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  1. Razig's one troop armies are awesome. You can really take advantage of his WA that way.
  2. A little late, but here's the link to last month's finished miniatures. This month is an unknown, will decide what to paint after Gen Con. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/40537-the-darkreach-have-arrived/
  3. Here's every currently released darkreach model and a few proxies. Enjoy!
  4. This made me LOL! I saw this odd ball army tear apart some elves. Koborlas - 998 points Troop 1 Kashia, Ghostmane Mother Familiar Book of Tactics Ragon the Blooded x 2 Rageclaw Line Breaker x 10 Troop 2 Spirit Wolf Luck Stone
  5. The Koborlas is made for this: Troop 1 Kashia, Ghostmane Mother Luta, Rageclaw Shaman Ragon the Blooded Rageclaw Slayer x 4 Rageclaw Line Breaker x 4 Rageclaw Sentry x 2 With Kashia, use Whirlwind to separate armies that are in tight troops, opening gaps to fit in the slayers. Use Chain Lightning to help against swarm armies. Luta's Incite is great for getting into melee and making sure you draw some blood. Beguile to cause stun to prevent defense strikes works out great as well. Other than that it's pure carnage.
  6. Yay, indeed! Thanks to everyone who has donated over the past few months, you have no idea how appreciated it is. I guess now it's time to get this game working so we can get you guys into the Beta testing.
  7. Hey, I know a few of you have upgraded your donation amounts over the past few weeks. Can you tell me how exactly you did it? Do you just donate again and it totals it for you, then allows you to choose a new reward?
  8. Someone is going to appreciate it I'm sure! Someone has donated and taken you up on the offer. lol As of a few moments ago someone will be coming with us to Reaper Con next year! I can't wait to eat some Sonic and BBQ with my new favorite supporter! $500 away from our goal, with 5 days to go! We are so close!
  9. We didn't think we would have time to paint more than 3 armies since we have to program a video game and all.... BUT someone has stepped to the plate to help out. A New Reward has been added: Pledge $375 or more LIMITED REWARD 2 of 2 remaining You get all of the above (Game, Beta access, Taltos Book, Savage North Book, and Sound Track, 9 Warlord Figures, voicing of an in game character, a 1,000 point army) and a professional miniature painter will paint your 1,000 point army to the color scheme of your choosing.James Degenhardt has decided to help us out with painting some of the armies, and his usual commission ranges in the 15-25 a piece, so order this reward now and get him at one hell of a discount.
  10. We had a total blast too. Looking at the troops that everyone came up with during that quick battle was awesome, so many differences and some short and intense battles. Everyone here is completely stoked for the Gen Con tournament.
  11. You can usually find the at some online stores. We've sold out of them locally, and had to refer a new player to the War Store. And of course I'm going to throw in a shameless plug, but you could order the books as part of our fund raiser for the game also,
  12. I did mean "can't". I was thinking we could suggest some things for armies that can't dart across the board, like the Razig players. That way players don't start feeling hopeless about the scenario. There is always a counter strategy. The priest are pre-deployed, right? So to flatten them you'll need initiative, hopefully twice so you can move them and build the wall of troops around them. I agree that this is the best strategy for dealing with the 1st round charges. Since it's standard deployment, your deployment zone could be centered right on top of your priests also. That means you could deploy all around them to start with. Or build their safe zone along the back of the board so that you only need the single initiative. 5 round is plenty of time to make your way over to their totem and the defensive armies might even have a better chance at defiling the totem than the 1st round rush armies.
  13. I'll try to get a group picture up tonight. The trick is getting the Girlfriend to let me use her fancy new camera. I'm also horrible at taking pictures, so be prepared for that.
  14. I always forget about the Crusader's own version of the daisy chain. Those assassin dogs are super nasty when they pop up too. So there are plenty of armies that can't reach out and shred some priests in the first round, what are your tactics for defending against the teleports, daisy chains, summons, and speed bursts?
  15. The Buildings have stats, but can they be attacked and have damage dealt to them? I'm assuming not, but want to make sure. Does a model that starts in B2B with the building count as standing on the building? If so does the model who lit the fire catch on fire? If not, then how does a model stand on the building? So one model attempting to put out the fire needs to roll 9+ Two models putting out the fire need 8+ Three models trying to put out the fire, it happens automatically. The allies that are in B2B with the building don't have to use a specialty action to aid right?
