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  1. The rules are worded so that you don't have to play with square bases. Future RAGE games will have round bases, so the rules changed to match this. I'm not saying that you can bring a round based army to official tournaments, but in a friendly game there is no reason why you couldn't play with any type of base you wanted.
  2. I would guess that the least played factions are Nefsokar, Reven, and Darkspawn. With the magic changes and fluff tying them all together I see Darkspawn gaining some popularity. I also see Nefsokar turning some heads. They had alot of models that were "The same, but weaker" to most other factions. Well now they have a plethora of things that will make other faction players very jealous.
  3. With all due respect, this seems like wishful thinking to me. After the first book went to print in '04, did Reaper plan on doing a complete re-statting of factions and revision of the game in 2007, followed by another one in 2009? As more models/data cards and special abilities are added to the game, there will be a need for more revisions down the road to bring everything back in line. Don't get me wrong, I thought RC '07 and '08 were fantastic and I'm excited about what 2nd Edition will bring; I just don't see how it's possible to ever create an absolutely perfect system that will never need another revision. I think the real question is in '04 did they plan to prevent it? No they didn't, but this book has been planned to prevent the scenarios that caused the constant revision. If we have learned from the past experiences then we have very much created a set of rules that doesn't need to change while the game grows. It's with much confidence that I say, you won't see the stats touched or the basic rule book re-written for a long time. On a side note: The number of revisions is greater than 2. The archers stats changed when we found them to be broken. We had the 1.1 changes which edited cavalry stats and a large number of other models. We had Rage Chronicles which re-wrote the entire rule book. Then we had RC08 which re-wrote all of the stat cards again. The game was set to change again with RC09, so instead we opted to work towards a printable version that won't be changed every year. If we continue that trend then all the work will be for nothing, and the project should be considered a failure.
  4. @Kurt One of the main reasons this version of the rules exists is because we wanted to prevent exactly what you are saying. Every year with Rage Chronicles the same stats got regenerated, and it wasn't fun for players or game makers. Now the book will solidify the stats, once it's printed it won't change. There will probably still be random errata, but you'll never see something like a re-stating of the original 10 factions.
  5. I might own enough Dwarf models to actually pull this off... Wild Bill I think there might be a height limit for games of that size. You'll just have to play with the Gnomes at the 5,000 point playground.
  6. We can't 100% confirm that BKBass is not a paid spokesperson.
  7. Just to address this so that you don't get the wrong idea. Some armies won't see much of an increase. I have played a Reptus army with 15 models or less. The real advantage of some being able to take more figs is that you can play with more types of models. We hope that instead of going out and buying 10 more Shield Maidens to compliment your existing 9, you instead finally deploy the Berserkers along side them. Just don't worry too much about needing lots of figures. Every army still have options to play with strong models with light numbers. The gates are opened for you to play how you want. I imagine it's something you'll understand more when you can see it.
  8. I agree. An all slithe faction would be awesome. The slithe queen is one of my favorite figs.
  9. That's awesome. Maybe it's about time for me to take a trip to PAX and push some Warlord.
  10. Out of curiosity, how much more traffic does a plug like that generate? If you can't share I understand.
  11. I saw that too. It immediately put a smile on my face. Some of their D&D comics: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2009/4/20/ http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2004/1/21/ http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2004/1/23/ http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2004/1/26/
  12. In that case, I cannot wait for June!
  13. I'll make the Warlord tutorial videos. I'll bump this thread when it's complete for feedback.
  14. The models came out before the stats. You'll see stats for them in the next Rage Chronicles I'm sure.
  15. Show them how diverse troops can be. Show them how everything activates on its own terms. And how your magic, ranged attack and melee attacks can be done in any order. The initiative deck is also a drawing point sometimes. Those are usually all of the things that draw Warhammer players to game from my experience.
  16. I love the cerberus hound. It begs for warlord stats.
  17. The Lupine Sentry shield might work. I'm not sure if it's attached or not
  18. I didn't see him originally. That alt sculpt is awesome:
  19. I know I'll get excited when I see some Lupines and CAV re-released in P-65. :)
  20. I think it's a model inspired by GI Joe. I don't think Snake Eyes used military weapons in the comic, but i remember seeing pictures of him holding guns. I imagine a modern day ninja would at least use a silencer though.
  21. Yeah, it's nothing on the sculpt. The direction you chose to take looks great, but the thought of a gator as a mount is not normal. Your description helps it make more sense, but the fact that it needed explaining is very off putting. At first glance the mount just doesn't make sense. When we think of mounts we think speed. Horses travel much faster than humans can ever hope to, but crocs at full speed aren't that much faster than humans, it's like 5mph difference, but we can run for longer periods of time. We think of height. Horses are tall and a person mounted on one strains your neck when you're close. Those reptus look like they will be shorter on the gator than when standing. Almost like their feet will be dragging. More than anything when a model is described as the Brood of Payanak, with Payanak being the ancient dragon that all reptus may have been born from, we were expecting something we've never seen before. Instead we got big alligators that we see all the time. Again, I don't want to rag on you, because the model and detail look great. The reptus soldier looks fantastic and the gator looks to have some great detail.
  22. My first thought was that she was actually made with that other metal, the P65 or something.
  23. Browsing through the store, I spotted this... http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Warlord/latest/14532 14532: Aislinn, Lupine Slayer ($5.99) When all other lupines are at least Double that price something seems wrong... edit: added link
  24. Yeah - I was hoping more for a small dragon / veliciraptor / dinosaur rider. Alligator / crocodile seems weird as being an effective mount. This sculpt looks like it's two pieces, the rider with saddle and then the croc. If they are two separate pieces, what are the chances they could be split? The croc will sell on it's own as a dire animal, and the Giant Reptus deserve better mounts.... I mean any ol' dragon sculpt with the wing slots greened over would make a more believable mount. Heck even some weird draconic creatures would work better: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/dragon/latest/02794 http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/dragon/latest/02788 (remove wings)
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