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  1. I played a Darkspawn army that looked something like this. Witch Queen - FireStormx2, bolt Isri Warriors x 8 Baron of whips - Fireball Broken Fodder x6 Pain Tenders x3 Spawn of Mashaf Dame of Nightmares - Fireball All was going well until my crusader enemy started to convert my units. Stupid Faction Ability!
  2. Aren't bondslaves the grunts for overlords? I thought Darkspawn were getting Broken Fodder and such.
  3. No joke but Solos and flying spellcasters a plenty. Now we just need Broken Fodder, Pain Tenders, and Isri Warriors & Archers.
  4. Speaking of what is going to be released. When are we going to see some Darkspawn Grunts. Plenty of stats but few models. As much as I love Devourers and Spawns of Mashef an army of them can only go so far.
  5. Some people from reaper said we can send our B&W copies to them in about two weeks for the "real deal." I would assume it will hit Gaming Shops around that time.
  6. Question about the banzai stunt. It says a model leaping off of a ledge at an enemy can gain the +1 to MAV take 1 Damage and the enemy is denied thier defensive strikes. My question is can a model in flight that is already in base to base with an enemy land as a move action and attack with a banzai.
  7. But will there be actual cards that you can cut out or are they sheets like with the Razig stats?
  8. I really hope they do because I don't know how long I can wait to find out what a Soul Tender actually is. I want to know as soon as I rip it out of the package. Then again that's me assuming they will have them there. These are hard times for the impatient ones.
  9. Well does anyone know if they had stat cards for minis sold at Reaper Con or for the Demos.
  10. Does anyone know if the minis sold at Origins will have stat cards.
  11. If this is so what kind of evil monsters can we expect to see. Mordor had the ring wraiths. How similiar are we talking? Any Armored Trolls(Jungle or Hill instead of River), younger dragons or wyverns, varius Death Knights, or other EEEEEEEEEvil doers?
  12. I think you took what I said wrong. I don't want specifics I'm just curious as to whether the abilities are simuliar to Razig's or if they are more elaborate.
  13. I would like to know what some faction abilities look like. Are they like Razig, extra spells, extra deployment of Unq. models. Or to the other factions bring something new to the table. If so could you leave an example. Or anything about the PDF of Casketworks 14.
  14. Do you think that by giving them the best faction ability it is a way of making them stubborn. No mercs truly deserve the privledge of fighting side by side with a dwarf any how. I would like to know what some faction abilities look like. Are they like Razig, extra spells, extra deployment of Unq. models. Or to the other factions bring something new to the table. If so could you leave an example. Where can I get a peek of Casket Works #14, I think that's the one with the Fluff in it.
  15. WHOA, now you guys are teasing about the faction special abilities... So lets say that I choose to pass up my factions special abilities and I came up with a freelance party. Would it really affect my ability to win? Razig Faction abilities are freaking great. Does anyone think that there will be mercenaries that won't ruin faction abilities. Like maybe the Sisters would be considered neutral mercs but when used with crusaders you can still use your faction abilities. That way unlike other Crusaders they are neutral. Any idea what Overlord is going to get in place of the kickass wraith grunts? I know the Overlords are getting the Golem but any other ideas on what the faction is going to look like? It's kind of bone dry now.
  16. Does anyone else think it sucks that they took the wraiths from Overlord. Liches, Wraiths, and slaves go great together. It looked like a very promising faction. Now Necropolis is completly overwhelmed with things that just don't seem to fit. Vampires, Succubi, Skeletons, Wraiths, Scarecrows, Gargoyles, Cryptbats, and necromancers seem like a very awkward situation. Did they do this just to have a very playable faction or were there other reasons? Don't get me wrong I have alot of faith in reaper, and hopefully Overlords will regain the favor they once had. Does anyone know what the Skeletal Pirate Crew is? I'm thinking Mariners from the Razig Stats.
  17. Does anyone know what they supply you with when Reaper does their paint-n-take. What kind of mini? How much paint? What color paints? Also, what kind of things to they supply you with for their paint in 1 hour event. Same questions.
  18. Giving a faction creative way is in no way hurting the orcs or the ogres. I actually like the name and think it is quite original. The name sounds slightly dark instead of something completly barbaric. I hope other factions that are named based on race also get sweet faction names. I also think the orcs look nice with thick bottom teeth and jutting jaws. Adds a bit of ferocity to the faction as apposed to the "civilized" orcs I sometimes see in other war games. As for painting I know someone who paints all of there orcs a grayish color just so he can tell the difference between ogres(yellowish), goblins(green-yellow), hobgoblins(red), and the other orcs(grayish). Which really makes alot of since to me.
  19. I also have a couple question. When you participate in a Warlord event do they supply you with minis? Also will units will have official stats or Generic? If they do supply you with the minis will the minis be painted?
  20. I would really like to get a league started for Worlord and I'm wondering if anyone who has seen the book knows if there are guidelines for a league or a campaign of some sort. I'm located in the South Western part of Ohio and if there is anyone that wants to participate in a league or knows of one already in place let me know also.
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