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  1. If you think T'kay is good for burst of speed and Divine Might, you should try casting Iron Skin on the turtle and watch him just absorb all kinds of damage. The turtles usually live longer than expected for me. With their Damage Reduction/1 they have to take 2 damage in the same activation to die. Not immortal, but when they swarm it can be tough. If you want some more models in a 750 point army I would build something like this: Troop 1 Khong-To T'Kay, Reptus Cleric Reptus Warrior x 2 Reptus Longstriker x 2 Clutchling Archer Troop 2 Chhaya Book of Tactics Spikeshell Warrior x 6 Clutchling Archer Troop 3 Dragon Turtle You lose a troop, but the one that are left are going to be tough to deal with. Once you try out the Longstrikers and their first strike, I think you'll be happy with them too. If you wanted to boost the army to 1,000 points, which is a normal game size try this: Troop 1 Khong-To T'Kay, Reptus Cleric Nai-Khanon Reptus Warrior x 4 Reptus Longstriker x 2 Raptor x 3 Troop 2 Chhaya Book of Tactics Spikeshell Warrior x 6 Clutchling Archer x 2 Troop 3 Dragon Turtle I know there aren't many turtles in it, but just try it and watch Khong-To's troop devour anything laid out in front of him.
  2. Oh man have I ever been waiting for this topic to come up! There are some incredible builds for the Koborlas. Here's a solid diverse army: Troop 1 Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha Doomcrier Luta, Rageclaw Shaman Frostfang Hunter x 3 Troop 2 Takhi, Frostfang Shaman Rageclaw Line Breaker x 2 Troop 3 Kainus, War Veteran Rageclaw Slayer x 3 Takhi can use burst of speed to slingshot a troop toward unsuspecting enemies, possibly even getting them into combat in the first round. Use Line Breakers to shoot the soft casters or assassin models, their large bases allow you to get line of sight against most things. Kainus and the Slayers were primarily objective point grabbers, once they get a hold of something they stay put. In the General Murphy and Totem Trouble scenarios this army would do well. In the sacking of Denelspire they would be tough. You would have to hold the enemy to the choke points on the bridge if defending, but that means rushing down the roads and possibly leaving yourself open to ranged attacks; Then when on the offensive you have to hope you can kill most things, or light some stuff on fire with Luta. Here is one with a little less armor, but some serious bite: Troop 1 Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha Luta, Rageclaw Shaman Warg x 2 Frostfang Hunter x 4 Musician Troop 2 Aislinn, Shadow Tracker Rageclaw Line Breaker Rageclaw Warrior x 2 Troop 3 Takhi, Frostfang Shaman Rageclaw Line Breaker x 2 Troop 4 Spirit Wolf The same spell tactics apply to this scenario. In Totem trouble you can easily get Vasyl's musician troop into b2b contact with the priests in round one (if you burst of speed with Takhi, then cast incite with Luta you can even get some attacks in...), with the Spirit wolf not far behind. Attacking and defending becomes a little easier for the Sacking of Denelspire with the Wargs being able to block or attack weaker figs and aid in putting out/starting fires. General Murphy will be slightly more difficult sense there are more troops which could result in being more spread out, but your speed is a huge advantage. Make sure to play through some of the scenarios, that's the best way to get good and ready for the tournament.
  3. You're right it's right there at the bottom of the FAQ page. My guess is that it's a step towards making sure nothing is broken in the future. Testing adds up when you have to cross test those 150+ new models in combination with Mercs and various equipment upgrades. There is also further cross combo testing if more factions are ever added in the future. If a broken combo is found then we have to specifically errata that combination and any other broken combos we find which just seems like the wrong way to do. Not completely sure if this is the reason, but it seems very likely.
