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  1. Oh, I dont have the skills yet (they faided with 10 years of not playing) to enter a contest, it is just buying something other than the GW ones which are a damned rip off. Looks like I will nab a few bones versions :D
  2. I was looking at getting some bat swarms for my Warhammer Vampire army as the GW ones look pretty rubbish. So I saw the normal one Fig.1 and then found the bones one Fig.2 and thought other than the price is there a difference. Is the bones one going to stand out and be as defiend as the normal one or am I going to lose out on a lot of detail just for some cheap models. So can someone let me know if the they are really a big difference or if they will look the same and have the same level of detail. 7 Fig.1 The metal model
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