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  1. I only covered the Soldiers. Stubbdog hit the nail on the head for the Devourer. I want to leave the door open for others to summarize the other models in the army. After all, I need new strategies too.
  2. You are right. It only applies to your first attack
  3. What happens if your Krung Beast starts stomping down soldiers, but then in the middle of those soldiers is a model with fearsome? When do I make the DIS check?
  4. Miniatures the Primordial of D&D 4e. Mixtures of different elementals, big in size, and cool looking in general. On the Left I need this one
  5. Really great stuff, thanks for the stories and tips. It really gets my brain back in the game. Don't stop because I'm loving all of your stories. One bad guy that I ran in a campaign long ago, was a wizard who ran all the local slaving ring. One npc said he wanted to be an escaped slave, so I said ok. I told him he wakes up in a covered wooden cage, trapped with 3 other starving people ankle deep in their own feces. The other npcs see the wizard yanking the cover off of a wagon to reveal the 4 slaves as he quickly begins auctioning them off. The other PCs stopped the selling, freed the slaves, and the ran the wizard out of town. The pc that wanted to start as an escaped slave got his wish, just in a way he didn't quite imagine. The wizard embarrased by the PCs began trying to frame them for other crimes, but when that failed he turned to profitable weapon enchanting business. Later in the campaign, right after they found out he was behind the framing of them for crimes, the characters were given the choice of siding with him and gaining access to his weapon stash. Of course they choose to destroy his entire operation and give him a swift death instead.
  6. It doesn't have to be the final bad guy. Give me something very sinister or complicated if you want. We haven't started playing yet and with several new players, I'm not sure if I can pre-determine how they will act or what they'll do. I always feel as if the first few adventurers are always the hardest since you really can't predict what they're going to do at all. I really like the idea of an Ethran type NPC. I imagined that is what my Rogue NPC will turn into as time marches on. Starting as an allie, but his greed and sticky fingers quickly find him looking for work outside of the party. Love the idea of him being less confrontational and more of a pain in the butt. I want to layout a few hooks early just in case they do something unpredictable. The main city has a registration process for all arcane magic users. One of the NPCs was kidnapped from and experiemented on, turning him from human to tiefling. That's all his backstory, but I'll make sure that one of his torturerers, is working on the registration council and the tiefling has to see him, but can't do anything.
  7. I'm just starting up a new D&D campaign and after not playing for 3 years or so, my head is swimming with ideas. One thing I still figure what to do, is how to make the party hate another character. Right now, I have an NPC that will be with them for 2 or 3 levels and eventually turn on them, sell them out or switch sides. He's not the main antagonist though. So how do you get your party to hate some one?
  8. I understand the why Pat would have thought that, especially when first looking at the combining of those rules. To help explain Stubbdog's answer a little better, I'll get more descriptive. Movement with a swift attack happens before then after the combat portions. When combined with First Strike, it would work out like this: Swift Attack Charge Swift Attack + First Strike - Swift attack limits you to one attack. If the enemy has First Strike, he can take his defensive strike here - They can only take one defensive strike against the Swift Attacking model though. Damage from First strike attacks happen - This could kill the model, like Stubbdog says, which would prevent normal defensive strikes. Normal Offensive Attacks happen Normal Defensive Strikes happen - So unless you killed the model, they get to attack you with one defensive strike here. Damage from normal attacks take place, combat ends. The Rest of your Swift Attack movement takes place. Hope that helps make sense.
