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  1. Your circle looks fantastic! I use the woodland scenic sprayer tho mine is clogged right now... when it works it's great.
  2. Love. I think green looks good on him, the mouth and belly area are fabulous
  3. You've been on a roll. It look a great so far. Concrete grey has a blue undertone to it straight out the bottle. I like the new bones mountain stone quite a bit for those looking for less blue grey.
  4. That rust looks fantastic. I'll need to pick up some of that paint in the near future.
  5. I think it'll hold up fine. When you attach the mini, just attach it so that most of the fig is on the thicker part.
  6. She looks wonderful and so does the base. I can't imagine what you wouldn't like about that awesome base.
  7. She turned out great! Awesome job matching the inspiration
  8. Noooo! Bad goremaw, drop it. I said drop it!
  9. Do you mean the temple dragon? I don't recall the type of dragon being specified. Paint it up as what ever dragon that pleases you. Mines going to be a green dragon to go along with the plant theme.
  10. Beautiful. I think the various blues look fantastic on her and her expression is perfect, great job on her eyes.
  11. I use that stuff quite a bit. The thinned white glue or modge podge trick should work just fine for it. Just saturate the cork with it, let it dry and you should be good to go.
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