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  1. I'm extremely excited for this. I just wish it would it would hurry over to the Warlord line already. When models drop $1.50 it adds up... And I'm looking to round out my Reptus army which because of the Rising prices has gone unaltered.
  2. I'll send you a bottle of nail polish remover to help with those super glued fingers. Thanks for getting it back up! It does look different/better than before, less round I think, but I can't pinpoint exactly what changed. Thanks again
  3. I can't find the crab anymore either. Maybe it's burrowing? Bryan, any idea on what happened to the pictures of Scuttlebones?
  4. It looks like the Ghast might just get demoted to Soldier. Ta for the heads up shak, my friend be very interested to hear that as he plays necro as well as elves. Is the RC2008 PDF gonna be changed again then? Don't take anything I say for granted. When it comes to info like that I just scrap the forums like everyone else. I have no idea if that's actually the case, I was just taking a guess and making a bit of a joke. I would guess that making it a different soldier would be easier than repackaging, but that guess is as good as yours. They may just as likely leave it as is and never look back, some leaders do have alt sculpts, but I wouldn't think thats the reason for the ghast pack.
  5. I can't find event details for any kind of Warlord Tournament at GenCon, but there are plenty of events being ran by fellow black lightning. If I'm missing the info on the Tournament someone point me in the right direction. If it's not happening, I want to get in my "gaming with random strangers" time. So we need to set something up so we Warlord players have some Open Gaming time with each others. Just so I'm not confusing anyone, I'm not talking about scenarios or events. Just core rules + RC 2008 carnage.
  6. It looks like the Ghast might just get demoted to Soldier.
  7. Thanks Bryan! The Crab has blown my expectations out of the water. My love for Razig and crew seems limitless at this point.
  8. I hope they dive deeper into the corrupted elf and especially the Isiri elves in future Darkspawn releases. I think they can now that their more monstrous races have been expanded on and the Blood Stone Gnomes have been pulled out of the faction. I know I'd like to see some Isiri adepts. Those scrawny half demon elves just have too much potential to go unnoticed.
  9. The model above, is the new Elite Rogue. She's not out yet, she just showed up in the previews. Full troops of flying demons... MMMmmm You're speaking my language. If you want to play a fun game, run with this Demonic Conclave Army: Rauthorus - 316 Incubus/Succubus Warrior x10 - 620 Guros - 105 Imps x7 - 175 Vysa - 30 Imps x7 - 175 Devourer of Mashaf - 75 I know the Imps aren't flyers any more, but it's still a fun army. No promises on how effective it is, but let Vysa and the Devourer hang back just for initiative cards and summon all the Imps and Incubus Warriors into Guros' and Rauthorus' troops. Since you're summoning you're allowed to ignore troop capacity and adept restrictions (the army has to be a legal build though) You could even put all 10 Inc. Warriors and all 14 Imps in Rauth's troop... it results in a fairly brutal activation.
  10. This is why I love darkspawn: 14494: Jhorxia, Succubus http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews Long live our sweet sculpted flyers.
  11. All of the questions you asked have not been answered in any way. Just guessing here, but after reading all the text these are the answers I have for you. The darkspawn have forsaken all things even closely related to a deity. If anything they praise themselves. They don't even worship demons, more of a living among them since they have much in common. The Witch Queen actually commands the most powerful demon of all, Rauthuros, so it's unlikely they would praise any other one. So no clerics. Their faction ability doesn't come from a specific demonic source. It comes from their deep magical culture and their intense love for pain. To them a wound from a sword or spear is pleasurable and not outside the realm of something they would do to themselves for fun. They magically feed off the causing of pain to others, and use it to prevent death when others harm them back. I love how utterly messed up it is. There is no real way to determine who out numbers who, but I would venture to guess that Demons are the most prolific, with Isiri filling most of the common ranks, and then corrupted elves being fairly rare. I wouldn't say the Isiri are the lowest teir, but since they are quick to sacrifice their bodies in demonic rituals their Isiri "form" might be considered lesser, but only in comparison to things they can upgrade like the Spawn and Soul Tender, and not nessarly demons. I don't think anything has ever been said about their buildings. I would assume it's typical dark elf architecture with even more demonic flair. Fires, Ritual Circles, Regular sacrificing, open torture, indescrite brothels and all that stuff. Also we used to have more mages. In the last revision several of our mages were stripped of their casting powers becausee it was deemed to powerful for flyers to also be mages. I hope we get it back one day, because the mages are why I play this faction.
