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  1. I`m from between Tug Hill and the Adirondacks, In the valley of the Black River. A place called Lowville.
  2. Hey! What are you people doing spying on us? We see your SHOD. Don`t make us mad.
  3. Right now I am experimenting with color combinations. I figure being Pirates I can get away with multicolors.
  4. What is pre-bottled wash? Were do you find something like that?
  5. I use rustoleum primer and citadel, decoart, Americana, patio paint, and others. I am still learning about thinning the paint to the proper consistency. Thank you for your help, I am going to wait on doing washes until I am more proficient.
  6. Do unto others, then split

  7. Well I do not know what happened here. These two pictures dropped out and when I went to edit the post to add them, it ended up being a reply instead... computers!!!
  8. Hello Everyone; I am new to all of this, CAV and painting. Here are my first attempts at painting. If there is anyone who can offer suggestions at making improvements or suggestions on different color combinations, etc., I would appreciate any help. Thank you for your time. In this picture the two outside CAVs were done by someone else. More to follow. Black Cutlass rides again.
  9. Do unto others first, then split!

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