  4. Added another model to the list. The Ghoul Queen has always been a favorite of mine, I'm excited to get to use her as the Warlord of the army. 03126: Ghoul Queen (Queen) - - Skin, Cloth, Weapon 14594: Avrix Dirthe, Dark Elf Champion - - Skin, Cloth, Weapon 14575: Tierdeleira, Priestess - - Skin, Cloth, Armor Weapon 14586: Female Dark Elf Warrior(Shadowstep) x 7 - Skin, Cloth, Weapon 14590: Liela Mordollwen, Dark Elf Sorceress - Skin, Cloth, hair, Weapons 03126: Ghoul Queen (Rose Window) 00000: Unknown DHL model proxy 14571: Zalash Dark Elf Assassin 14584: Dark Elf Crossbowman(Shiver Spike)x 5 14570: Dark Elf Warrior (Nightshade) x 4 60028: Pathfinder Red Dragon - Painted as Shadow Dragon 02664: Phase Cat - Finished Doing the armor in Red with the wrappings in white has become a nightmare on the Shadow Step Warriors. Way too much time is being spent repainting as I keep messing up. I'm going to try to swallow the pride and ignore it on them. Hopefully I'll finish them tonight and then I can focus on the remaining Leaders and Elites.
  5. I may have missed something, but I would assume that it does work with Savage North I couldn't find anything in the FAQ on reapergames.com or the Forums that say otherwise. Could you link to where you heard this from?
  6. Evil isn't winning, they just have a better recruitment program.
  7. Something not being usable together isn't adverse. The abilities do not directly oppose each other, they offer benefits in different situations. Broadside offers you a chance once per troop to use your models in an entirely different way than usual. Allowing Soul Cannons to move and still get a shot. Headshot grants all slow fire models a nice bonus to dealing with tough armies for the remaining 4 rounds of combat. Both lend themselves to making a slow fire army more deadly. They build on each other to make a slow fire army more diverse and possible.
  8. So far it's me, Danny, Jason, and Dees. So we'll have 4 coming up there to throw down. I like your goals. Let's do it!
  9. Also think of the alternate ways those Rangers are going to useful. The Rangers can EASILY make short work of a swarm army in a way that no one was capable of previously.
  10. I'm fighting the urge to buy it. Don't know if I can resist long though... Damn you Jim Raynor, why can't I quit you!
  11. Saweet! When are the tournament scenarios going to be posted up?
  12. I lied when I said those miniatures were finished. I completely forgot that I needed to flock the bases. So I ran out to the FLGS, picked up some rocks, dirt, and purple flowers and based the 13 painted models. Now they are finished. Only 10 to go.
  13. Everyone should know that we are completely willing to do this! Kickstarter is a sort of contract, making sure you get a reward for your support. If you want to stray from the pre-packaged rewards, let us know and we'll work it out.
  14. We are trying offer a wide range of items for everyone. Video Gamers can get the game for a discount and with it comes the sound track and their name in the credits. Miniature Gamers can start a new army(which is always enticing when 8 new armies are being released), and get either rule book, or both. We naturally also offer some combination of both in most of the rewards sense most of the prizes offer something to everyone. Many games release with a pre-order bonus of miniatures, and the books offer alot of lore that even non-miniature games would hopefully enjoy. The reward that you mention was actually part of the reward program originally, it was just much more expensive, and once costs were planned out it is beyond our ability given all of the parties that would be involved. It was opted out, and instead we included the ability for a player to voice one of the characters. I wish we offered a reward that would motivate you to donate. I understand if you can't, I just ask that you pass the word along to someone that you know who is interested in RTS games, Fantasy video games, or Warlord and point them to our site. Hopefully we'll have something for them!
  15. I was thinking that it would be a good reward for an entire gaming group to pool their money too. If a group did something like that I would be more than willing to try and get all their voices in the game.
