a flying caster, two casting warlords, and casters spread in their elites and leaders that are well worth taking. They are primarly Cleric focused, but don't dismiss their mages. As for melee and ranged attacking you get a decent variety of tactics. Their mounted archers are unique and powerful, but the Rangers are nothing special. Their tomb guards and constructs are some of the strongest adepts in the game, but the khamsin are weak and are better used in large numbers.
  11. Reintroduce them, but set the mood by them eating cute cuddly animals. But instead of animals like rabbits go for something like Gnomes. I'm super pumped to see these models come out so fast. The only thing left is the Hero elite. If the faction is ever expanded more what would you guys like to see?
  12. I think I know the future of the game, and as a Black Lightning that's sitting in red status* for proof, I don't think that it's where I want it. We can talk about books, pdfs, hooks, demo teams, and other things that the game should have, but at this point I don't even care what it is. I just want something to be excited about. Reaper has the recipe for success. The Forum explodes when we get the stats for new models. We all got excited when the Dungeon encounter book was talked about. Now both of those things have been hanging in limbo and we've got nothing to keep us interested. I want a paragraph of fiction for every model. Three sentences is more than enough. I want variety in the way the game is played. Kill 'em All is only fun for the first few years. We used to get so angry when the faction books came out a month late. Despite that complaining I still devoured all the information that was inside of it. We were angry, but at least we were regularly getting something new and refreshing that kept all of us interested in the game. I look across the pond at CAV and see that they are getting loads of expansions, fiction, variety in gameplay, and new ways to use old models. The game that seems to have learned from our mistakes is taking a death knell too... I want CAV releases. I want previews of what's to come in the future. I see the upcoming Reich of the Dead and get nervous. Is it more of the same? Will Reaper combine their mistakes? Or will they see that it takes Game Developers and Miniature Developers to create a game? I hope that for the release of Reich of the Dead that I get: A large selection of Models to choose from. A paragraph of fiction for each model. A preview of models that are coming soon to fill out my newly purchased faction. A preview at future ways to play the game. All Reaper has to do to make all of their miniature games the best in the market is to stand by them. This forum is full of a loyal following that so many companies wish they had. The mere fact that we're still hear speaks volumes about the games. Reaper has to bite the bullet and make their games work from both sides. Until then the future of Warlord, CAV, and RotD are right there with Dark Heaven and CAV 1.0. I'm being pretty negative, but since it's page 6 of a pretty negative thread I think it's ok. If my one nasty post can get them to realize they need a Game Development team, a Miniature Creation team, and the ability for them to work together to get their games anywhere... Then it's worth it. *Red status is the lowest of statuses. It means I haven't ran any events for awhile.
  13. Why are we talking about movement instead of the cool game pieces? Take that convo to the CAV rules discussion.
  14. Possibly the best miniature Reaper has ever produced:
  15. The Blood Stone Midgets ride giant bugs, and have two giant bug solos in the Grub and Worm... So if any faction might see more mutant/giant/ugly bug models I feel like that might be the one. Post up some of your art, I'd love to see it.
  16. The above quotes are from the discussion when the miniatures were shown in the preview gallery. It looks like it was just a case of cart before the horse, and the stats will probably come in Rage Chronicles 2009.
  17. It looks like the Ghast might just get demoted to Soldier. Ta for the heads up shak, my friend be very interested to hear that as he plays necro as well as elves. Is the RC2008 PDF gonna be changed again then? Don't take anything I say for granted. When it comes to info like that I just scrap the forums like everyone else. I have no idea if that's actually the case, I was just taking a guess and making a bit of a joke. I would guess that making it a different soldier would be easier than repackaging, but that guess is as good as yours. They may just as likely leave it as is and never look back, some leaders do have alt sculpts, but I wouldn't think thats the reason for the ghast pack. Wow - ok, Let me go ahead an jump in, I missed all this since I was so busy damaging scuttlebones .... The Single Ghast is not the Ghast Sgt - it's a single available from the army packs. There is a Ghast Soldier data card coming up. The Ghoul that is pictured is also a single from an upcoming Ghoul Soldier army pack - that pose will be the single, and the multi-pack isn't posted because both poses aren't in yet. Ghast Sergeant is slated for a November Release - where the currently shown Ghast Soldier models will be out sometime in August or early September - which is also when the Ghouls single and army pack will be coming out.
  18. I hope there is, I still have the figure that I made last year. I didn't submit it on time, so I'll have to touch it up and make sure I get it in this year.
