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  1. EDIT: link to kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jeremyglen/creature-caster-first-wave Hey guys. Jeremy here, formerly of Ultraforge. I am here to humbly pitch the Kickstarter campaign for my miniatures company called: Creature Caster. After researching, following and supporting a few Kickstarter campaigns, I found that I am not a fan of complex campaigns with confusing stretch goal maps and pledge calculators. Tho there is a story behind each miniature, I didn't write pages of fluff. I also don't want to explain too much about my personal life in my campaign. Instead, I spend my time trying to sculpt and manufacture the best miniatures I can, and with feedback and practice I can hopefully make gains and improve with each one. I love this hobby. My best friends are the people in this hobby. I wanna make models that people appreciate, and it is really that simple. Check out the campaign when it launches on Feb 1st, 12:01 PST. There will be door-crasher specials on the first day, and those units will sell out fast, so be there the minute it launches. Most questions you have regarding the sculpting, manufacture and sales of the miniatures can be found on http://www.creaturecaster.com/ . There is even a short 'behind the scenes' video, and well as the video we will have on our Kickstarter page. If anything is not covered on the site, just post your questions here and I will be glad to answer it as soon as I can. I also posted some more information below. Most importantly, thank you very much for your support. Jeremy Information on pricing/pledging (will be updated as the thread progresses) - the idea is: you pledge on a model or a package deal, and then you may add other miniatures to your pledge (at a discounted rate) in the form of optional upgrades. You may also add stretch goal miniatures as optional upgrades. You will get a questionnaire at the end of the campaign for you to explain exactly what it was that you paid for. Easy - shipping will be bundled. Pay a one time shipping fee on your starter pledge, and thats it. - shipping goes to anywhere a package can be sent to on earth - The Kickstarter discount on all minis will be at least 25% off what their retail price will be in the future - The package deals are insane, and will have you saving closer to 35%. - The stretch goals that will be unveiled during the campaign will be an exciting thing to keep checking up on, since they are all epic creatures - I am making it very easy for you to 'adjust your pledge' and add any additional options as they get added to the campaign. This is going to be a very neat and tidy campaign. - instead of adding a ton of miniatures as stretch goals, we will add a handful and then fulfill our orders ASAP, waiting till the next Kickstarter to add more creatures Frequently asked questions and comments (will be updated as the thread progresses) - we will eventually be doing smaller miniatures, with the same quality in sculpt and manufacture, but not in this campaign. We have plans for down the road - the models are sculpted in the computer, with the sensibilities that I have picked up from physically sculpting for the last 10 years. We do things the hard way - the master model is 3D printed with the most high-end printer on the market today, which is then resin-cast to capture all the detail and add durability. The Creature Caster team is a rare combination, with expertise and first hand experience in each of these fields - actual heights for the models are on our website, with clear diagrams - our models all are stood on base rocks. The rock is a counterweight which makes our models very stable on a tabletop while still fitting onto a small footprint. The height that the rock adds does not appeal to all gamers who are concerned about line-of-sight rules. I personally dislike and replace any LoS rule in any tabletop wargame I play and instead measure base to base, and discuss whether or not my model is in cover based on common sense and honor. LoS makes perfect sense in first person shooters, and makes little sense in tabletop wargaming when each sculpt should represent a unit, not actually be a frozen version of a real unit moving around a table. - our models typically are featured in dynamic poses, with an asymmetrical height of each foot. I would personally prefer my creatures to be 'foot on rock' as opposed to 'feet flat'. It is a preference thing, but we are still open to applying the variety of feedback we receive when sculpting future models. Useful links: - our website: http://www.creaturecaster.com/ - sneak preview our kickstarter video: http://www.creaturecaster.com/pages/kickstarter - behind-the-scenes video: http://www.creaturecaster.com/pages/features - our youtube page with every model turnaround: https://www.youtube.com/user/creaturecaster - our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/creaturecaster
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