  16. I wanted to let everyone know that two more Rewards have been added... One of which will actually be a blast. $500: Game, Beta access Taltos Book Savage North Book Sound Track 9 Warlord Figures Voicing of an in game character Painted 1,000 point army Access to our Design forums where you will be able to give your input on how the game play mechanics will come together. Oh yeah... You also get all of our future games for free. Anything and everything that we ever release in the future is free to you. Expansion packs, free. Sequels, free. New games, free. Forever. $1,000: Game, Beta access Taltos Book Savage North Book Sound Track 9 Warlord Figures Voicing of an in game character Painted 1,000 point army FREE games from us forever I will hand deliver the books, painted army, and Warlord figures While I'm at your home I will complete an entire days worth of odd jobs, from mowing your lawn, to washing your car. Or we can game all night and all day with your newly painted warlord army. I will also bring the latest build of the video game so that you get the first hands on experience with it! If possible, other Too Late Developers will join me. This reward is limited to the continental United States. I actually hope that someone buys up the 1,000 reward. Not just from the funding part of it, but for the great stories that would emerge from such an event.
  17. Posting to keep motivated: 14594: Avrix Dirthe, Dark Elf Champion - packaged 14575: Tierdeleira, Priestess ($4.99) - primed 14586: Female Dark Elf Warrior(Shadowstep) x 7 - primed 14590: Liela Mordollwen, Dark Elf Sorceress - Skin, Cloth, hair, weapons 00000: Unknown DHL model proxy 14571: Zalash Dark Elf Assassin 14584: Dark Elf Crossbowman(Shiver Spike)x 5 14570: Dark Elf Warrior (Nightshade) x 4 60028: Pathfinder Red Dragon - Painted as Shadow Dragon 02664: Phase Cat - Finished With 13 models finished this month I have officially painted more models this July than I have ever painted before.
  18. We're into the last month of our fund raising and I think that we need some more rewards. Who better to ask then the people that would want the reward. What else would you like to see added to the list? We're looking for anything something in the $500 range, so what would you want for that kind of support?
  19. We were actually talking about this at the Hobby Shop last Sunday. The common reason to ignore it was because it was too hard to destroy. My personal reason for never attacking one is because I usually have too many models on the hill. I know that some of the effects would be game changing and I hope to see the scenario played a few more times.
  20. I also want to mention that we have a reward for those that only want the Savage North rulebook. $40 will get you the rule book at retail price, no tax, no shipping cost. Also, Thanks for posting this Jason. It's much appreciated!
  21. When did they become "limited edition" figures? It was never mentioned in the original site. I'll try to comply although money is tight these days. The initial 9 Warlord figures are not limited edition. It's worth mentioning that we might be releasing 3 new miniatures that would be limited edition.
  22. The answer for Lay on Hands is found in the spell description. I think that's solid and makes sense. Now what about, Touch of the Gods: Does it follow the same rules as lay on hands, or can it be cast on yourself?
  23. That seems so very odd to me, especially since all of the B2B spells that cause damage specify All Enemies as the target. The extra verbage on the other spells makes me think the caster would otherwise be a valid target. If you look at B2B as a Range, it makes sense that you could cast on yourself also. The Range is B2B, ie 0, the caster is within the 0 range as would anyone else that is in Base to Base contact.
  24. Has it been decided if Savage North armies are allowed in the Gen Con tournament yet? The previous answer was yes as long as the book is released before the Con, but when you register for the tourny you get this message. Official confirmation that Savage North armies are allowed would be awesome! I know a lot of us can't wait to try some of these new factions out against the best of the best. Also, any reward for painted armies? I know we talked about it in other threads, but Gen Con would be a great place to make it part of the Warlord tournament tradition.
  25. I have started my Darkreach army. I'm going to use dipping for the soldiers and I've never done it so I'm excited to see how it all turns out. Tierdeleira, Priestess - primed Avrix Dirthe, Champion - packaged Liela Mordollwen, Sorceress - primed Zalash, Assassin - primed +skin Nightshade Warrior x 4 - primed +skin Shadowstep Warrior x 7 - primed Shiver Spike Crossbow x 5 - primed +skin Shadow Dragon - Finished Phase Cat - Finished
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