  16. The models you own are similar to my own. I only just recently bought Salty Sabres and Zombies. Also, Razig is awesome. He can boost his DV up to 16, making it almost impossible for anything to hit without a natural 10. The Totem Trouble scenario is going to be played VERY different for a Razig army. You are going to use most of your army to defend your totem. By putting your models in b2b with your clerics you can make sure that their rush strategies are completely useless. I would focus a Razig army on a few Large troops. This will give you an advantage during the General Murphy game. You will also need some cheaper models to make sure you can start/put out fires in the Raiding of Denelspire scenario. 1000 points Troop 1 Razig Mast of the Maiden Clarissa Scurvy Dog Skeletal Harpooner x 2 Skeletal Crewman x 3 Salty Sabre x 3 Troop 2 Crows Nest Willy Bone Marine x 3 Salty Sabre x 2 Troop 3 Grim Pete Rat Swarm x 6 Troop 4 Dark Maiden ++Luck Stone The First Round in all of your games, you should activate the Dark Maiden then focus and Summon Spectral Minions. This gives the Dark Maiden a nice little troop of minions to help her kick butt. I included salty sabres in the army, because you need some serious beef and they have it. Their tough checks also work great with razig's WA and you might even get a few back on the board. You have enough Crewman that you should be able to pick out 5 of them that look different and proxy them as Salty Sabres. The Rats are going to be put to work as your basic object grabbing force. Don't charge them into battle, instead use them to set fires or defile the totem. In General Murphy use them to attack spell casters and archers. Remember that Undead are immune to Poison, so when Clarrisa unleashes that beautiful 5" AoE Toxic Cloud, you can drop it right on your own guys with no issues.
  17. Sethoman, what kind of list are you looking at for Razig at Gen Con?
  18. LMAO... I'll meet you in the Razig Tactics thread.
  19. Can teleport make it? Caster Moves 6" + Teleport 18" + Model charges 6"+2" = 32". More if we teleport faster models. Crossing Death's River makes me hate Nefsokar that much more. I was thinking some Cavalry + Musician + Burst of Speed could also make the Jump. The cavalry need a speed base speed of 9 though and Rush Attack if they want to hit something. Centaurs(Lion Lancers, Wargs, & Death Riders) + Musician Burst of Speed 10" + Move 10" + Charge 12" = 32"... The ugly part is the First Strike.
  20. In Totem Trouble, the 3rd scenario for Gen Con the goal is to kill the enemies 5 priests, defile their totem, and protect your own. So the gears on first round slaughter are turning, and I want to see what everyone's got for first round kills. The goal is to attack one priest in the first round. The priests start about 6 to 8 inches from the edge of the board. Your deployment zone reaches out 12". So you we'll set the goal distance of 32" just to be safe. What are your tactics for reaching out and getting to those priests and totems before the enemy even knows what happened!
  21. Just so RGTripleC and Castlebuilder are clear, I want to point out that it works both ways! If you swift attack an enemy model and he is in B2B with another one of your models, he can only take a single Defensive Strike on the Swift Attacker, but he can take his remaining attacks on the other models in B2B with him.
  22. I think I have confused the question. I thought Not Sure was asking if a Reach Model could use a reach attack as a Swift attack if they had both SAs. After looking at his post that is NOT what he is asking at all. Shakandra is very right. The reach model has to reach over the model during the attacks, what that model does after the attacks doesn't matter. It can be a swift attack move action or a normal move action, the intervening model is free to do as it will. As long as neither the Reach Model or Enemy models move, then I see no issue with the swift attack models charging into their previous locations to do some more attacking.
  23. (this post answers a question that was not asked) :) Since swift attack requires the attack to be in B2B with the model and Reach attacks are not considered to be b2b contact, then I have to say no, they cannot take place together.
  24. Minky, glad to see you post what you're working on. Can't wait to see those Kargir all painted up. Last night was awesome. For the first time ever, I have finished painting an entire army. 03126: Ghoul Queen (Queen) 14594: Avrix Dirthe, Dark Elf Champion 14575: Tierdeleira, Priestess 14586: Female Dark Elf Warrior(Shadowstep) x 7 14590: Liela Mordollwen, Dark Elf Sorceress 03126: Ghoul Queen (Rose Window) 00000: Unknown DHL model proxy 14571: Zalash Dark Elf Assassin 14584: Dark Elf Crossbowman(Shiver Spike)x 5 14570: Dark Elf Warrior (Nightshade) x 4 60028: Pathfinder Red Dragon - Painted as Shadow Dragon 02664: Phase Cat - Finished I can't wait to dull coat them tonight and hit the table with them tomorrow. Those 7 Shadow Step Warriors got to be very frustrating. I can't stand painting the same thing over and over, which makes me want to move on to my Lupines next. Big models, and you only need to paint a few of them. Thanks for the motivation guys! Now to break before the August Roll Call.
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