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  1. Everyone here is in painting mode right now getting ready for the tournament. Jason, our local new guy, has gotten a few brushes wet. He may have used high gloss model car paints, but all that means is that it's a fierce and shiny Varaug.
  2. Are there going to be forums setup for us to discuss the new armies in?
  3. I'm pretty sure the below is correct: 1,000 points 3 Games. Each game has a max of 5 rounds, and a 1 hour 30 minute time limit.
  4. The muts are packed are ready for gaming.
  5. LOL I just watched that movie 2 days ago.
  6. I think that we'll come close to filling up all of the slots. I know at least 4 more people from the Cincinnati area are planning to sign up and haven't yet. That only leaves 5 slots which I could easily see selling in the 28 days until Gen Con or being picked up at the Con as people learn the game.
  7. Maceswinger, I can bring the following armies for you to choose from: Koborlas Lupines, Darkspawn, Razig, or Reptus. Sounds like we'll have a really good gathering. Maybe I'll even bring our WIP video game trailer along for the trip. Maybe...
  8. This is incredible. I hope to see it played in a Tournament.
  9. I'm ok with Ravenstone on the 1st. Lets do it.
  10. If your opponents are cool with it, I say run with what you come up with. Sometimes it's a blast to change the rules and just throw down a friendly game. I recommend the Nefsokar constructs as a starting point. The Anubis guards, Ammat Devourers, and Daughters of Sekhmet already have that stone creature feel.
  11. I would say that the vampire gets to feed. It works similar to a vampire attacking with 3 skeletons. The vampire may only do 1 point of damage and the skeletons deal the rest, but the vampire still gets to use their SA.
  12. Let's schedule a gather for July 31st or Aug 1st and see if we can get people to come. Which is better for you Maceswinger? It will be a good chance for other players to swap opponents and try out their Gen Con tournament armies and we'll run some demos to make an event out of the whole thing. Call it a Savage North release party or something! Can anyone get in contact with those stores and see if they would host such a gathering?
  13. Wildbill, you kick butt. You'll have first dibs on the unit you want to voice. We have to reach our goal though, so spread the word.
  14. The 2nd edition is available in other stores. Reaper might be out of stock, but you can find it online or at the FLGS. You're correct. The softcover Warlord 2e book contains the original 10 Taltos factions(necropolis). The hardcover Savage North expansion contains 8 new factions(Wood Elves). Both have all the rules you need to play the game.
  15. The end of July is a tight time frame for me, but I would love to roll some dice. I don't know where any hobby shops are in the area, but we can sort that out later. Is anyone else on the forum from the Columbus area, that would know the lay of the land? We have a rivalry brewing between the Cincinnati group and the Mansfield Teddy Bears so I'll make sure to invite them.
  16. I distinctly remember the 28th was today, and the 29th is tomorrow. I even wrote it down.
  17. It's tomorrow already! Where is my little something?
  18. We have updated some of the rewards for our supporters, making them more attractive and more affordable. Many have lowered in price. We also made sure not to leave early contributors in the cold. Everyone who donates more than $15 will also receive a digital copy of the game's sound track and the Design Team will sign all books the supporters receive! For generous supporters we are now letting them do the voice work for a model of their choosing. So if you always thought that you had the perfect voice for your favorite warlord hero then it's your chance to make sure everyone else knows it. http://www.kickstart...eo-game-project Also, check out Jenna's latest concept art for one of our main Reptus characters.
  19. Not only is Jason returning for Gen Con, but he's planning to hit that tourny with a painted army. He primed up Big Phil today. We're trying to come up with a name for the Cincinnati guys so that when we clash with the Mansfield Bears it sounds better than North vs South. I want to hear the battle report from Bob's and Dave's game in the Ruins scenario. That looked close and I missed all of it.
  20. Help make Warlord the Video Game happen!

  21. I have changed my opinion after watching 3 tournament games using this scenario at Origins. In every game the Defender lost all 10 scenario points, and in every game I couldn't see a way for them to defend the throne tile. Good attacker tactics were to keep fast leaders in the back. Create a small break in the enemy line that has formed around a doorway. Move leader model full speed towards the throne. With fast leader models it's almost certain that they'll get to it. Also by fast leader I mean 7+ mov, the faster the better of course.
  22. We now have a strict training policy here in Cincy. We will not be heading into the next tournament unprepared. Our players may have been crushed at the hands of others at the tournament, but we will rise again. Born from the flames of defeat we will descend upon Gen Con with a fury that can only be calmed with first place. Tim, great tournament. Everyone had a blast and all of our players haven't stopped talking about the tactics they learned and what their going to try out next. It's awesome to see so many people so excited. I'll be playing at Gen Con though, so you better make sure your Mansfield Bears are ready.
  23. I sent you a PM, SIGIL. We will be shooting for user testing in September/October. So if you have chosen one of the supporter rewards that involves the beta testing with us, you'll probably be playing the game then. We will be posting the entire process of the game from conception to release on our blog. So drop us comments and share with friends.
  24. We're kicking butt trying to get ready for Gen Con and putting up a post slipped my mind. :) We are in dire need of support so tell anyone and everyone you know. Here's a WIP of our Templar model to tease everyone. When extra large he may not be impressive, but when marching across the field in formation they are a sight to behold. http://www.toolatedev.com/image.axd?picture=2010%2f6%2fTemplar_Preview.png The forums currently won't show images linked from our site, but follow the link and check it out.
  25. I have not played this scenario yet, but I have watched two games so far. Both times I was very surprised by how balanced it actually was. Even with an elven player blocking door ways with cat walls and launching Lightning Storms through closed doors, the games were still close and decided by skill not placement. It seems that one of the concerns is that people who build armies specifically for this scenario will win it hands down. That just isn't the case from what I've seen. An attacking army focused on getting to the point objectives seems to spread itself out, giving the defender combat advantages. It all seems to balance out by the last round. Carrying one list through the entire tournament is what makes building the army exciting. You have to try and cram all your combos and tricks into one cohesive list, so that you can pull out what you need in all 3 games.
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