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  1. Out of curiosity, who here currently plays the elves or dwarves, and plans on playing the new elves or dwarves? How would you expect them to be different?
  2. I just want to make a note so that there isn't any confusion. I'm pretty sure that there aren't any punch out cards in the rule book. What we know as stat "cards" are the blocks of stat info that we've always seen. Gus will have to confirm this, but I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing the familiar stat blocks. After playing Confrontation and watching how actual cards can make a game spiral into complete unbalanced gameplay, I'm glad that we'll only have stats in the book. Of course this is my opinion only after getting burned. The more halfing on the battlefield, the easier the battlefield is too walk on. The Reptus love halfling carpet, it reminds them of the swamp. So what kind of North should we be expecting in this book? Frigid Mountains or something less harsh?
  3. @claymoore The only thing you have to tell your fellow gamers is that their factions aren't ready. Before this the lupines and BSG were more half faction than whole, to make them whole takes time. Razig started as a PDF "bonus" faction and instead of rushing them, they will be kept as such unless there is a chance to get them into print. More or less, rushing things caused the disastrous decisions of the past. This time it's doing it right beginning to end. So while the wait sucks, it will be worth it once it's done. And I know how it feels, my two most played factions are Razig and Lupines. I could see a good halfing faction in the future, something to counter the tiny evil gnomes. I really like the idea of an all elemental force also. Lots of summoning and variety.
  4. I really hope that Reaper doesn't make a book of all Asian factions. That just sounds so bland to me. Using different shades of the same faction in one book is a bad choice, hopefully they will continue to mix and match in each book. Like how Taltos has Asian spiced Reptus, a little ancient Egypt Nefsokar and then medieval Europe Crusaders. Not saying that a "book of the east" would be bad, just that I would hope it has many attractive flavors and doesn't fall into the Legend of the 5 Rings sort of blandness. And maybe 4 isn't too bad, if they were different enough, like one faction of noble samurai and all human, one of humans and goblins that focused on shadow magic and ninjitsu, and one of mostly oriental ogres and Oni. I hope to see a more rag-tag human faction. A faction that lives harshly, but still tries to stand for the good. From what Qwyk said Haldor sounds like a great place for such a faction. Dartha sounds like an awesome place to unleash some cool models. Fire Giants and then work in some of those magma creatures that Stubbdog mentioned and it would be a good start for a unique faction. An Ethereal army would be a ton of fun. I've seen some nasty things done with the Spectral Cavalry and other ghosts from necropolis, but I would love to fight against or play with an army made of almost all non-corporeal models. It would really change how you approached the battle.
  5. The factions known are Koborlas, Blood Stone Gnomes, and Sisters. There are reports of missing Dwarves and Elves from the beta book, with hints dropped they could be in new factions. So that gives us 5 factions. No word on if there will be more. How many would you want to see? What kinds?
  6. Basic demo for me, points don't matter. One troop of warriors and one of archers for one player. One mixed troop of warriors and archers and one monster of the other player. It gives them multiple cards to show the initiative deck, and shows them just how different armies can be while still keeping the game simple enough. I always save magic for a second game unless I know the player is experienced. Once you do a few demos you'll find what you like though.
  7. So the first physical expansion of Warlord in years is setting to come out at the end of 2009. It might be too early to speculate, especially since we don't even have the new Rule Book in hand yet, but who cares. What will the existing factions expand into? What do you want to see? What would you be disappointed in not getting? If you can remember the old faction expansion books, what do you think was good or bad about those?
  8. It's easy to sell them without a Starter Set. Tell them that Reaper doesn't want to release a starter set right away, because the game should be played with the miniatures they like, not what they put in a box. That and if two players choose the same faction they will have a diverse selection of miniatures. We didn't spend all this time balancing the game just to tell them what to play with. Usually I stray away from things that make players use different armies. But I really like your idea, Stubbdog! Playing the different armies is something that could draw players out from the same old. Stats in October or Later, you can bet my Lupines of Koborlas will be painted when the Savage North is revealed.
  9. I know a lot of us haven't played with Warlord 2.0 yet. That doesn't mean we aren't excited as hell to see that book on the shelf and get one of our own. So when the game comes out at the end of July, what do you think you're going to do to get people rolling d10s at your FLGS? First I'm going to dive into painting some Darkspawn and finish painting the Lupines I own. After picking up the book, I'm going to try and get some demos off the ground. Start playing in public instead of in basements too. I'll also get the tutorial videos up and running. Anyone plan on dragging friends in that haven't gamed? Maybe joining the Black Lightning group?
  10. Trolls and Raptors first. Reptus should always be at the front of the line. :)
  11. Poking at me or Shakandra? Don't get your Shaks confused.
  12. The army looks great. I'm glad to see you're slapping more paint around after making Clarrisa up for the contest so long ago. Can we get a close up of that Dark Maiden?