  19. We used to have constant battles here among the Reptus, Darkspawn, Crusaders, and Necropolis. Despite the number of times we played, some models would continue to shine while others bit the dust hard. Uru was a long standing champion. Known for surviving the onslaught of Crusders and denying the Necropolis any chance to feed. The Necropolis hero Sir Osric was known for devourering everything around him. Lots of games ended with him barely scathed, constantly feeding, and surrounded by massive amounts of dead soldiers. Going back deeper into my play style and what I've seen this is how I play my 4 factions: Darkspawn: Waiting while the enemy approached, picking off what I can and hoping whatever pain I caused was enough to save a model or two once we made it into melee. Demons both burrowing and flying would circle and wait for them to make a mistake with positioning or placement. Once the blood bath begin, my melee would fall apart, until the last round or two when enough pain tokens were saved to fend off entire troops with only a few models. The broken fodder didn't care about taking the punishment, they just continued to charge forward. Spells would start to unleash about a round before melee, tearing apart heroes and troops just to feed the pain cage and I always make sure there are enough spells to last. Reptus: No time to waste with dancing before the combat. Our dv is high enough to take the arrows and our Faction ability is based on defensive strikes, so I strive to make it happen. Charge ahead. Get your archers in point blank and javoline throwers in point blank. Ganging up isn't needed because the soldiers can stand on their own. Use healers on trolls and other big nasty models. If there is any faction that knows war is brutal it's my reptus. Accept the casualties, but crush the enemy. Razig: A pirates life is usually what I prefer. Shoot when you can. Only melee when you can gang up. Don't be afraid to make them come to you. Fire the guns. Fire the rifles. Fire the cannon. When it's time to charge, you'll know because the Captain will be there right next to you swinging his sword insanely. If you have a clear shot though, take it. No need to cause nasty defensive strikes when you can just blast the model from 3 inches away. With the fire power of razig, the enemy always comes to you. Lupines: They aren't as tough as the reptus, so there's a little more dancing and using their movement and SAs is important. Attack in groups, it's about pack mentality, the low dv will get them killed. Healing is a must, the shaman must march along with the pack. Attack the enemy on your terms, and when you attack, make sure he feels it.
  20. If the id is 02680, then I don't think it's a Warlord model, they start with 14###
  21. Silver Dragon... not sure Broodmaster should be in anytime. Just to clarify, are you saying the Broodmaster is coming anytime, which is the true dragon riding Reptus Warlord... Or do you mean the Brood of Payanak, which are the adept non-flying models in the Reptus army?
  22. I honestly don't care what material the model is made of, I just want to see some new ones! On topic though, I think P-65 would be a great solution to help CAV along. I know I love the n-scale gunships, but wince at the price. A few bucks off that price tag would go a long way in convincing me to buy more figs.
  23. Yeah I'm not seeing anything for CAV either :( For the Reich of the Dead fans, it looks like Christmas might be coming early: NYA RPR 37001 Kroid Zombie Officer With Pistol $4.99 NYA RPR 37002 Kroid Zombie Infantryman $4.99 NYA RPR 37003 Kroid Zombie Sniper $4.99 NYA RPR 37004 Kroid Zombie Nco with submachine Gun $4.99 NYA RPR 37005 Kroid Zombie Machine Gunner $4.99 NYA RPR 37006 Kroid Zombie Infantrymen (3) $14.99 NYA RPR 37007 American Infantryman $4.99 NYA RPR 37008 American Sniper $4.99 NYA RPR 37009 American Nco With Tommy Gun $4.99 NYA RPR 37010 American Machine Gunner $4.99 NYA RPR 37011 American Infantrymen (3) $14.99
  24. Taking a look at Alliance's tentative to be released kind of soon schedule this is what we've got coming: NYA RPR 14500 Bloodstone Gnome Golem $9.99 NYA RPR 14501 Scuttlebones, Undead Crab $9.99 NYA RPR 14502 Necropolis Ghast $4.99 NYA RPR 14505 Brood Of Payanak, Reptus Dragonrider $14.99 NYA RPR 14506 Necropolis Ghoul $4.99 NYA RPR 14507 Overlord Shadow Legionnaire $4.99 NYA RPR 14508 Vernone, Ivy Crown Captain $4.99 NYA RPR 14509 Varashia, Vale Archer Sergeant $4.99 NYA RPR 14510 Daughter Of Sekhmet $4.99 NYA RPR 14511 Dkhul, Bathalian Sorcerer $6.99 NYA RPR 14512 Rhasia, Zombie Master $4.99 NYA RPR 14513 Chosen Of Sekhmet $4.99 NYA RPR 14514 Isiri Arachnid Warrior $12.99 NYA RPR 14515 Dwarf Daughter Of Skadi $4.99 NYA RPR 14520 Lupine Line Breaker $9.99 NYA RPR 14521 Isiri Arachnid Archer $8.99 NYA RPR 14522 Dwarf Forgemaiden $4.99 NYA RPR 14523 Female Dwarf Valkyrie $4.99 So those two aren't coming within the next 3 months, but the Reptus flightless dragon riders are coming soon. I'm anxious to see what they do for a real dragon in Warlord also.
  25. Here is some Dragonborn Art: Here are some more Reptus models:
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