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  1. Not really 2 weeks. I would say about 2 months. Thanks though!
  2. Thank you VERY MUCH for the compliments. I agree the pictures could be better. I will take them out once we get some sunshine and make a day time picture. They are calling for lots of snow the next few days so stay tuned. (Ice Mage pics in the snow?) I put a few more minis together very quickly for one of our games. My IronGrave knight as an NPC in our game and the Rogue which is going to a friend. I am trying to get each one of us a custom painted mini for our game. I am starting to have problems with my super cheap brushes. I think they are getting ratty pretty fast. I may need s
  3. What kind of classes do you teach? I super glued a mini to a pill container and he snapped off of it. I think I need to be more careful. I don't have the drill yet so i cant pin them to a cork.
  4. I got a nice pink one with my last order. I have no idea what I will be painting pink yet though.
  5. Some of my minis are based on the standard plastic squares they came with the a few had built in bases already. YOu think it will be a good purchase or should I not go for it?
  6. Earlier I posted this in the wrong section. Sorry for a double post. I couldn't figure out how to delete my old post. I was thinking about using one of these dwarven forge pieces to display some of my painted minis. Does anyone know if this piece would fit the scale of the minis from reaper? Dwarven Forge Cavern I can't see it from the description. I thought maybe some of you had some experience with this. I may use it for some of our games if its a good fit as well. Thanks!
  7. We have a lot of good ideas here. I appreciate all the tips.
  8. Hey! Thanks for your advice and compliments. I would be interested in taking a class as well. Where/what kinda class did you take? This mini is for gaming, practice, fun. I would need to paint like 5 more of these to have colored minis in the fight. (We fight a few trolls at a time) Right now I only have a few that are colored on the table and the rest are old old minis from the 70s/80s our DM has had for years. The detail in them isn't really that nice and worth trying to paint so we just use them as the NPCs and monsters. :) I want to ask our CM what we will encounter in our f
  9. Those are great ideas. I am going to start by trying the Popsicle stick, super glue and the alligator clip thingy. The plastic jar is also a good idea if I can't get the heavy troll to stay stuck to the Popsicle stick. Awesome guys thanks!
  10. I am sorry if this is a redundant post. I did not find anything related to this in the posts for advice. I am having an issue holding my minis when I paint certain minis. The ones with the slotted base are easy since I can use this thing I have that holds it in a little alligator clip and has a nice little base. i can position it really well and it makes it easy to get certain hard to reach angles and I don't have to touch the mini. The ones that have a base already are not too bad since I can use poster tack and stick it to a cork or something like that. The minis that are h
  11. Thanks for the tips. I will try a different tactic next time around with the highlighting. My problem is that I am trying to blend paints together to get to a color that's close and end up screwing it up or can't reproduce it. This time I used two very like colors. Maybe if I blend those together I would get a nice in-between color? The Hair I was actually trying to use this tiny little brush to get each strand. That didn't work so well. My brush is a little too soft. Any recommendations on tiny little brushes that are firm enough to do the tiny details? I heard dry-brushing hair d
  12. Here is my Cave Troll. This is the first "beast" I have done. I wanted to be able to play with some different colors and test out how to highlight. I have a way to go but this was a lot of fun. I started out using advice from Pixel. I used a dark brown liner on the whole mini first and then painted in the base and details. It all but eliminated the need to paint using a wash at the end. I am working on how to place the highlight strokes and can still use some work and advice on that for sure. I ended up using the wash to tone down the highlights as they were a little too stark and some
  13. Thanks all. I got an Optivisor today and damn can I see things a whole lot better. I can even paint with the zoomed in view. No crazy depth perception issues. I made a few minor changes to the paint job and will post it when I get a chance to take more pics. Thanks again!
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