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  1. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. (Yes that is a bell in it's rib cage, it even has a clapper.) USPS says the Skeletal Giant was delivered. Since ImperialOfficer has had a chance to check it out; I thought I would post this battle scene of the Giant (I call it a bone golem) and the party of adventurers in a face-off.
  2. Received my minis some days ago. Just found time to post today. Here they are, the typical party of four adventurers: Fighter, Cleric, Rogue......Lizard! Mailed out the mini I painted today as well. USPS Priority Mail, expected delivery date Monday 08/31/2020.
  3. Miniature arrived today. Humidity is to high. My spray on primer did not stick. Cleaning mini and using brush on primer.
  4. Your paint job is to good. I must confiscate your brushes to protect the feelz of all the fumblefingers out there (like me).
  5. I really like him. Even if he does remind me of Freakazoid....
  6. Received my Dark Young Bones mini the other day, but the tab on the mouth part does not fit the slot on the body part. The third leg and third tail fit fine. Anyone having this issue? Is there an easy fix? Thanks in Advance.
  7. -Minotaur Adventurers (M/F) -Centuar Adventurers (M/F) -Fey'ri Adventurers (M/F) -Medusa Adventurers -Hobgoblin Adventurers (M/F) -Diminuitive sized fey adventurers (Petal, Atomie, Sprite, Tooth Fairy) -Half-Elf Cleric of Shelyn: Full Plate and Glaive -Pseudodragon Dragonfire Adept -Fully Equipped Pseudodragon: Rings, Dragonslayer Claws, Amulet, Pectoral, Lore gem/Bindi, Rune Inscribed Horns or Diadem/Skullcap, Frill Stud or Spine Cap, Half-Plate Spiked Barding, Belly Stud, Gem of Fortification, Bracers, Hip Bands, Toeless Dragon Boots -Hellborn (with tails) Barbarians wielding Huge-size Bastard Sword (M/F) -Racially Equipped Adventurers ---Elf: Elven Chain, Cloak & Boots of Elvenkind, Elven Curve Blade/Branched Spear/Thornblade/Thornblade & Leafblade ---Dwarf: Stoneplate, Dwarven War-Shield, Axe-Gauntlet, Boulder Helmet, Maulaxe, Ram Hammer, Waraxe, Double Spear, Urgosh, Warpike, Dorn-dergar, Giant-Sticker, Longaxe, Longhammer, Sphinx Hammer, Pelletbow ---Drow: Piwafwi, Drow Razor, Spidersilk Armor ---Orc: Orc Double Axe, Skull Ram, Hornbow, Butchering Axe, Orc Crusher ---Grome: Gnome Hooked Hammer, Piston Maul, Ripsaw Glaive, Flick-Mace, Pincer, Battle Ladder, Battlepick, Quickrazor, Swordcatcher, Tortoise Blade, Battle Cloak ---Halfling: Skiprock, Halfling Warsling, Sling Staff -Adventurers in Agile Breastplate -Adventurers in Kikko Armor -Adventurers in Chain Shirt -Adventurers (esp Druids) in Leather Lamellar -Adventurers (esp Druids) in Horn Lamellar -Paladins with Greatswords -Adventurers with Nodachi -Adventurer Mounted & Unmounted -Themed Parties: four or more characters that follow a theme but still make a balanced party --The all one race party --The all half-breeds party --The all one class (different archetypes) party --The party that specilizes in hunting X (dragons, undead, or maybe orphans) --The no-casters party --The terrain specific party (aquatic, desert, arctic, planar, etc) -Fey Sorceress riding male Panthera atrox bareback, and dismounted too -Half-Nymph wielding Scythe riding Megaloceros stag, and dismounted too
  8. Mutant humans, anthro mutants, and robots suitable for Gamma World. Multi-mini shapeshifter packs: human form, hybrid form, and animal form. Marduuk fauna: Dogzard, Patty the Flar-ta, civan, vampire moths, killerpillars, damnbeasts, capetoads, atul-grak, etc. The Basik's Own. Alaspinian mini-dragon Vash the Stampede Hellsing characters: Alucard, Seras, Integra and the rest. Diclonius Four mystery solving teenagers, their dog, and their van. Prairiecats, Shaggy-bull Chronoscope Peter Pan, Tink, Wendy, Lost Boys, Hook, Mermaids, Pirates, Indians Jolly Jack's battle bunnies Sphinxian treecat, Sphinxian Hexapuma Posleen, I mean dinotaurs Chtorr, I mean giant Eupithecia Arachnids/Bugs
  9. D'hin'ni are a little taller than standard halflings. A lithe, slender dwarf would probably work.
  10. Greetings all, I am looking for a mini to use as a Female D'hin'ni Rogue. The D'hin'ni are a halfling/genie planetouched race from Forgotten Realms. This is the art I am planning on using for the character. Thanks in Advance!
  11. Is it appropriate or inappropriate to post artwork of what we would like to see?
  12. Have you seen these? http://wyrd-games.net/shop/Rotten-Belles-Dead-Ladies-of-the-Night.html http://wyrd-games.net/shop/M2e-Shadows-of-Redchapel-Seamus-Box-Set.html http://wyrd-games.net/shop/M2e-Rotten-Belles.html http://wyrd-games.net/shop/Dead-Doxies.html Also this one with the feather boa. http://oldwest.witchhunter.net/gallery_bad_girls.html http://www.dixon-minis.com/shop/old-west-25mm/WWA1/ Yes, and the Fairy Queens from Dresden, and the headliners from the White Council, and Mac, and Mouse, and Mister. Pretty much all of the characters would be wonderful. You have to make Harry and Butters with T-Rex too! Sure, plus Johnny Appleseed. A mystery solving Great Dane and his gang of teenage underlings + their groovy van. not-Horseclans minis not-Phule's Company not-Jane Yellowrock not-Prince Roger and not-Bravo Company of the Empress' Own not-Curran the Beast Lord of Atlanta in all three forms not-City of Heroes and not-City of Villains Also check with Steve Jackson Games about putting out the IST Super Teams. I personally would like to see a Native American Superheroine, a winged weather witch--Thunderbird. I have a slew of characters from COH/COV that would I be more than happy to give up all commercial rights to if they could be cast. More power-armored Supers.
  13. Tesla with his Death Ray! da Vinci piloting his Tank! "Good God, Magnum!" I second these. Great idea. Ding, Ding...we have a winner! Yes, ready for Gamma World please.
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