  9. Love it. It's also really cool that it's going towards Child's Play
  10. Here's a quick run down of what I think of the soldiers and how they will fit into Darkspawn 2.0. JDRipley did this in the Dwarves Thread, and I thought it was a good idea to continue it with other factions. If you've already looked at the dwarves line up, you'll already notice huge differences between the two. The darkspawn are stacked very heavily in specialist soliders. They are chaos on the battle field, and if you try to hold a line when playing with them you will not be playing to your strengths. LINE OF BATTLE - These guys have quality defensive stats and are capable of going toe to toe with an enemy and holding their position. ---Bathalian Exarch - Great DV for a darkspawn figure, with SAs that offer even more defensive capabilities. Immunity(Support) is a dream come true for any large figure, and nauseating and disable with help them guard against swarms by limiting their attack. Great model, but pricey. ---Demon Warrior- The bread and butter for a defensive darkspawn army. Their cheaper than the Exarch, and with smaller base sizes they can benefit from Reach support and are more likely to gain Support bonuses. They don't have all the bells and whistles that most Darkspawn models do, but if you want to hold a line, these are your boys. ---Isiri Warrior- I struggle with placing these warriors in this category. They are cheap models meant to hold the line, and at nearly 1/3 the price of the above models they are cheap. Their deflect will offere some cheap defense against ranged attacks, but they won't hold a line for very long. Use their cheap price to sway support bonuses into your favor. SHOCK TROOPERS - These guys sacrifice defense for offense and excel at putting a big hole in the enemy - even if they die doing it ---Broken Fodder - The classic suicide fighter. Everything from fluff to stats support what these guys are for, getting that single hit in before they die from the defensive strike. At 7 points a pop, you can field plenty of them. Don't be afraid to charge them into awkward situations, confusing your opponent is just an added bonus for these models. Don't forget about Mindless either, tie up those big mean solos with these 7 point models. ---Goatman Demon- This is a more typical shock trooper, having the speed to get a successful charge, and Rage to boost their MAV when charging allows them to really knock a whole in a front line. With mindless you'll also be able knock around the Fearsome models. ---Ice Demon- Cleave and Swing-Through are a deadly combo. These models are primarly anti-swarm soldiers. With Cleave and a decent MAV they could cut down on swarm models fairly easily. Also against cheaper models they should only get wounded, instead of being killed, allowing them to take full advantage of their regeneration. SECOND LINE - These guys have SA's that function in a supportive role. They do not excel at offense or defense, but allow other models to do what they do better. ---Isiri Pain Tender- Reach is important in any faction or army, but it's important to note that Pain Tenders are not just your average support model. Their reach attacks also Disable a model, giving your front line even more of an advantage. They work great behind any Warrior, be it demon or isiri. ---Lesser Devil- These ugly sons of Rauthorus are about as unique as a soldier can get. Decently priced at 21 points they come equiped with Reach and a Ranked Ranged attack. So while backing up they can choose between attacking and possibly granting the other models a support bonus, or shooting which allows them to attack the model before or after other types of attacks which could soften him up. If you plan on doing a lot of shooting try putting them behind Demon Warriors since they won't have to make DIS checks if in B2B with the enemy you're shooting. SPECIALISTS - These models have abilities or stats that allow them to fulfill some other role entirely. ---Demon Imp - Annoying little imps. Your enemies will grow to hate these models more than any other if they are used correctly. The perfect combo of Speed, Maneuverability, and Provoke result in the perfect guardian for Darkspawns many low DV models. When your enemy thinks he's got your mage, engage and attack with on of these little guys, forcing all of his attack to land on this 15 point cheap while your 100+ point elite delivers the killing blow unscathed. Learn To Love The Imps. ---Incubus/Succubus Warrior- Basically your average flyer. They serve as great distractions and when coupled with the powerful elite and leader flyers of darkspawn they will be perfect for support. Flyer, Speed and Swift attack can also be very useful against enemy mages that are tucked behind a front line; swoop in and cut them down. ---Isiri Arachnid Archer- Large Archers are a beautiful thing. Large archers with Stealth, are on a whole new level. Use their size to shoot over your swarms of brokken fodder, or lines of demon warriors. Rely on your stealth to keep you safe and make sure to pick targets that aren't immune to poison. ---Isiri Arachnid Warrior- These are less warrior and more like rogues. Use them as you would an elite, sneaking around to find soft targets for your vicious attacks and poison. If you're facing a large model with tough, then these guys are perfect for side stepping that ability. ---Isiri Archer- The Isiri Archers may not stand out from other archers, but archers are more important to this faction than they are in others. Not having a solid front line means the enemy must be weakened when you clash, the only way to do that is with Arrows, spells, or both. Guess what, the darkspawn has alot of both. Archers will also come in handy when you need to attack a model that has engaged an expensive leader/elite and the model can't survive the defensive strikes. Shoot the model. ---Spawn of Mashaf- The darkspawns burrowing monstrasities are perfect for scare tactics. Their bark is much bigger than their bite. Run them down the sides of the board and watch your enemy carefully plot his every move trying to avoid the Spawns wrath. Yet many forget that despite the figures size and appearance, it's only 26 points and it likely to go down as soon as it surfaces. Use them as you would other shock troops, but if your opponent overreacts to them, use them to control his movement.