  12. http://health.howstuffworks.com/extracellular-matrix.htm Another, more informed article on the matter. It seems the accident actually happened in 2005, maybe Dragon Forge can confirm the time frame. The article above also explains it a little more clearly. It seems legit.
  13. I also came into the story skeptical, and it does seem crazy... The powder does seem to have limits though. The wound must remain open. I don't know if this is done forcibly or if the powder itself prevents the wound from scarring over. It works slowly. 4 weeks for a half inch of finger. The doctor that a few of the sites I've read about it on seems to be real enough. It's odd that they have different last names, but claim to be brothers. Then again different fathers could explain that. http://www.pitt.edu/~msrc/personnel/facult...en_badylak.html Other places seem to match up on this being the type of thing he actually works on: http://www.mirm.pitt.edu/badylak/ So does his educational background: https://engineering.purdue.edu/BME/AboutUs/...ch_22_html?pp=1 If they did know each other it wouldn't surprise me if Lee was supposed to stay quiet and instead told everyone about it. That's just judging from his personality though.
  14. I haven't been by the shop in some time, they are mostly a toy, model car/plane/train, and card game shop with limited playing area for games like Warlord. So unfortunately I did not know about the accident during the regrowing. When I was going by there often Lee was a very no bullstuff person, the kind that really would just lay it out plain and simple. So I can't imagine he would make up this story for attention. What makes this kind of funny for me is that the story was mentioned to me by a friend who has no connections to that store or the hobby. I just recognized Lee's voice immediately.
  15. http://xo.typepad.com/blog/2008/03/video-man-re-gr.html In this video is Lee, one of the owners of a Hobby Shop around the corner from where I work. I haven't talked to him in awhile, but apparently he lobbed off a finger and has become one of the first humans to regrow a limb... bone, skin, tendons, flesh and all. An awesomely nice guy and it's amazing to see him on international news!
  16. I'm ok with both the Warlord and Totem idea. Although not every player will like it, it makes your army construction different than the norm. and keeps me on my toes. I'll be bringing Razig happily packing my Totem and Warlord. Hmmm... I wonder how many of them I can get painted in 2 weeks...
  17. I think it's pretty clear that isn't going to happen. On top of what Bryan said above, the sculpts have continued to come out since the beginning of the game and even if they were to change we still have a massive backlog of models that have stuff hanging off. We would need a rule of some kind. Even if it's as simple as what was in Confrontation 3e. It said that if models couldn't touch bases then put it a few cm back and that's it's official location. I like Arbiter's idea also. It kind of reminds me of Reach from D&D and Chainmail. Just make sure the rule has no effects on Defensive strikes. The only problem I see with it is when you're just barely out of reach and folks are reading the tape measure differently. But that's no different than a ranged attack or a current charge. How would you have this affect charging? Do they only get the bonus move if they come into B2B?
  18. I know alot of people bring up that models hang off of their base as a problem, but is that really the case? I personally have never had a game problem because of this. It seems like the biggest issue would be measuring an engagement, but that is easily done by measuring to the base before movement. It's common place in our games to put a model in one place and say, "He's supposed to be there", because of hills, stairs, flyers, burrowers, and the larger than life sculpts. If you guys don't mind, could you share some scenerios were it caused a problem that wasn't easily solved. I just don't see it. And if most think the sculpts do cause a unique problem, maybe we can brainstorm some kind of errata to help the issue.