  13. I don't think that the missing sentence in the Deployment Section of the rules really has anything to do with the whether Teleport is broken or not. Heck if you started in the same Deployment Zone then you wouldn't need to teleport anything, you could surround the mean mamma-jamma during deployment. Your one sentence attempt to show that teleport is broken just doesn't work. For a single spell point more I could mind blast him, deal 2 points of damage and stun him, then charge in and attack without even taking defensive strikes. For Teleport to be broken, it must be more valuable than Spells of Equivalent value. And when I compare the spell to others it seems to fit pretty well. Chain Lightning lets me fry 5 models which could easily remove 100+ points from the table in a single round. Now I'm not saying that Teleport isn't advantageous or possibly broken. It's just that I don't think you can out right claim something is broken when it requires all of the actions from two models whose point cost totals almost 400 points.
  14. @Wowahboy I'm not sure how your soldiers were positioned, but one thing that I found that helps against Trample is to spread out a little more. If your soldiers don't leave a spot for Mossbeard to end his movement he can't trample through that area. If you have 2 lines, make sure the first line is just over an inch away from the second line. That way Mossbeard can't hit both lines, since he has to cover the center point of their base. Also, since his entire base must move past all the soldiers he is trampling you can stretch out a line of soldiers just enough so that he can't reach all of them. Since he can only move 7", that means at most he can Trample over 5" worth of models, then leave 2" for him to fit his base and stop movement. If you again use just more than an inch you can prevent his trample with just 3 models. (He can't end movement on top of the 3rd model, forcing him to send his Trample a different direction. Now, some models will get stepped on, but by changing your formations once you realize what you're up against you can hinder the model. Just like how we change formation once we see top tier fire mages for fear of a Fire Storm centered on your troop, it's important to separate your models once you see a 100+ point Trample model deployed on the table. This is only an initial strategy that I've found against Trample. I'm sure more will come up as we continue to play.
  15. The spells are priced around the best models they can affect. Damage reduction itself is an ability that requires some experience to handle correctly. Wowahbo, try using cheap fire spells or poison since DR models don't usually have the Tough SA so it's a cheap way to over power their expensive SA. Poison won't work in the case of MossBeard since he is a construct, but it's worth mentioning. Fire Wall is a great spell for Also don't forget to take all of your defensive strikes. Each trampled model should get one defensive strike, and if he's plowing through your ranks those add up, which means a few hits should be more than enough cut through that DR. Since you're using Darkspawn I also suggest you make use of Dibilitating Pain or Mind Blast. The damage let's you start cutting away at their DR, and the Stunned affect lets your soldiers move in without being worried about those pesky defensive strikes.
  16. It looks like there are a little over 100 models going OOP. All those models will still be 100% supported in the new rules and with the Reaper proxy rules it should be easy to find a DHL stand in if you can't order something online. With the number of models in the Warlord line reaching more than 440 figures now, it doesn't surprise me that this had to happen. Especially since an entire book of new factions is going to be released. I've also noticed that some figures are actually seeing resculpts too. So although some darkspawn are saying good bye, I see new sculpts breathing life into the faction.
  17. Yes. It's done to create a new way to play with some models. Like leaving the hydra damaged so you can benefit from the higher MAV and make use of its regeneration, instead of healing to max like we always tried to do in the old warlord. And also for fluff reasons, like most Berserker MAV increases as they fly into a frenzy upon taking damage.
  18. Their stats will be available online like they always have been. The models that exist will be upgraded to 2.0, but they won't be expanded until a later book. Don't worry though. The faction is in good hands.
  19. I could see a starter set, like the old Crusader, Necro, and Rule book set. Something for people to buy just to get started. I would love to see something come out to help launch the new factions.
  20. The Dire Croc and reptus models were split. The Croc is now a DHL June release. 03422 And the reptus model has a new mount and has a May release date, 14505
  21. The key thing here is that the elves ARE different. They aren't the elves of old. They now have more offensive magic, Arcane and Storm are two of the deadliest tomes in the game. They can now sprinkle archers in several troops. They have lots of new toys that they can combine with their archers to reach ugly results by the end of round two.(Try mixing hunting cats with archers) Note that the archers also have very high MD, to resist ranged attacks that don't draw defensive fire, and also have decent DIS to disengage easily once reached. The Elves of Tirithial now lean towards decent martial combat, heavy storm and arcane magic, with archers that are still slightly better than others. Every faction has changed slightly, the elves have changed slightly more.
  22. @Simombo Lot's of good questions I don't know if there is going to be an open beta, perhaps Gus can answer that. Disipline has became a larger part of the game, but not in how you suggest. There are more SAs that use it. I don't know if scenarios will be in the core rule book, but you can bet your pants that you'll see a lot more scenario type of stuff fleshed out down the road. There is no troop coherency. Leaders have capacities that vary and actions that only they may perform which helps them stand out. There will be fluff. Lots of delicious model descriptions for you to sink your teeth into.
  23. Yes and No. If they can't just run through him/over him. Larger models can now break base to base more easily from smaller models. Unless they are ganged up on, they can move away without a roll.
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