  11. Lesser Devils are one of my favorite miniatures because of their stats. The combo of their Ranked Ranged attack, and their Reach melee attacks means that they can stay in a block formation and continue to attack or shoot while behind another model. So rank them behind the Demon Warriors and you end up with some nasty options.
  12. Oh, I forgot... The Arachnids have the Band SA, that means that they don't need a leader. If you group your Isiri Warriors together they can be deployed that way, but in doing that you can't mix them with other soldiers. To answer the question you presented Gus, you don't have to take anything. The only real army building rule is that the leader must be equal to or greater than the soldier he is leading. Which isn't often a problem since most soldiers have leaders that are of the same type as them.
  13. First. Welcome to Darkspawn. Your fine choice in faction will be rewarded by many victories I'm sure. Now down to business.... First, pick out the models you want to play with. I say pick the models that you can't live without and build your army around them. It seems like you already have some so this is a good start! Second you'll have to decide how you want to play. Picking Darkspawn gives you a few options. You can play very magic heavy armies, some nice range based armies if you mix the arachnids and archers, and even a melee army with some of the demons. Each army is built the same way. You'll need a Leader and some soldiers to build troops. You can add elites if you like. A big nasty solo tops everything off nicely also. Nasithe, is an elite. Think of elites as the stronger hero types of your army. Isiri Arachnids, a powerful soldier. Both the Warrior type and the Archer type bring unique things to the table. Their Special Abilities are more complex than other soldiers, but that's what makes them worth having. Incubus/Succubus Warrior, are flying soldiers. A few of these will compliment any army nicely. Marilith, is a nasty solo. Perfect for carving up some enemies. If it feels like drinking from a water hose, you've got to pick up the book. Everything is explained in much greater detail there. I'll go ahead and offer some suggestions as to what minis you should pick up with your book though. To complete this army, all you need is a leader or two. Any of the Warlords will do. If you don't get a Rauthorus, I suggest picking up Guros, Baron of Whips, so that you'll have a flying leader to go with the Incubus Warriors. You'll need some meat with your army, because most of the figures you've selected are very finesse driven. I suggest Demon Warriors if you want a model that can hold up against almost any enemy, or Brokken Fodder if you would rather send in the slaves and over power them with numbers. That's plenty to get your feet wet, but if you want more tips, tactics, or faction talk about Darkspawn specifically I'll be more than happy to carry on :)
  14. The Warlord second addition also has LOTS of fluff about Taltos and all the characters. I highly recommend picking a copy up next week.
  15. 4 Fiery Firestorms... or 4 Failed Discipline Checks
  16. The frost giant and Black orc both look great to me. Where do we can I send cookies for Tre to?
  17. Just spotting some things that I think are P65 exclusives... both on 2" bases
  18. They don't gnash, they suckle and cuddle. 9 Cuddly Suckling Nhoolyans. Wait, isn't 9 tomorrow?
  19. So is it? 11 Dwarves a Piping 10 Lupines Leaping and I'll have to take some time to think of something good for maids a milking...
  20. I think this is what you're looking for: 14239: Lupine Rager ($9.99)
  21. By creating this thread jdripley has torn apart the fabric of time. Warlord 2 has to be released when we reach 0 now. Edit: I guess you could try to sing the days back up, to reach the announced date.
  22. Warlord SE Contest Some how I completely missed this over the past few days. Looks sweet, is anyone participating?
  23. Updating their online stuff would be nice. The old warlord page is exactly what you're describing, but needs updated. It's not something that needs to be done until after the book is released in my opinion though. http://www.reapermini.com/Games/Warlord I don't really know where to go online to help advertise the game. Anyone have suggestions? Some other gaming forums, maybe some news websites?
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