  19. Here are two that I think would suit the Link image nicely. This one is perfect I think. The bow on the back is a seperate piece so you can remove it if you choose too. Tunic, Light Armor, long hair. I think it's a female figure, but Link has female features, so it works out, just don't tell anyone. Mod the shield to be the Royal Symbol and Add a hat... 14204: Acacia,Crusaders Sergeant This one is less Linkish to me. I think it's because his face is harsher and less elven/hylian. A hat may hide this and the figure lends itself to an action scene much better. 02113: Sir Falco Steelcross I really look foward to seeing what you make! Edit: Link isn't always a left hander, in the Wii version of TP he uses his right and on the NES he was both a rightie and leftie
  20. If there is any race that is overplayed, it's humans. They are everywhere! :) I would expect undead to be common in a nation torn with war. They would be an almost limitless resource of soldiers. I guess the reason I don't have a problem with another undead race is because of how different the undead are in this game. We're not talking about most games where undeath means mindless servitude to a ruthless necromancer... This is Taltos where it takes a whole new face. Necropolis: Undeath is the same old. We use your broken corpse to feed our growing legion, like it or not. Enter Fear of Undeath, and I would be for these guys. Razig: Close to the same old, but with a twist. They can recruit unwilling victims, but I see it as a rarity. Only so much room on the ship and They are ruled by pure hate and revenge making their undeath just different enough in my eyes. Nefsokar: Now we're mixing it up. The warriors once laid to rest return because their god needs their aid. Some even return as leaders once their undead bodies fall in battle, continuing their fight. Overlords: Undeath is practically seen as a promotion. Take the best warriors and if they perform well, you get to work with Ashkrypt... permanently! The undead elves, would be something of a mix between Nefsokar and Overlords. A promotion only taken because your numbers are few and your country needs you. Never forced but determination among soldiers is high so most of their soldiers must die twice before being truly released. A new undead faction would also help make use of those models with the smite ability. Right now they can't use in on any good factions... Lets add one for them :)
  21. Stubbdogs right that coming up with a good faction is hard to do. I've got a number of other faction ideas that are neutral or evil. I do think that a lot, if not all of our suggestions thus far have been really unique. Far more unique than what is already in the game as far as good factions. Humans, Elves and Dwarves are soo overplayed. So far we've got: Warrior Monks, Hive Mind Insects, Elemental based monsters, Good Undead, Greek/Roman with Minotaurs, half-elves, and humans, Samurai, Blade Sisters, Celestials, Halflings and Dragons, and Gealen Highland Northern Barbarians. In my perfect Adon/Taltos we would blow up the factions and permanatly solidify who the warring parties are in the game. Make them diverse enough to expand on without needing to discontinue the entire faction. My list of new factions would break down like this: Good The greek/Roman faction that I'm dying to play. (minotaurs being a race used often for models)A holy cow sublist could be TOTALLY possible here! [*]The elves would split. Good Undead and Grey elves become a faction. The Warrior Monks would be a sect of grey elves, perhaps even a sublist within the larger faction. [*]The Blade Sisters would be fleshed out as a sub-list of Mercs. [*]Celestials would be a sub-list of Crusaders. [*]Halflings and Lesser Copper dragons. These two forces unite just for survival. Neutral Gealen Highland Northern Barbarians. Who doesn't love the shirtless barbarians who are only concerned with keeping their feet warm in giant furry shoes. A primitive African inspired army. Large shields with tribal paintings and exotic masks. Lots of spears and tons of thrown ranged attacks. Short ranged throwing spears and a relegious connection to feline beasts would be their marking. Large cats to ride, small cats as soldiers, feral lions as monsters. Evil The Hive mind insects are the perfect expansion for the Blood Stone Gnomes. Sublist ready. Corrupted Japanese themed faction. Fallen samurai, shadowy monks, and lethal ninjas ooze evil and take the Ogres and Imps of japanese lore into their fold. This leaves plenty of room for the faction to work and look totally different from the asian inspired Reptus. A Magic addicted, construct building, diseased infested, human faction. Weak bodies and almost no human warriors. Very heavy in mages. No fliers. Large evil constructs fill their warrior role. Some humans are half construct and everything in their land is rotton as their consumed with magic. The only thing I left out from above ideas, I think, are the elementals. They are already scattered through out other factions so I would keep it that way. Just my .02 I've had all that swirling in my head for awhile now.
