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  1. marphi


    Really good! There is a lot I like. The staff comes across very good as well as the owl and the overall appearance of the mini. Great job!
  2. Great mini! I like the contrast between the base and the invading grim orc. I think it adds a bit of tension to the scene. The colors are really good, but I agree that the skin does look a bit coarse.
  3. Thanks Darkmeer. I'll try the advice regarding the hands. I also did some minor brushing up on her and here is a small scene I made with the figs
  4. After dragons and some orcs & goblins, I tried my hand at Aina. Painting the face was quite difficult (especially the eyes) but I do notice that practice makes better. I do wish I had a better detail brush (and maybe a more steady hand)...
  5. marphi

    First Dragon

    Thanks Dsmiles. Here another Ork Criticism welcome!
  6. In 1984 I was 9 years old and living in the States. Ah good memories and nice to see a figure from that time!
  7. marphi

    First Dragon

    Thanks Sanael. I think I'll try to highlight each scale again in combination with deepening the shadow. I also want to rework the eye section. In general I tried going for a "smokey" face, considering that the dragon breathes out fire, I thought it should leave it's mark on the head. In the meantime I painted this.
  8. marphi

    First Dragon

    Thanks for the replies. I agree, the shading is not good enough, despite my efforts to really use a lot of wash. I wanted the scales to stand out, so I washed like three times and highlighted almsot each scale finishing with dry brushing... Maybe I'll use the advice from Corporea and shade again. The most difficulty I had was with the wings, I'm not really happy with how they turned out. Regarding the base, yes I agree I need a good base, but I never really made one despite the standard stuff. I am looking into it though. Anyone have a good supplier of bases? @Hellcow, I dunno it really stands easily for me. Sometime the dragon tips over but most of time it behaves :)
  9. marphi

    First Dragon

    Hi all Here is a dragon I painted. Any advice on how to level up and areas I can improve?
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