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  1. pinky purples. i use purple to shade my reds all the time no issue
  2. yeh I can't get it in a pic. I don't know of any competition painters who are spraying dullcote so I would hesitate to consider that an option. There must be something going wrong here because there should be no chalky/shiney streaks on the shades. Again its ONLY these purples...
  3. i glaze/thin thin thin layer. it seems impossible to avoid also the chalking is mostly in the shading never have issues with bright colors maybe chalking isnt the right word and its just sheen. I literally cannot use the color purple. it just chalks/has an odd sheen sprinkled in. this is so horrible
  4. ugh still chaking......... this color.... i'll try more tomorrow with GW medium or something. is too much medium bad? I had these colors doing well and then randomly one color would throw down an insane amount of chalk. My finished product had smaller streaks of chalkynessin it. The thing its not obvious unless you are inch from the model but thats enough to bother me edit - gw medium is CAUSING chalking
  5. YMMV is intimidating... am i too old at 29? i tried with screamer pink and stil chalky as hell. this is sooooo frustrating
  6. i'm so burnt on "figuring it out" but yeh here we go i'll do some shading right now with medium. assuming 2:1 paint to medium
  7. This. I use mixing mediums to remove chalkiness from skin colors and yellow and yellowish green colors. The only mixing medium I have access to is Reaper's brush on sealer, but hey it works. ^__^ brush on sealer? i have GWs lahmian medium and vallejo matt medium and glaze medium.
  8. currently no. I have tried medium but not with these recent colors. what would be a good ratio for me to start with? also p3 i believe is liquid pigment right? does that mean it needs a dif medium?
  9. I don't use washes and if the various glazes are causing chalkyness then nothing will fix it : /. also I haven't even got to the white and there is chalkyness. I actually never have issues with my whites and highlights. it's always glazing the shades on certain colors (reds/purples sometimes adding black to certain colors) I had THE WORST TIME with red originally but I switched over to a recipe from "glazed over" (not sure his real name) and now I paint red like a champ but I'm convinced i'm doing something wrong since all these purples are awful forme. ALSO ALSO the p3 murderous magenta seems to be chalky no matter WHAT i do. I have bought two bottles
  10. So i'll preface this post with the current model (abandoned model) that I was working on http://imgur.com/a/o2u44 I ended up hating the colors and the reason is because I'm avoiding the colors I want which at the moment are purple/magenta. I for whatever reason cannot avoid chalking and the advice I have been given "go over it with the midtone" doesn't work if the midtone is also chalking I have tried most of the reaper colors and today I tried - vallejo game color warlord purple - modelcolor magenta - p3 murderous magenta - GW screamer pink It's driving me up a wall and I'm not sure what to do. I don't have good painters near me and this is the best forum for advice i've seen
  11. well the model isn't complete so the gems will be green as well or purple. I wanted to balance out the green on the model. so 3 gems on the chest maybe a purple gem (its an eye i think) on the chest you want the sash to also be red? do you mean like a purple red or red red. also the inside of the cloak is the hardest decision for me to make atm. very frustrating
  12. http://imgur.com/a/kDFcN This is the model so far http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/705017.page scroll down a bit to see the full model. My question is color choices for the cloak both inside and out as well as the sash. I have 3 colors already. The helm will also be red/nmm gold or just all nmm gold so there won't be any additional colors anywhere else advice is much needed as i'm at the "scared" point.
  13. Basically I've done the rest of the armor a bronzeish/worn gold NMM and now with this helm I for the life of me cannot figure out how to highlight the forehead. http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/705017.page http://spikeybits.com/2016/12/tzeentch-wrath-of-magnus-formation-datasheets-spotted.html here are 2 pics. I have a spare test helm that I have been working with and unfortunately my lab chewed my phone so can't take a pic but the NMM i did just doens't seem "right" My other options a blue helm and nmm gold trim (trim wont be an issue) but again with where would my highlights go? The obvious answer is some sort of white glint/sheen on the forehead or around that area but what i have been doing doesn't seem again "right" really stuck and could use some help :p
  14. sure the color is the purple robe on http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/705017.page
  15. both questions need answering :p am i allowed to link pictures from other fan/forums etc? someone has a topic with a giant picture of the model
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