  22. We actually have 4 factions with undead in them. Necropolis, Nefsokar, Razig, and Overlords. To me that means that undead are a common theme in Taltos and possibly all of Adon. The only undead them that isn't tapped into is one that is Good and possibly made up of half of something else. With that said, I wouldn't mind seeing a celestial faction. I think Cruaders have already tapped this market though and I would see it as a Sub-List rather than a Faction. Similar to how the Demons were done in Darkspawn. It would make the two factions even more of a rivalry. I love the idea of a full fledged Oriental faction. I do not like the idea of them being good. I feel like the Samurai and Monks of giving and caring are overplayed. I'd like to see a corrupted, broken, and nasty Japan inspired faction. This would give us the same types of models as usual, samurai, monks, and sake brewers, but it would allow for a corrupted magical spin to be put on the average models. It would also allow vile ninjas and perhaps 1 or 2 monster races to be included. Like Tengu for adepts and Japanese Ogres and Goblins to help flesh it out more. The fact that another company makes similar miniatures shouldn't be a deterent for Reaper to make them. It is actually a positive, since people might pick up reapers in place of the other Companies. I also firmly believe Reaper would blow the socks off of Crocs miniatures. The other games don't have opportunities to dip into Monster rich races of Adon like Reaper does either. I want to see a Minotaur decked out like a spartan warrior from 300 damn it :) I totally agree with RGTripleC on a Northern Barbarian faction. I would think of them as neutral, but maybe good could work also. Innate frost spells on some of the models and perhaps the use of shields and armor are seen as weak throughout the entire faction, so nobody gets deflect. I also wouldn't mind a halfling and dragon army. If we move out of Taltos perhaps the expanding war has pushed into the halflings territory so they've called on old alliances to help them defend what is theirs. I would use copper dragons or something that is usually more playful than fearful, to show reason why they have aligned with the wee folk. Tons of cool potential when aligning Halflings with real dragons. Not the half breed stock the reptus have around. I want a brood of thorough breed Copper dragons that help the Halflings as friends.
  23. I'd like to see a good undead faction. Spirits of fallen warriors who never give up hope or duty, restless untill the world is rid of evil. A good lich who sacrificed his humanity to make sure he sees the day that evil is pushed back. I had an idea about an elven civil war, seperating the woodland creatures and wood elves from the high elves and grey elves. Because of lack of numbers the High elves would call on their ancestors to protect sacred lands and fight back the evil. Even more than that, I'd like to see a good Greek/Roman inspired faction. I would make them freedom fighters who do not approve of slavery or the bending of a person's rights in any way, often making them seem stand offish and stubborn. Lots of Lock Shield abilities. Races include Humans, Half Elves, and Minotaurs. Hatred for Overlords because of their slavery trading, distaste for the Elves for how they feed their half elf brothers propaganda and send them to die, and problems with other factions all around. The good intentions but too strong armed faction.
  24. I know the datacard for Feral Pups only lists a single model, but since it's an adept we can freely take advantage of the proxy rules and end up with with a mixed number of soldiers that have similar but different sculpts just from the DHL line. I suggest: 02872: Male Were Wolf 02863: Female Werewolf 02747: Jean Paul Werewolf The low DV does suck. Luckily everything else in the army has a large base and can block LOS to the little guys. I recommend using them in pairs for any troop. Attack the opponents strong hero or leader with these and a more expensive model. They'll give you the support bonus and I find the opponent using defensive strikes on the model that is harder to hit while he still has the larger mav. Using Frenzy is optional. On the big guys they sometimes need a 10 even with support, so the 3 extra attacks they get by Frenzy can be handy. My biggest problem with them is that I like the Wolves better. Disable when using the same tactic I described above is flat out awesome. I'll happily give up a #MA for an opponent to lose one of his.
  25. I would have them kept out of the Document. If they fit with the new monster then make a note of what faction they are in and where they can be found.
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