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  1. There was a bit of back and forth on the skin tones and highlights but I didn't capture every step. After adding some scratches to the sword, leathers, and finishing off the gem, I based him with a variety of grasses. To get the base level, I used some vallejo ground texture first, so the old metal base would not show through. This was a fun little project and was a trip down memory lane, taking me back to painting figures like these when I was a kid.
  2. As you might have guessed, the first images came over a number of sessions. Luckily for the impatient viewers, I have actually finished the projects and can post rapid fire as I get the images downloaded off my phone. :) Next step base was base coating! The colors used: vallejo model air silver mixed with liquitex blue and black inks for the sword and metal bits. The beard was done with saddle brown (which came out quite red over the golden shadow base). The furs were done with reaper wolf grey and the skin in reaper warrior flesh. After the base coat came the first wash and I muddied up the metals. The wash was army painter strong tone, thinned with water and done with 2 coats to make sure that I didn't darken the base too much. The sword got a sloppy dabbing of black ink to add some wear and make it look well used. I think at this stage I had also done one quick highlight of the skin with reaper warrior flesh and reaper rosy pink skin to lighten it. Next up. adding some rust effects to the sword and starting work on the leather, gem and some basic highlights. The sword got reaper lava orange and some of the saddle brown dabbed and dry-brushed on to build up a patina of rust. The gem int he belt was base coated with white to prep it for the green, hoping that it would make it brighter. The skin got a highlight of rosy skin to get it to pop. I also darkened the eyes to make them more shadowed. There are no eyes sculpted on the model, so I'm not going to try to freehand some. I like the shadowed look.
  3. So I dug an old mini out of the bottom of my box of forgotten lead - the 1989 Firbolg by Ral Partha. This classic figure deserved better than being lost for a generation so I decided to paint it up and take a few photos on the way. It was in fine shape except for the broken / missing handle and pommel for the sword, so I started with a repair job - pin it to win it. A quick test of my sculpting skills, I used milliput to add a new handle over the pin. I gave the whole model a new prime with vallejo surface primer through my airbrush. Overall, not too bad and one quick mold line removal later and a touch up prime and it was ready for some color. Time for getting some basic color on the model. I started with reaper golden shadow for the skin. It's a nice warm base to paint over, so I was pretty hopeful that it would provide the right base for the reaper warrior flesh I planned on using later. Next up. some shadow. I used vallejo model air burnt umber for the shadows and for a first coat of the leather bits.
  4. I'm working up the nerve to start the larger mushroom characters from the darkreach expansion with this little guy. I really wanted to see what a bright colour scheme would do for the figures, playing on the idea of a brightly posionous mushroom. This is the result.
  5. I take so long to pain a figure that I decided to try and challenge myself to fully complete a figure, including basing, to tabletop standard in a single day. This was the result. I will likely go back and darken the wing membranes a bit but overall I'm pretty happy with the overall effect. It was also my first try at a lava base.
  6. @Dr Boom, it's a combination of airbrush and brush. The eyestalks were painted with flesh tone, then army painter stong tone to bring out the details. Once that was dry, I put airbrushed thin coates of reaper marine teal (fantastic colour) and scrofulous brown over top to create the transition. Finally, watered down strong tone to re-emphasise the shadows.
  7. This is the obligitory beholder. As much as I like my Reaper eye tyrant, I could not resist this sculpt and had to paint it over the holidays.
  8. I finally got around to painting up one of the ogres from the last kickstarter. I went with a nice standard paint theme, nothing too suprising.
  9. D'oh... this should have gone in "show off" not "works in progress". :(
  10. This is a interesting figure. A fun fast paint but I think that the model would have been more engaging had the creature been looking up. I added some skulls to the base to give her something to be looking at.
  11. Thanks @GlitterwolfI can't take too much credit for the shield though, it was modeled on. My freehand is nowhere near that good! :)
  12. This is my take on "Viking Girl". It was a pleasure to paint, it's a really nice sculpt. I was experimenting with orange, a colour I don't use often.
  13. You don't often see figures painted in the more subdued style youve chosen. It really works well with this model. Great job.
  14. @Boaz , good question. I not 100% certain what the inspiration was for the origional owlbear was. I would have guessed inspired by an early version of the iconic D&D monster.
  15. I finally got around to painting my bones owlbear. It's such a great sculpt that I was waiting to be inspired to tackle it and, well, the muse spoke. Just for fun I've also included some shots of a much older (1992?) Genedier owlbear that I painted up a while back. The older one has seem some table time and needs a touch up or two. :) The new owlbear is a bit tricky to get a good photo of.
  16. @Bustedknee, thanks! I don't know where the idea came from but I was pleased with how the hands turned out.
  17. I painted the giant wererat fo fun the other day. I still need to do some basing (I'm thinking a sewer theme) but he's good enough to put on the table to scare the snot out of my D&D group. (This is definitely a he, if you take a close look under the fithly loincloth) I experimented a bit with using pastels on this mini for the shading at the claws on the hand with mixed success, so a shoutout to @Shoshie for the awesome tutorial - which can be found here: Link
  18. Ah, good old Ral Partha. Thanks for solving the mystery @vulture. And nice to know that we can get more @alchemist. It was a really great sculpt to paint.
  19. So I painted this big guy up. I don't know who manufactured him or what he's made of because he was given to me by a friend. It's a heavy fig and it might be lead. If anyone has any idea what this is or who manufactured it, please let me know! I went with a classic green lizard man colour scheme. I added a pic with a regular sized min for scale. I believe he's a bones mercenary?
  20. I tackled this bones version of the dark elf assassin to sub in for a pathfinder psychopomp eidolon, bipedal. Not suprisingly, that's not a figure that I had at hand. It was a quick paintjob done to tabletop quality to get something on the table in time for this weeks game. A deadline is wonderful to focus your "good enough" reflex. :)
  21. That's a good tip @robinh , I might go back and give it another hit of yellow.
  22. A couple of adventurers I quickly painted for a pathfinder game I'm in. One player requested a barbarian figure with a big sword... and evey other one I had in the house uses an axe! So this guy made the cut by default. (I did remove a very bent axe from his other hand and that seemed to work out.) The other figure is more rogue-ike but matched the description of a young wizard another played was looking for. The OSL is...ok but it's a technique I need to practice more. As always, comments and feedback are appreciated. :)
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