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  1. Thats awesome thanks...a little mob leveling and replace the word goblin with kobold and im set....with adjustments to fit with mi campaign of course
  2. OK I'm mostly done just need some fun names and to work out the equipment (just basic stuff) This one is fairly simple he's just a Arcanically gifted Kobold who worships his Draconic ancestors and will do pretty much anything to get as close as possible to them. [b]Dragon Disciple[/b] Male Kobold, Dragonbreath Dragon Disciple 3/Sorcerer (Crossblooded) 3 CG Small humanoid (reptilian) [b]Hero Points [/b]1 [b]Init [/b]+1; [b]Senses [/b]darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +1 -------------------- [b]Defense[/b] -------------------- [b]Defense [/b]11, flat-footed 10. . (+1 Dex) [b]Armor DR: [/b]5/mag
  3. I've advanced a bit into more specifics...this is what I've got so far 1. Sorc - ??? weapon 2. Ranger [Trapper] X-Bow Wielder 3. Barbarian [Armored Hurler] improvised weapons 4. Bard [Dragon Herald] ??? weapon 5. Alchemist [Grenadier] - wields bombs :P 6. Healer? Shaman? - ??? weapon The Bard the Healer or the sorc will be wielding a Pick...not sure which would work best.
  4. So last session my players were suddenly turned into kobolds and whilst it was only meant as a temporary thing they seemed to enjoy it so I was thinking of just messing around for a session with them as low level kobolds (thinking 3-5 but I'm flexible) Now normally I'd just let them to do it but I want to surprise them so I need some help making some fun Kobold PCs for them to play which will be randomly assigned (using dice of course) I would like to make 6 kobolds (roll a D6) and I'd like to stick to first party pathfinder material but as the DM I'm pretty open to hand waving various pre-r
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